in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Happy New Year

New Lunar Year, that is.  The lunar new year, in case you didn’t know, is the first new moon in Aries after the sun goes into Aries – Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac – which actually mirrors the seasons a good bit better than our official random middle of winter new year. 🙂  And that new moon was this past Sunday, about 2:45 pm. So… happy new year!

Don’t know about you, but my energy is DEFINITELY feeling very new year-ish.  I have a dozen things closing out and opening up. I feel very energized and hopeful – for the first time in a LONNNNG time in some areas – and I am making Big Plans!  Want to hear about it? (PSsst: if not, move along. After all, this is my blog! What did you THINK you were going to find? Nuclear physics?) 🙂

First: New In Shrinkin

1. Still doing the SANE approach to eating, and I just realized I still owe you a description of what that even means. I will get to it this week and next, I hope, but my March was Madness (and nothing to do with any sports).  As with Paleo, I have come to find equilibrium and realized that amongst the SANE choices available, some move me to losing weight and some keep me right at where I am. Am working on moving into more shrinky SANE choices. Right now, just doing that on a meal by meal basis. Coming next week, an actual plan.

2. During March, I had a serious working trip from Wed/Thurs through weekend. During the first, my right hip came out of socket, leading to literal bawling misery. Favoring hip made knees worse and hurt shoulder.  Toting luggage made it all terrible. Bad wet cold weather made it all worse and the month was so miserable that I broke down and went to the doctor. I was ready to get a handicapped sticker and a scooter, y’all. I was seriously feeling broken. Had all the bloodwork in the world and confirmed that while I DO have hypermobility syndrome and osteoarthritis, I do NOT have rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, or anything else super nasty. Best of all, was prescribed a six week course of physical therapy (that may become a 12 week course) twice a week at a PILATES BASED PT studio. So I just finished my fourth session today (out of 12) and I am ALREADY seeing a HUGE difference in my issues. SOOOO HAPPY!!!

Second: New at Work

1. Remember the CRAZY work stuff I have been doing the last two summers? Well, it paid off. Got a GREAT order from the judge (finally) and the case SHOULD be mediating and hopefully settling this spring/summer. That would be FANTASTIC.

2. Got invited to be trial counsel on a case with one of the people I spoke on a panel with in October. This is huge, because said person is quite famous in our field and I am so stinking flattered I can’t get over my bad self, and because it is right here in my home district, so I might get a chance to do a trial right in my own back yard for a change. Also comes with substantial financial upside, assuming we win.

Third: New in Miscellaneous

Deep in my kitteh heart of hearts, I want to write stories. I have made a LOT of headway on that this month. Not really a topic for this blog, but things feeling fresh and new and … possible. 🙂


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