in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Kitteh Fasts

So much to update, so little time.

Kitteh is not yet skinneh. (This cannot be a surprise, Dear Reader). Kitteh’s research has taken her to ketogenic diets and from there a short leap to intermittent fasting and the fine work of Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos at the Intensive Dietary Management in Toronto.

More on all of that eventually. For now, let’s just say that this week, I started my first six week round of 2 fasts of 42+ hours each – I fasted from Sunday night to Tuesday dinner and then started again last night (Wednesday night) and will fast until tomorrow (Friday) dinner. On the other days, I am keeping to two 90-min eating windows and a ketogenic diet. So my week looks like this:

Sunday – fast until lunch, eat lunch and dinner. Begin fast.
Monday – fast
Tuesday – fast until dinner. Eat dinner.
Wednesday – fast until lunch, eat lunch and dinner. Begin fast.
Thursday – fast
Friday – fast until dinner. Eat dinner.
Saturday – fast until lunch, eat lunch and dinner.

For my first cycle of this, at the end of the first day (in the morning of the second) I lost 2 lbs. The second day, I lost another another 2 lbs and I FINALLY had blood ketones in the nutritional ketosis range, if barely, at .6/mmol. (I’m not testing as often as I would like, because those strips are pricey!).

After eating “normally” (as per above) on Wednesday, my ketones were still at .6 after dinner and (fascinating to me) I had gained back only .2 on the scale, which I am sure was the actual food.

I’ll check in after the full cycle with more results! I am excited to finally see ketones up above .5 for the first time – ketogenic diet alone  just was not getting me there. Too much metabolic damage, I guess.


Here’s my daily plan that I want to try out for the “normal days” between now and the end of the year. That’ll give it over 30 days and see how things go. Caveats: I am traveling the week of Thanksgiving and will just go plain old “maintain” keto diet then and probably at some point during Christmas, although not sure yet when that will be.

6:30 – rise and shine. Do morning pages.

7:00 – Wake boy. Shower/get ready.

7:30 – wake girl, drive boy to school

7:45 – 8:45 – T-Tapp, get girl off to school (she walks)

Note that by 8:00 (and maybe sooner) I will reach 12 hours fasted)

8:45 – head to work. (It’s a five minute drive .) Have Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC) with kerrygold butter and coconut oil.

Approximately noon (after fast hits at least 16 hours) Lunch – green smoothie (greens, flax, walnuts, splash of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water), protein, and fat.

Between noon and dinner, Bullet Proof Tea or broth if desired.Lots of decaf green tea and water with ACV.

Between 6:00 and 8:00 – dinner with family (low carb, high fat), close eating period


Howdy, kitteh friends. I’m back to talk to myself, because I need a place to plan and think. To do that, Imma sum up what has happened since, say, 2000.

Here’s my long, long story as short as I can make it: I have known I SHOULD be low carb since 2000 and the days of Protein Power. However, back then, it was all about high protein and after a couple years, I developed a bad egg allergy from eating them too often (as in, bleeding-colon-bad) and a problem with what I now know was glucogenesis, and I pretty much stalled.

Between the egg allergy and the stall, I wandered a bit from 2002-2004 and then in 2004, started seeing a nutritionist, who put me on low carb, low cal, and exercise and I lost about 40 lbs and gained lots of muscles.

In 2004, I was very close to goal when I found out I was pregnant with our first, who was born in 2005. After she was born, I had a year of restricted activity and high bp meds because of post-partum preeclampsia, fun times, and so what I was doing before did not work at all.

I hovered around the same weight for a couple years (always obsessed with it but not making any headway) and had three bouts of pneumonia in 2007. Just as I started feeling better from that, I found out about our second (also surprise) baby in March 2008.

Then in June, at 15 weeks, I had a severe placental abruption and was put on total bedrest until 38 weeks, when I had our son by c-section. He was a big baby, weighed 16 lbs at his six week appointment. I, by  contrast, was like a coma patient – had lost over a hundred pounds of lean mass, and my hypermobile joints had turned into Hypermobility Syndrome. Before I got THAT diagnosed and treated, exercise was just a disaster. And I STILL didn’t know about glucogenesis, so my LC efforts never really worked consistently.

