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Kitteh’s Six Week Challenge: Week 2 Report

Second week of Operation School Year, Part 1, first six weeks’ challenge – a success, despite billing more than 100 hours last week (with worse to come this week, as the Big Event is Thursday and I fly out Wednesday for it).

Let’s recap mah awesomeness, shall we?

  • I was on plan all week with mah Noms and mah dinners, except a couple days where (thanks to the magic of Medifast) I actually forgot to eat and didn’t eat enough packets. Working on that by setting a timer today. (LOVE when I get into ketosis enough that I have to set a timer for de Noms!!)
  • I was up every day at 6:00 – had to pause the “move back the get up time” plan for the crazeh werks, since I had no night where I was home before midnight and two when i was in bed after 3:00am.
  • I did the walk to the bus stop and back (small hill) was at work by 8:15.
  • I confirmed that this is a livable routine for me — even in crazeh werk.
  • I was over 10K steps a day, every day! In fact, per UP, I had an average of 13K steps per day, and covered over 38 miles!

This week, I have moved the alarm back to 5:40. Next week, 5:35–the idea is, by the time I get to week 6 of the 5-day slim down, I will be more than ready for a 2 mile, but by then I will be getting up at 5:15 and have plenty of time.

So… what is the result of all of this awesomeness?

  • Kitteh is 6 million dollar kitteh: better, stronger, faster. πŸ™‚ By the end of this week, when I was walking mah loop with coworkers, I had to ask what lap we were on. It is getting much faster, much easier.
  • I haz musclez back in mah legs. Can feelz em.
  • I am smaller–still no time to measure but it is very obvious.
  • I went from 297 to 292- a loss for the week of 5 lbs!

Now, to keep it up for the next four weeks to end the six weeks CHALLENGE!

challenge accepted


Kitteh’s Six Weeks Challenge! Week 1 Report

So I did it: I got through the first week of Operation School Year, Part 1, first six weeks’ challenge.

Let’s recap mah awesomeness, shall we?

  • I was on plan all week with mah Noms and mah dinners,
  • I was up every day at 5:45.
  • I did the walk to the bus stop and back (small hill) and a Leslie Sansone 1 miler from 5 day slim down every day, for Tuesday-Saturday (Monday was new schedule and I had to test the traffic patterns) all before coming to work, and I was at work by 8:15. Β That gives me a 3K or so boost to my daily step count before I ever get to work!
  • I figured out a livable routine for me — I feel like I can repeat this pretty much forever. Certainly for the school year!
  • I was over 10K steps a day, every day!

This week, I have moved the alarm back to 5:40. Next week, 5:35–the idea is, by the time I get to week 6 of the 5-day slim down, I will be more than ready for a 2 mile, but by then I will be getting up at 5:15 and have plenty of time.

I also love the fact that (as I tell myself), I only have to do each of the 5 miles on the video six times each and i will be 6 weeks into the program and be a LOT more fit (and hopefully a lot smaller as well!) πŸ™‚

So… what is the result of all of this awesomeness?

  • I already feel stronger–I am not leaning nearly so hard on the rail to go up our big stairs. Can’t wait for when I can dash up them without touching the rail!
  • I already feel fitter–it’s weird, but it seems like I get USED TO the feeling of being slightly out of breath and sweaty and I stop minding it so much. It also helps because since being so sick, I dread new physical activity–wondering just how bad it is going to get–and since I have now done all of it once (only 5 to go!) I am not worrying. Which makes it INFINITELY more pleasant! πŸ™‚
  • I am smaller–I can tell from looking (although I reallllly need to take my measurements!) and my face has slimmed down so that I look normal again.
  • I went from 303 last Tuesday to 297 – a loss for the week of 6 lbs! Now THAT is motivating! If I managed THAT feat all six weeks, I’d be down to 266 on September 23! πŸ™‚

Now, to keep it up for the next five weeks to end the six weeks CHALLENGE!

challenge accepted

Weekly report: on track


After a random scare yesterday (I suppose that’s what I get for peeking?) today’s weight on Official Kitteh Shrink Day was 294.2. Β Since last week was 297.8, that’s a weekly loss of 3.6 lbs. Quite respectable for this stage of the game, and more importantly, still ahead of the game for the “at least 2 lbs a week” average I need to be on track.


Still not sure if this once a week weigh in thing is for me, but I think I will continue it for another month and try harder not to peek.

Still loving the “two pounds per week” average thing. It has such a comfy feel to it. Don’t have to be perfect, do have to stick to plan.


Moanday (a day late)

I’m sorry, I was out of the office Friday and then out of town all weekend, so yesterday was Cray to the Z.

Besides which, when I re-started this beeyoch, I did it last Tuesday and I therefore, somewhat arbitrarily, made Tuesday my weigh in day.

Then I debated all week whether to (a) weigh in on Tuesdays (Medifast recommends weighing in once per week); (b) go back to weighing in every day (only not really an option); or (c) weigh in once a month.

