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In Which Kitteh Finds SANE-ity

Right after I wrote that last post, I was surfing for Paleo recipes for dinner and found Carrie Brown’s blog, which has some wonderful recipes that are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, etc.  I noticed her subtitle, life in the SANE lane, and read a bit about Jonathan Bailor and The Calorie Myth.  Not expecting much, but looking to find more inspiration, I googled around to see what Bailor’s “SANE” approach to eating was all about. In no particular order, here’s what I found out:

  1. JB is a program manager or something for Microsoft – works on Word. Kitteh DH has actually heard of him.  That’s probably why his presentation style is super Microsoft-y. Not complaining, just different. I like.
  2. JB’s big push is, all calories are not created equal, and calories in v. calories out just won’t work the way people think it will. I take THAT as such a given that frankly I was surprised to realize how many people find it shocking. But there you have it. But in the course of telling you the summary of research on various calorie quality issues, he actually synthesizes what I have been struggling to articulate.
  3. To expand on that, for months (years?) I have been struggling to eat according to several principles that all seem correct and have been borne out in my own experience as “true” but I feel like as soon as I focus on one, I lose my grip on the others. For example, most recently Paleo taught me about natural, unprocessed, gluten free, dairy free…. and I forgot to think about carbs. Get the leptin under control! Wait, forgot about fats…  Paleo did a great job of pulling together the WHAT to eat for HEALTH for me, but I was still foundering on how to capture it all in one systemic way and be able to reliably lose weight. Turns out, JB already did that!
  4. SANE stands for Satiety, Aggression, Nutrition, and Efficiency. More to follow on each of these and why they are, In Kitteh’s Humble Opinion (IKHO), the four corners of how I should be eating.
  5. As will be covered in depth in upcoming posts, the most SANE food you can imagine is a non-starchy vegetable – NSV for short – and as JB points out, NO ONE from ANY food philosophy, from Weight Watchers to Vegan to Atkins, will tell you that an NSV is bad for you.  It’s just utterly noncontroversial.
  6. So the SANE suggestion from JB? Eat five servings of NSV with every meal.
  7. That bears repeating: five servings, EVERY meal. Even breakfast. Even lunch.
  8. I was SHOCKED how little NSV I really eat.
  9. I am SHOCKED how FULL I feel all the time eating so much more vegetable.
  10. I am SHOCKED how GOOD I feel with this simple tweak!

For the past four weeks (which have included one week of being home bound due to ClusterFlake 2014 and one week of home bound due to Snowmaggedon and strep throat) I have added five veggie servings to my meals.  I am down about 5-7 lbs. I am feeling freaking awesome.

excited-kitteh happeh kitteh kitten-will-be-a-butterfly

I also started a T-Tapp schedule this week. Going easy to start with, to build the habit. It’s “no excuses” exercise – I’m doing one third of the Instructional work out on each day, MWF (about 7-10 min) and the MORE Chair work on T/Th/Sat, for the first six weeks. I’m pleasantly sore, but not terribly so. And it is waaaaaay too easy and fast to justify EVER skipping. And I am building habits.

Stay tuned for more on each of the letters in SANE!



70,000 steps = 35 miles or so….

Yes, another Saturday post. Why? Because I am back at work. Last Saturday for it, since the Big Event is next Thursday and I fly up for it on Wednesday. Tomorrow I am taking off to to go church (that’s very restful and healing for me), do laundry, rest a bit if I can, and remind my children what I look like (and that I love them very much). Kitteh Bebes are amazing, as is Mr. Kitteh, all very supportive of massive work effort to Fight! The! BadGuys! But it is wearing after 2+ weeks and counting.

This week, I admitted out loud, to my blog friends and even to my UP band, that my goal is 10,000 steps a day. I haven’t left the office before midnight (last “night” I left at 3:30am) and I haven’t had more than 5 hours sleep at a whack (and that only once), BUT!!!  I have hit AT LEAST my 10,000 every day. When I was tired, knowing I had admitted it meant that I got up and did it. So that felt good. And at 2K steps per mile, if I am doing that math right (a BIG IF after no sleep! ha!) I wanted at least 35 miles this week. More actually because I had several 12, 13, 14 and even one 15K day. If I can do that in the middle of THIS, and while it is hotter ‘n blue blazes, I can do it all year.

challenge accepted

Today I found out WordPress lets me see how people got to my blog, and found out I am on some people’s page as a blog they follow… AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW THEM IRL.  Wowza. That’s scary AND cool. And honestly, motivating! So if you are reading this and you dont know me IRL, HI!

oh hai 1

And please leave a comment so I can find your blog and follow you, too!!!

oh hai 2



OH! And it’s not Moanday Monitoring, and Iam hoping for more (or rather, less!) by Monday, but today scale said 295.2! Five lbs to go to next minigoal (the 280s)!