Between then and 2014, I started this blog. I got a CPAP machine to address sleep problems, and that doctor directed me to Medifast, On Medifast (“packets”), I lost about 50 lbs and then developed an allergy to the soy and whey in the packets. Medifast is ketogenic, but I was still not sure it was OK to be in ketosis that long and wondered if I would “destroy my metabolism.” (This is pretty hilarious, since I am pretty sure I don’t have much of one to destroy with losing all that muscle!)

Since Medifast, I have tried various forms of intermittent fasting, low carb, Paleo, Primal, and was even vegan for about six months.  But I never really found the right combination to do well consistently. I have always struggled with food allergies and sensitivies, which change about every three years and so are a moving target for avoiding inflammation. This year, I started leaving off gluten/gliaden (not just from high carb things), whey and casein (from dairy and protein powders), and avoided eggs, and that started to heal the inflammation somewhat but weight loss was sporadic.

In 2015 (March) I got on Weight Not, which is a commercial program that uses really restricted real food lists and supplements but boils down to a ketogenic diet with restricted calories. I lost about 50 lbs between mid-March and July this year, and started studying ketosis and IF in earnest (because I am not enthused about paying what amounts to $11/day for the supplements). Discovered the issue with high protein (glucogenesis) and that whey causes high insulin levels even when the blood glucose doesn’t rise.

So now I understand that my real issue is too much insulin, and that the best way to heal that is a combination of ketosis/HFLC when I need to eat, and fasting (to reduce basal insulin over time and heal the system, as well as to let my body burn off this stored energy!)

And ironically? after all the research and reading, agonizing and pondering, the best explanation of ALL of this has been “Butter Bob” Briggs, who uses his “fifty cent vocabulary” to explain some thousand dollar words in YouTube videos like “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off”! Ha!

So I am starting my own “thing” on Monday (meaning Sunday night, by making sure I don’t have anything after dinner). Plan will be set out in next post.

Guess who?

Howdy, folks! It’s been a minute!

I’m very happy to tell you (OK, me – this blog is for me!) that I am picking myself up, dusting myself off, and beginning again.

Why kitteh, you say. What prompts this? you say. Well, I’ll tell ya.

Kitteh haz a tired.


I can’t even tell you the story of why I reached this point – at least not yet. But I am here, and I took a vow of NO MORE. No more waiting, no more half-way trying. It is time to get serious and by this time next year, I will be BRAND NEW KITTEH. I have vowed it. So mote it be.

So by Divine Providence (no kidding) I found a program (or rather, the program found me, at exactly the right time). It’s called Weight Not, that is overtly ketogenic (remember how that works?) and works a lot like the Packet program that I became allergic to – but uses only real live food. I’ve signed up and I am in the waiting window to receive the supplements and full instructions, but in my head I have started.

Enough is enough.

E is for Efficiency

And efficiency refers to how efficiently the calories can be converted to body fat.


The easiest thing to convert to fat is… fat. No conversion necessary.

Second easiest? Sugar. Goes straight to blood glucose and thence to body fat.

Third easiest? Complex carbs. They turn to simple carbs and pick up the chain.

Hardest is protein. So that gets the best “efficiency” score.


And there you have it. SANE eating.

N is for Nutrition

Here’s where Bacon falls down. (Sob).

You want to eat foods that give you the MOST nutritional value for your calorie buck.

Yeah, old news. It’s vegetables.

Followed by protein.

Followed by good fats. (And bacon. Nom.)

Then starchy vegetables.

Last comes processed carbs and sugars.


A is for Aggressive

“Aggressive” basically means consider the glycemic index.

The Glycemic Index is an attempt to measure how fast food will break down into sugar and hit the blood stream, thus necessitating an insulin response.

Aggressive foods, like simple sugars and simple carbohydrates, quickly turn to blood glucose, hit the blood sugar, and provoke an immediate insulin response.

So what slows down a food’s digestion and makes it less AGGRESSIVE?

You guessed it. Fat and fiber.

And what are the least aggressive foods for your calorie buck?

  • Nonstarchy vegetables.
  • Protein
  • Good fats

And worst would be starchy carbs and sugars.

Sensing a theme?