Last night I realized I was evaluating whether to have another small piece of the yummy but INCREDIBLY SALTY roast based on whether I was going to have to weigh in, and so decided I could use the accountability. πŸ™‚

So… I weighed in this morning. The number was 297.8. That’s a loss of (only) 2.4 lbs since last Tuesday. My reaction to that was (I admit) a burst of disappointment, and then these thoughts:

  1. I know I have lost because of clothes fit, feeling, etc.
  2. See above referenced incredibly salty dinner. I mean, like salt-lick salty. (And no, I didn’t pick it – was out of town and thankfully had help with meal planning for this week.)
  3. I wasn’t really going from totally off plan to on plan this time – I was just tightening the nutritional belt.
  4. I was off plan a bit during the weekend retreat – not eating bad stuff, but at odd times and not enough veggies and water, so it wasn’t as strict a week as most will be.
  5. Most of all (and biggest, newest deal), I am reminding myself that I only have to lose ONE POUND PER WEEK to be at 256 on August 14 (and one quarter finished) – and despite sub-optimal behaviors and salt, I met that.

That last one is a real mindblower for me. I am not used to having a goal date–at least, not one that is math based and reasonable and stuffs. I have always been scared to set one, because I was afraid that on one hand, I’d under-perform because my expectations were too low, and on the other, that I would fail and be inconsolable.

To be honest, I still worry a bit about both of those. But I did it – took the plunge and set the goal at one pound per week.

Now, instead of saying “WHY WASN’T IT MORE!?” I truly feel like, hey, I’m ahead of schedule a bit. And hopefully even more so, once this water/salt weight goes bye-bye.

patient bubble-kitteh

Moanday Report (on Tuesday)

Well, I DID work yesterday, but only until I Accomplished Specific Things, so I didn’t have a chance to blog.

Guess what?! For what I am pretty sure was the first time EVAR, I lost weight at my family’s house. πŸ™‚ I chugged water constantly to do it, but I managed to come back 2.5 lbs lighter, bringing me to a total of 9.5 down for the first week.


Today, I weighed the same as yesterday–not surprising, yesterday I was not water perfect and I think I need that to flush the ketones, etc. out of my system. So today I have already chugged 100+ oz, ha!

Pleased to report I am feeling optimistic about things. Target Weight now says can hit lowest point (274) by March 12 at “aggressive” rate. Plan to be a good bit more aggressive than that, but we’ll see. πŸ™‚

Oh! And Jenn asked about kettlebells. Long story short, starts tonight. I’m excited and nervous about it. Excited because I have seen friends get great results, and it seems like a super efficient way to recover some more of the 90+ lbs of muscle I lost on bedrest AND get in cardio shape AND burn a LOT of calories. Excited because I love exercise, srsly, I always have. But nervous– because the last time I tried organized exercise program with a serious cardio component was right after I got cleared to exercise after bedrest/heart issues, and it Kicked.My.Butt so hard–not the cardio, but I kept putting joints literally out of socket and it was like a massive pain fest. Intellectually, I know that I am in much better shape to tackle this now, because:

  1. I am 50 lbs lighter than then (’nuff said).
  2. My joints/little muscles are much more rehabilitated so shouldn’t do that at all now.
  3. This isn’t even an impact on the knees (my weakest spot), my feet stay firmly planted at all times.

But… I still nurrrr-fuss.

highstrung nervous kitteh nervous kitteh

285 and update

Wow, it has been almost a month since I posted. I have been really sick, miserable even, on three rounds of antibiotics, Tamiflu, steroids, breathing treatments, the works. All of which is NOT calculated to sticking to any sort of program. First, I had to eat “more” to take these meds (tried it on a packet alone and had terrible tummy issues). Second, steroids=puffing up like a puffer fish AND raging hunger. Third, felt lousy.

So between that and the US Thanksgiving, which I enjoyed at my family’s house (and I do mean “enjoyed,” had dessert and mashed potatoes) I was a little scared that stepping on the scale would mean seeing a nine in my number again. So the 285 this morning -first time I have weighed in a month-was actually a pleasant surprise.

That does have me only 40 down for the year, though.

I really want to end 2012 down at least 50 lbs.

Besides, I miss how good and sane I feel when I am devoting myself to the god of the packets.

As of yesterday, I have been strictly on my food plan. As of today, I am chugging the water.

Hoping to get down to where I was (275 or less) tout suite!

Will keep you posted.

Moanday 090412 (on Tuesday)

Wow, 09!!! That’s September, y’all!! And at the end of this month, I will 9/12 of the way through the year – that’s 3/4, for those of you not so good at maths – so time to make the back fourth really count!

Quick Labor Day weekend report: went away with hubby. Walked (literally) 5-7 miles per day. Ate rather more than usual, and had alcohol after dinner, all on purpose. Went to HUGE wedding with TONS of food and open bar on Sunday evening and tried all kinds of new foods (it was a Russian Jewish wedding, and the food was both new and fabulous). Β On Labor Day itself (yesterday) drove home super early, took kids for pancake breakfast, and ate MIL’s chicken enchiladas for dinner (with chips). Also on purpose.

Today, 280.4 (expected) and super upset tummy (should have expected).

On the one hand, very happy because I allotted myself five pounds to “play with” for my once a year blow out with DH and college friends and did not exceed it, and also pleased because I am confident that strict adherence can eliminate that (and more) reasonably quickly.

Also happy because this time last year, I was wearing size 28-30 shorts, sweating and puffing my way through the days, and feeling miserable. This year, although I am not where I will be NEXT year, I felt much cuter, had tons of energy, and sweated only a normal amount. πŸ™‚ No puffing, ha!

On the other hand, I’m feeling that “fire in the gut” that says I am not happy overall with where I am – which is really kind of good, because after losing fifty pounds I felt so pleased/so much better that it was kind of hard to be motivated. I am ready to make the last four months COUNT.

Who’s with me?!