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Looking back, looking ahead


Howdy, kitteh friends. I’m back to talk to myself, because I need a place to plan and think. To do that, Imma sum up what has happened since, say, 2000.

Here’s my long, long story as short as I can make it: I have known I SHOULD be low carb since 2000 and the days of Protein Power. However, back then, it was all about high protein and after a couple years, I developed a bad egg allergy from eating them too often (as in, bleeding-colon-bad) and a problem with what I now know was glucogenesis, and I pretty much stalled.

Between the egg allergy and the stall, I wandered a bit from 2002-2004 and then in 2004, started seeing a nutritionist, who put me on low carb, low cal, and exercise and I lost about 40 lbs and gained lots of muscles.

In 2004, I was very close to goal when I found out I was pregnant with our first, who was born in 2005. After she was born, I had a year of restricted activity and high bp meds because of post-partum preeclampsia, fun times, and so what I was doing before did not work at all.

I hovered around the same weight for a couple years (always obsessed with it but not making any headway) and had three bouts of pneumonia in 2007. Just as I started feeling better from that, I found out about our second (also surprise) baby in March 2008.

Then in June, at 15 weeks, I had a severe placental abruption and was put on total bedrest until 38 weeks, when I had our son by c-section. He was a big baby, weighed 16 lbs at his six week appointment. I, by  contrast, was like a coma patient – had lost over a hundred pounds of lean mass, and my hypermobile joints had turned into Hypermobility Syndrome. Before I got THAT diagnosed and treated, exercise was just a disaster. And I STILL didn’t know about glucogenesis, so my LC efforts never really worked consistently.

Between then and 2014, I started this blog. I got a CPAP machine to address sleep problems, and that doctor directed me to Medifast, On Medifast (“packets”), I lost about 50 lbs and then developed an allergy to the soy and whey in the packets. Medifast is ketogenic, but I was still not sure it was OK to be in ketosis that long and wondered if I would “destroy my metabolism.” (This is pretty hilarious, since I am pretty sure I don’t have much of one to destroy with losing all that muscle!)

Since Medifast, I have tried various forms of intermittent fasting, low carb, Paleo, Primal, and was even vegan for about six months.  But I never really found the right combination to do well consistently. I have always struggled with food allergies and sensitivies, which change about every three years and so are a moving target for avoiding inflammation. This year, I started leaving off gluten/gliaden (not just from high carb things), whey and casein (from dairy and protein powders), and avoided eggs, and that started to heal the inflammation somewhat but weight loss was sporadic.

In 2015 (March) I got on Weight Not, which is a commercial program that uses really restricted real food lists and supplements but boils down to a ketogenic diet with restricted calories. I lost about 50 lbs between mid-March and July this year, and started studying ketosis and IF in earnest (because I am not enthused about paying what amounts to $11/day for the supplements). Discovered the issue with high protein (glucogenesis) and that whey causes high insulin levels even when the blood glucose doesn’t rise.

So now I understand that my real issue is too much insulin, and that the best way to heal that is a combination of ketosis/HFLC when I need to eat, and fasting (to reduce basal insulin over time and heal the system, as well as to let my body burn off this stored energy!)

And ironically? after all the research and reading, agonizing and pondering, the best explanation of ALL of this has been “Butter Bob” Briggs, who uses his “fifty cent vocabulary” to explain some thousand dollar words in YouTube videos like “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off”! Ha!

So I am starting my own “thing” on Monday (meaning Sunday night, by making sure I don’t have anything after dinner). Plan will be set out in next post.


Struggling, Part 2

As many of my wise commentators (here and IRL) observed, limited packets you don’t even like is a recipe for frustration and eventual binging. It is also a recipe for my particular body to decide to become allergic to soy, the only thing left in the packets that I CAN eat.


So? I’m back to eating real food. Not the ultra low carb I am used to, because I am used to satsifying myself with eggs and cheese and Greek yogurt. Not the binging, either. I’m actually trying Paleo again–with a totally different attitude.

