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70,000 steps = 35 miles or so….

Yes, another Saturday post. Why? Because I am back at work. Last Saturday for it, since the Big Event is next Thursday and I fly up for it on Wednesday. Tomorrow I am taking off to to go church (that’s very restful and healing for me), do laundry, rest a bit if I can, and remind my children what I look like (and that I love them very much). Kitteh Bebes are amazing, as is Mr. Kitteh, all very supportive of massive work effort to Fight! The! BadGuys! But it is wearing after 2+ weeks and counting.

This week, I admitted out loud, to my blog friends and even to my UP band, that my goal is 10,000 steps a day. I haven’t left the office before midnight (last “night” I left at 3:30am) and I haven’t had more than 5 hours sleep at a whack (and that only once), BUT!!!  I have hit AT LEAST my 10,000 every day. When I was tired, knowing I had admitted it meant that I got up and did it. So that felt good. And at 2K steps per mile, if I am doing that math right (a BIG IF after no sleep! ha!) I wanted at least 35 miles this week. More actually because I had several 12, 13, 14 and even one 15K day. If I can do that in the middle of THIS, and while it is hotter ‘n blue blazes, I can do it all year.

challenge accepted

Today I found out WordPress lets me see how people got to my blog, and found out I am on some people’s page as a blog they follow… AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW THEM IRL.  Wowza. That’s scary AND cool. And honestly, motivating! So if you are reading this and you dont know me IRL, HI!

oh hai 1

And please leave a comment so I can find your blog and follow you, too!!!

oh hai 2



OH! And it’s not Moanday Monitoring, and Iam hoping for more (or rather, less!) by Monday, but today scale said 295.2! Five lbs to go to next minigoal (the 280s)!


Kitteh’s Six Weeks Challenge! Week 1 Report

So I did it: I got through the first week of Operation School Year, Part 1, first six weeks’ challenge.

Let’s recap mah awesomeness, shall we?

  • I was on plan all week with mah Noms and mah dinners,
  • I was up every day at 5:45.
  • I did the walk to the bus stop and back (small hill) and a Leslie Sansone 1 miler from 5 day slim down every day, for Tuesday-Saturday (Monday was new schedule and I had to test the traffic patterns) all before coming to work, and I was at work by 8:15.  That gives me a 3K or so boost to my daily step count before I ever get to work!
  • I figured out a livable routine for me — I feel like I can repeat this pretty much forever. Certainly for the school year!
  • I was over 10K steps a day, every day!

This week, I have moved the alarm back to 5:40. Next week, 5:35–the idea is, by the time I get to week 6 of the 5-day slim down, I will be more than ready for a 2 mile, but by then I will be getting up at 5:15 and have plenty of time.

I also love the fact that (as I tell myself), I only have to do each of the 5 miles on the video six times each and i will be 6 weeks into the program and be a LOT more fit (and hopefully a lot smaller as well!) 🙂

So… what is the result of all of this awesomeness?

  • I already feel stronger–I am not leaning nearly so hard on the rail to go up our big stairs. Can’t wait for when I can dash up them without touching the rail!
  • I already feel fitter–it’s weird, but it seems like I get USED TO the feeling of being slightly out of breath and sweaty and I stop minding it so much. It also helps because since being so sick, I dread new physical activity–wondering just how bad it is going to get–and since I have now done all of it once (only 5 to go!) I am not worrying. Which makes it INFINITELY more pleasant! 🙂
  • I am smaller–I can tell from looking (although I reallllly need to take my measurements!) and my face has slimmed down so that I look normal again.
  • I went from 303 last Tuesday to 297 – a loss for the week of 6 lbs! Now THAT is motivating! If I managed THAT feat all six weeks, I’d be down to 266 on September 23! 🙂

Now, to keep it up for the next five weeks to end the six weeks CHALLENGE!

challenge accepted

Finally Friday

And BOY do I need it.

Unfortunately, it’s a craaaaazy busy weekend, birthday slumber party tonight for Oldest, three separate events on Saturday not counting groceries and misc chores (which are rampant since I was out of town last weekend), and church Sunday. But what I desperately need is some rest.