This Just In

Kitteh did NOT touch free work pizza.

Kitteh is on track despite sssssrrrrssss work madness.

Kitteh had 13,000 steps yesterday and already over 7,000 today!

In most likely related news, Kitteh saw a two in the front number on the scale this morning.


Need another reason to exercise?

science kitteh main

I already told you that I have Complete Proof that exercise is a key to success and maintenance based on Kitteh Observation. But I’ve been seeing several things that intrigue Kitteh lately about genes.

No, not these jeans.

No, not these jeans.

One is this article on “How Exercise Changes Fat and Muscle Cells.” You can read it here and that has links to actual sciencey stuff.

But let Science Kitteh sum up.

You might think of genes in the 1980s way, that stuff is “in your genes” meaning inherited and unchangeable. That’s what Kitteh thought too until recently, but NO.

There’s all this sciencey stuff over the last, oh, quarter century, human genome project and whatnot, and now we know that even when you have a particular gene, it can be expressed or not. As in,  “on” or “off.” At least, scientists know that. And now you do too.

And guess what factors turn good genes on (to burn fat, build muscle, etc.) and bad genes off (no cancer cells here, and BTW keep mah brainz fullly functional, kthanx)?

“Environmental factors.” Like… diet. And exercise.

science kitteh explode

The study linked above says if you exercise, even ONE session, you can actually start rearranging yourself at a cellular level.

And this study talks about the need for enough Omega-3s to stay in fat burning mode. (That is one of Kitteh’s new supps, by the way).

Very interesting, yes?

science kitteh

Deciding iz stressful stuff

So I did it. I made the decision. I then could not sleep from the stress of it, which means (I hope) that my Lil Kitteh understands that her carefree controlling days are ova.

So it didn’t work out for actual SLEEP, but I did go to bed at 11, as planned. And I hauled my cookies out of bed at 6:00 (even though DH was so sleepy he slept right through the alarm and I COULD HAVE reset it for 6:30…) and we did kettle bell swings today.

I also exchanged emails with my “health coach” (TSFL assigns you one), gave her my eating schedule, and asked if I should try and collapse my eating times to make more fasting overnight. She said no–in fact, she wants me to start eating sooner, to get my metabolism going. And, because she comes with a whole team of Johns Hopkins experts, that’s what I am going to do.

My new schedule (starting tomorrow, because I got the email too late today) is:

6:00       up and exercise

6:30        Meal 1 (usually a bar)

9:30         Meal 2 (usually a cappuccino)

12:30       Meal 3 (open)

3:30         Meal 4 (usually a shake or other drink)

6:30         Lean and Green meal

8:30          Meal 5 (usually a brownie or soft bake cookie)

I will also get back to religiously drinking a 34-oz bottle of water and a 30-oz mug of herbal tea between meal 2 and 3 and again between Meal 3 and leaving for the day. That gets most of my water in soon enough that I am not up all night, and I do another 34-oz with the 8:30 meal and stop.

Today I am in good spirits. I know if I get through the conversion back to mild ketosis, it will all be (relatively) easy. And I am making exercise a part of the routine from the get-go this time.

While we were stretching, I said “I’m 100% committed, which is why I am so stressed. The part of me who does not want to do this, my inner brat, knows she lost.”  He had the audacity to laugh and said, how can you be 100% committed and have a part of you resisting?  I told him, the ME who controls this body is committed to taking control of it. That’s what requires the discipline–and some stress– but only for a few weeks. After that, it takes less discipline and more the ability to remember how bad it is when you are off plan, and how hard it is to get back on.

Exercise, I haz it


exercise Tired-Kitteh


Well, we got up ANOTHER half hour earlier today (for those keeping score at home, that’s a total of 1.5 hours earlier since end of year) and started Our Kettlebell Program. At least, we started what we are calling a “program,” although today consisted of dorking around with videos and doing some swings so we could see if we were Doin’ It Right, and some test sets to see Just How Bad It Will Be. Of course, you never can tell how bad it will REALLY be, because you will be tireder and sore-er the next time you try, but yeah. We tried.

No clue how many I did in all (let alone how many were “right enough” to actually count), but somewhere near the end I decided to do 3 sets of 15 (so 45) and see how I felt. Total rest between sets less than a minute, and it wasn’t that hard–except for the fact that a lifetime of other exercises has totally trained me to breathe IN anytime you fold your body, OUT on the up, and this is opposite. Which meant I spent the first 6 to 8 of each 15 kind of holding my breath and wondering vaguely (through an oxygen deprived haze) why I am I so miserable and how was this supposed to work anyway?

exercise kitteh bowflex


But the actual lifting part? Not so bad.