I’m trying to heal my metabolism and body FIRST, and find out what I can eat that I LIKE to eat. The only thing I am going to count is carbs, and I am not even doing that yet.

This is Day 4 of that. After three days of Paleo eating, my aches and pains are gone. I woke up hungry (which never happens, even on packets). And I am not even interested in food at night. Which is BIZARRE.

So I wouldn’t say I am over the hump. But me and real food are getting reacquainted. And since I can’t “cheat” by eating prepackaged food, I am going to have to once and for all deal with my issues about food. You know, the ones that say I am either strictly following some regime or I am EATINGALLTHETHINGS.

Ugh. Growth sucks.

Starting is the hard part

I always forget that starting isn’t an “instant” thing. 


Pretty much any time I have done well on Plan of some sort, it does NOT start off with an instant bang of perfection. Rather, i get parts of it down, mastered, and move to the next. Some parts take longer to master than others, and some are harder to keep going.

At the end of this week, I’m at 303.6 (down about five pounds) with the hope of seeing more loss after the weekend, if I lay off the salt I have been having at dinner in wild abundance. (That’s one of the things I haven’t gotten down yet.)

I’m back to MOVING. Haven’t been this movin’ and groovin’ since, well…. I dunno, pre-Baby No. 1?  I think the UP band is helping with that–it’s nice to have it all COUNT! as is the new schedule (downtime after bus before leaving with Kid No. 2 means time to squeeze in a workout). And the fact that three other people in my office (including my partner) are UP band wearers has made the whole office more “moving” focused.

Today I realized I am not dreading moving any more. 

I’m actually looking forward to movement in the “zone” (flow?) where I lope along, thinking or chatting. 

Feels really good! And I am taking comfort that whatever else, starting is the hardest part.



Finally Friday

And BOY do I need it.

Unfortunately, it’s a craaaaazy busy weekend, birthday slumber party tonight for Oldest, three separate events on Saturday not counting groceries and misc chores (which are rampant since I was out of town last weekend), and church Sunday. But what I desperately need is some rest.

So a few updates:

I like this new goal very much. It feels both reachable but tough–keep at 2 lbs a week or more and I will hit it, don’t have to drop 4-5 per week (as I have sometimes done) but can’t afford to totally slack either. Don’t have to be utterly perfect, but can’t be sloppy either. And I really REALLY like the idea of 273 by June 9.

I did a sneak peak this morning: down to 295.8 (another 3 lbs) so I should have no problem hitting my “two more” goal for this week, come Tuesday. Rather than adjust my goal date (as I would have done in the past), I’m looking at anything over 2 lbs as “in the bank” for an inevitably slow week between now and goal.

I am going to take a look (this weekend if it isn’t too crazy, next week if it is) at getting the stones to move back and forth, as per wildflowerz plan. I thought it was cute but really didn’t think I could cope with waiting to move over when I had less than a five pound loss (which is the way I have seen it done)–wildflowerz mod (in case you missed the comments) is to make each stone you move equal to .2 of a lb. I like that a LOT!

I know I said this, but I need some rest. I am starting to really feel fried and sleepy all the time, and that does not make for good decisions OR for good weight loss.

Exercise: I am going to do the same thing with exercise that I have done with the weight loss goal. Create a reasonable, reachable, but tough goal. More on this after I ponder it this weekend.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Day 4, check

Made it through Day 4 (Thursday) with nary a hitch, despite nasty weather and a serious arthritis flare. I am going out of town this weekend to a family thing, but I am down overall 9.8 lbs so far this week and not inclined to wreck it 🙂 so I will be packeting the whole way. It’s actually pretty easy for travel, which is one of the things I like about this eating system.

When I first started on Monday, I put in my lowest weight last year as my first goal, and set my TargetWeight at “Aggressive” and it gave me a goal date of April 12. (That may or may not have contributed to my shock horror disgust depression panic wake up call.) In the last four days, I have lost enough that the date (on “aggressive” setting) would now be March 22, but I have kept that April 12 date on my iPhone to remind me of what I am trying to do here.