So a few updates:

I like this new goal very much. It feels both reachable but tough–keep at 2 lbs a week or more and I will hit it, don’t have to drop 4-5 per week (as I have sometimes done) but can’t afford to totally slack either. Don’t have to be utterly perfect, but can’t be sloppy either. And I really REALLY like the idea of 273 by June 9.

I did a sneak peak this morning: down to 295.8 (another 3 lbs) so I should have no problem hitting my “two more” goal for this week, come Tuesday. Rather than adjust my goal date (as I would have done in the past), I’m looking at anything over 2 lbs as “in the bank” for an inevitably slow week between now and goal.

I am going to take a look (this weekend if it isn’t too crazy, next week if it is) at getting the stones to move back and forth, as per wildflowerz plan. I thought it was cute but really didn’t think I could cope with waiting to move over when I had less than a five pound loss (which is the way I have seen it done)–wildflowerz mod (in case you missed the comments) is to make each stone you move equal to .2 of a lb. I like that a LOT!

I know I said this, but I need some rest. I am starting to really feel fried and sleepy all the time, and that does not make for good decisions OR for good weight loss.

Exercise: I am going to do the same thing with exercise that I have done with the weight loss goal. Create a reasonable, reachable, but tough goal. More on this after I ponder it this weekend.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Moanday Report (on Tuesday)

Well, I DID work yesterday, but only until I Accomplished Specific Things, so I didn’t have a chance to blog.

Guess what?! For what I am pretty sure was the first time EVAR, I lost weight at my family’s house. 🙂 I chugged water constantly to do it, but I managed to come back 2.5 lbs lighter, bringing me to a total of 9.5 down for the first week.


Today, I weighed the same as yesterday–not surprising, yesterday I was not water perfect and I think I need that to flush the ketones, etc. out of my system. So today I have already chugged 100+ oz, ha!

Pleased to report I am feeling optimistic about things. Target Weight now says can hit lowest point (274) by March 12 at “aggressive” rate. Plan to be a good bit more aggressive than that, but we’ll see. 🙂

Oh! And Jenn asked about kettlebells. Long story short, starts tonight. I’m excited and nervous about it. Excited because I have seen friends get great results, and it seems like a super efficient way to recover some more of the 90+ lbs of muscle I lost on bedrest AND get in cardio shape AND burn a LOT of calories. Excited because I love exercise, srsly, I always have. But nervous– because the last time I tried organized exercise program with a serious cardio component was right after I got cleared to exercise after bedrest/heart issues, and it Kicked.My.Butt so hard–not the cardio, but I kept putting joints literally out of socket and it was like a massive pain fest. Intellectually, I know that I am in much better shape to tackle this now, because:

  1. I am 50 lbs lighter than then (’nuff said).
  2. My joints/little muscles are much more rehabilitated so shouldn’t do that at all now.
  3. This isn’t even an impact on the knees (my weakest spot), my feet stay firmly planted at all times.

But… I still nurrrr-fuss.

highstrung nervous kitteh nervous kitteh

277.6 (take four) and mental progress

Four days hanging out at this weight. Ready for that whoosh.

So here’s an interesting mental evolution I have undergone in the last 6-7 months – and incidentally, further proof (if anyone needed it) that calories in/out is just not that simple (if not outright BS). My friend went with us to Disney – and I ordinarily would not tell a story about this kind of thing because she occasionally reads this blog and I’m always paranoid it will sound “wrong” somehow. But this time, the result is too interesting not to share.  So anyway, she was with me for most of a week, for virtually all meals, from Saturday through the next Friday. I didn’t really pay very much attention to what she ate, but I know she didn’t stay low carb (she had sandwiches and fries) and I know she ate ice cream at least on the two times that I did.  She came back 4-5 lbs heavier, I came back 11 pounds heavier.

She hit her pre-Disney weight today, I am still 2 lbs above mine. And (here’s the kick in the pants part): we had dinner together on Saturday night. She had a FEAST, including chips out the wazoo and cheese poured over her sour cream enchilada. I had 4 oz of salmon and roasted veggies, no butter. No chips. Not a single bite of cheese dip, even on a fork.