After lots of reading, I think we are going withTom Ferriss Simple Works concept (which I have just named from his parting comment on the linked blog post). Basically,  beginning tomorrow we will do 75 swings, me with my 25 lb KB and DH with his 35 lb KB, however many “sets” it takes to finish it. Then again on Saturday. Beginning next week, we will do that  3x a week.

75 swings, 3 x per week, until we can do them in one set.

That’s it, the current plan. Wish me luck!

exercise pushup kitteh


Oh, and in other news: third day straight at same weight. But see the above “another half an hour early”… let’s just say it will be reallly nice when kitteh digestion figures out the new kitteh arising time table! Also? I’m OK taking a (very short) pause every 10 lbs!  Ha!

the next 50 lbs…

A plan! I haz it!

Not sure if I talked about it on here or not, but I have already started Part I of my fitness plan. And now I have a plan for Part II as well!

Part I is targeted at getting back into cardio shape and raising my basal metabolism by teaching my body that I will be EXPECTING it to do MORE on a regular basis. I’m doing a PT plan that I got from a trainer at University back in the day. Basically, you do three cardio workouts a week. The key is, you start UNDER what you can do and GRADUALLY build up so that your body anticipates continual work. The key is, you don’t skip more than two days (the weekend) and you are building in a sneaky way – 5 minutes to ONE workout each week. So it look something like this:

  • Week 1: 10 min, 10 min, 10 min
  • Week 2: 15 min, 10 min, 10 min
  • Week 3: 15 min, 15 min, 10 min
  • Week 4: 15 min, 15 min, 15 min
  • Week 5: 20 min, 15 min, 15 min

And so on.

Right now I am on Week 2 (and my weeks, bizarrely, start on Wednesday). I wrote the amount of time I have to do in the bottom right corner of the calendar days on my work calendar in PENCIL and as I do them, I am writing over them in red. I did my first 15 min workout yesterday.

The nice thing about this program is, you get to be successful from the very beginning and by the time it gets “hard” you are already several weeks in. Also, metabolically it makes sense to me. As the trainer said, too often you start out with high motivation, overshoot what you can do, and your motivation flags about the same time that your body realizes you weren’t asking for a one time effort, you mean ALL the time – and it rebels, with soreness, exhaustion, and misery.

So that’s my Part I – like i said, I am two weeks into it, and I am going to build to 3 45-min workouts per week, which I think will take up until about Thanksgiving. Then I am seriously considering doing some sort of 5k/10k training, depending on my weight – if I can RUN not WALK it.

So… Part II! Part II is allllll about building muscle. Here’s a cool fact I learned from a physical therapist recently: now that scientists are able to get in there and  “watch” what is going on inside the muscle and inside us, metabolically, they have discovered that MOST of the calorie burn during exercise comes when the muscle is engaged and tensed up – NOT because of the movement, but when it i s clenched. He says that the “magic” of P-90X, for example, is in the alternating “superman, banana” poses – full body tensed muscles, first on your tummy, then on your back – that burn a boat load of calories/fat because they are FULL BODY clenches.

That makes SO much more sense now, as to why the heck programs like Oxycise and T-Tapp work to make you burn so much fat. It isn’t just that you are improving muscle tone (although you are), it is because you are burning fat (or at least calories) when you are tensed up (when your muscles are “engaged” as Teresa Tapp says).

So Part II – designed to build back the metabolically active muscle mass I lost on bedrest and subsequent misery, as well as to burn fat through engaging the muscles – is going to be T-Tapp. I have a schedule for it, with design assistance from some of the ladies at the T-Tapp forums, that will start on July 1.  I’ll be doing a six day boot camp of the MORE instructional video (Sunday through Friday), followed by 2 off days, followed by alternating 2 different regimes (each a week long) to see which one fits my life and body better. One regime has you doing MORE on MTW, then doing a different workout on T/Th/Sat. The other has you doing MORE plus the other workouts on MWF and doing ONLY primary back stretch/T-Tapp Twist on the alternating days.  I am really not sure which I will prefer so I am going to try both!

The hardest part is going to be giving myself the 45 min or so to do the instructional video for 6 days, but I am DETERMINED to get through it. Hey, it’s ONLY for six days!!!

I am curious to see what happens after a month on the T-Tapp program. I am really excited to see lots of progress, but I think I may have to measure my success in INCHES rather than POUNDS, since I am doing so many things to add muscle.

So I am going to weigh in on July 1 and then I am NOT going to weigh in again until August 1.

For REALZ, people. WATCH me.