Even though it’s Friday, I am barely halfway through my first week back on program (have today, Saturday, Sunday to keep burning calories) and I feel like I am getting back into the rhythm and (more importantly) mild ketosis. This morning, I was down another 1.5 lbs or so, and I still haven’t had that nice hormonal whoosh I am hoping for when I dump some water weight.

My focus on this trip will be not to get dehydrated on the drives (5 hours each way) so I don’t weigh heavy on Monday from the Sunday car trip. BUT I am going to be aware that it may be higher anyway–travel ALWAYS seems to make me retain water the next day.

I figure as long as I burn fat, the loss will show up, even if it isn’t until Wednesday when I have a few days back into the water routine. 🙂 This is a long haul proposition. I iz patient kitteh.

patient bubble-kitteh patient kitteh kill


Fabulous Friday

Well, I have a super stressful couple of weeks getting ready for a 3 day business trip next week (which involves having everything “handled” at home before I go) followed by immediately leaving for a full week vacation with my extended family, and a weekend of social obligations, and I’m behind on house stuff since I was gone last weekend and had company… so…. I’m at max capacity and have this ONE WEEKEND (restricted by social stuff) to get EVERYTHING READY for two major trips… but you know what? I am verra happy today. You know why?

Because of THIS screen this morning:

And these balloons, which Kitteh popped rather gleefully sitting at a red light:


And this “go forth” message you get after you pop ’em:


That’s right, as of this morning I am back at 275.0 and on the way down!

That trend line at the bottom, by the way, shows what happened. That sudden “up” is my July of not weighing and my return to weighing after gorging on chippies on the drive home from vacation. I’ve actually hit 275 three times – once in early July (and I think I was there for most of that month), again weekend before last (before my vacation with husband), and again today. But today I celebrate, because as of now, I am officially DONE with it!

I put 265.0 in as my next goal and hit “aggressive” on the pre-set choices for Target Weight (that’s a 2 lb a week average) and that gave me a date of October 13, 2012. For now, I’m going with that. Like I said yesterday, it may be sooner, it may be later, but I AM going to lose another 10 lbs now. October 13 is as good a goal as any other.

Day 5, gearing up for weekend

This is my fifth day back on the wagon, and my weight was exactly the same (276.8) as yesterday and the day before. Hard to complain since that represents an 8 lb loss for the week, but I am still hoping to see some more movement for the week – still a few days to go, since Monday will be the official “one week later” weight. Even if it is “only” 8 lbs, I will be happy. Just happiER if it is more. 🙂

I have a headache, which has been showing  up every afternoon a bit earlier and now is already thundering away today – I think sinus related. Also feel a bit queasy, but in that way that makes you think if you ate you’d feel better. (Not going to happen, body – sorry.) Feel a bit fevery but not horrible.

The bad thing is, I want to use the weekend to purge, sort and clean the main floor before my inlaws arrive next week to keep the kids, and before DH and I depart for our annual long weekend getaway. So here’s hoping I feel better. I want to clean out all the toys – I usually do this summer and Christmas and summer didn’t happen because of the crazy schedule, so I feel very behind on that part – and the guest room, especially the closet. Would love to have some time in the basement as well – I went a little nuts in my usual fall crafting frenzy and purchased a basic sewing machine, so I need to figure out where to set that up in the crafting area that won’t be in our way if we use the conference table for work stuff. Or return it. Jury is still out, lol!

This crafting bug bites me hard every fall – I think it is part of my desire to cuddle down and nest as the weather cools? – but this is the first year in about 8 that I have really felt like actually DOING stuff. Like, since I was pregnant with No. 1. Before that, I always had something going on. this year, I am now positively drunk with joy at the idea of starting [cross stitch! crochet! sewing! learning knitting!] and really need to get a grip because although I definitely have the energy to craft some at night, I can’t do ALL of this! Gonna have to pick and stop buying everything I need to do 87 different projects.

Also taking DH this weekend to do his fall update to the work wardrobe, which is fun – even more so because I have COUPONS from when we did his spring update so a lot of it will be free. 🙂

Y’all have a good weekend and stay motivated!