So I am thinking about this and noticing… I don’t really care anymore.

Or maybe I should say it like this: I DON’T REALLY CARE ANYMORE! Whippee Wahoo!

What I mean is, while I have obviously not stopped comparing my progress to other people, and while I can’t say that it isn’t collosally annoying to work harder for less results, the fact of the matter is, I know that my body WILL work, and WILL lose the weight. EVENTUALLY.

So… so what, you say?

Well, once there was a time when I would have had a giant pout about this and been mad and gone off plan. Later, I would have been sneakier about it – Lil Kitteh would have said in her most reasonable Kitteh tones that “so and so ate that and lost, so you should be able to, also” knowing FULL WELL my body doesn’t work like that. And later still, I would have said, “Well, your body doesn’t work that way,” only to encounter temper tantrum take two – but that’s not FAIR.

I can honestly say, I don’t care.

I’m happy for her (truly, I would have always been happy for her, that’s not the issue) and it is (for once) not tainted by the fact that I am not losing as fast. Fact is, I will lose when I lose – all that is in my control is sticking to plan. If other people are able to go off plan and still lose (or not gain, darn you DH!!) that REALLY DOES NOT affect what I have to do to get this weight off.

Oh, and I even noticed this HAPPY thing (which would have totally eluded me before): I came back with 11 (the day I got home) versus 5, but REALLY a week later, I was only up 2. So my body really was not that far off of hers in the long run – I just react so BIG to the extra carbs with the water/etc that it looks that way. Really, I was more or less on pace with her – and I am willing to bet that in a month, we’ll be back at parity (as far as the vacation goes).

Fabulous Friday

Well, I have a super stressful couple of weeks getting ready for a 3 day business trip next week (which involves having everything “handled” at home before I go) followed by immediately leaving for a full week vacation with my extended family, and a weekend of social obligations, and I’m behind on house stuff since I was gone last weekend and had company… so…. I’m at max capacity and have this ONE WEEKEND (restricted by social stuff) to get EVERYTHING READY for two major trips… but you know what? I am verra happy today. You know why?

Because of THIS screen this morning:

And these balloons, which Kitteh popped rather gleefully sitting at a red light:


And this “go forth” message you get after you pop ’em:


That’s right, as of this morning I am back at 275.0 and on the way down!

That trend line at the bottom, by the way, shows what happened. That sudden “up” is my July of not weighing and my return to weighing after gorging on chippies on the drive home from vacation. I’ve actually hit 275 three times – once in early July (and I think I was there for most of that month), again weekend before last (before my vacation with husband), and again today. But today I celebrate, because as of now, I am officially DONE with it!

I put 265.0 in as my next goal and hit “aggressive” on the pre-set choices for Target Weight (that’s a 2 lb a week average) and that gave me a date of October 13, 2012. For now, I’m going with that. Like I said yesterday, it may be sooner, it may be later, but I AM going to lose another 10 lbs now. October 13 is as good a goal as any other.

Pearl No. 2 and some real progress…

So yesterday (as predicted) was infinitely easier than Monday, because, well, I had one NEAN day under my belt and who wants to start over when you are possibly one-third of the way there?

…and I had noticed all day at random moments that I didn’t look as bloated (in the face and belly) as I have been looking – little things like my collarbones are back, my dimples show up more again, things no one but me notices, I’m sure, but enough to feel like progress was happening.

…AND since I had weighed 280 something on Tuesday, I got on the scale today thinking “I may even be back in the 270s today!” For the record, I haven’t been below 280.0 since the last time I weighed in June (recall that I did not weigh in July).

So imagine my delight when the scale said 276.4!

I got on and off like 6 times, but same result.

Tomorrow, it may again be higher than that, but I will take the celebration while I can get it, and hope that my visual is correct and I am almost back to pre-vacation weight. I am even daring to dream that my little planned departure will have the effect of shocking my system into faster loss again, like in the beginning. If nothing else, things should speed up because I am back to basics. NEAN to the rescue!

That’s it for today, wish me luck for tomorrow’s weigh in – just hoping not to swoop back up! 🙂