in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

What all dis about, anyways?

Shrinkin Kitteh is VERY HAPPY!  She is mommy to two awesome bebbeh kittehs,

Dis 1 mommy

wife to verra best friend,

Dis 3 kitteh romance

lawyer who goes after bad guys,

Dis 4 lawyer

Dis 4 lawyer 2

minister at church,

Dis 6 minister Dis 6 minister 2

writer of fikshun.

Dis 5 writer kitteh Dis  writer

and has tonz of friends she loves verra much.

Dis 7 friend

The one fly in the kitteh ointment? After years of health issues, she is srsly overweight.

Dis 2 solo overweight

Dis blog chronicles how I am trying to manage (if not balance) the first six while changing the seventh to become STRONG KITTEH!

make muscles solutions kitteh challenge acceptedexercise tumbling




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