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Guess who?

Howdy, folks! It’s been a minute!

I’m very happy to tell you (OK, me – this blog is for me!) that I am picking myself up, dusting myself off, and beginning again.

Why kitteh, you say. What prompts this? you say. Well, I’ll tell ya.

Kitteh haz a tired.


I can’t even tell you the story of why I reached this point – at least not yet. But I am here, and I took a vow of NO MORE. No more waiting, no more half-way trying. It is time to get serious and by this time next year, I will be BRAND NEW KITTEH. I have vowed it. So mote it be.

So by Divine Providence (no kidding) I found a program (or rather, the program found me, at exactly the right time). It’s called Weight Not, that is overtly ketogenic (remember how that works?) and works a lot like the Packet program that I became allergic to – but uses only real live food. I’ve signed up and I am in the waiting window to receive the supplements and full instructions, but in my head I have started.

Enough is enough.


Happy New Year

New Lunar Year, that is.  The lunar new year, in case you didn’t know, is the first new moon in Aries after the sun goes into Aries – Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac – which actually mirrors the seasons a good bit better than our official random middle of winter new year. 🙂  And that new moon was this past Sunday, about 2:45 pm. So… happy new year!

Don’t know about you, but my energy is DEFINITELY feeling very new year-ish.  I have a dozen things closing out and opening up. I feel very energized and hopeful – for the first time in a LONNNNG time in some areas – and I am making Big Plans!  Want to hear about it? (PSsst: if not, move along. After all, this is my blog! What did you THINK you were going to find? Nuclear physics?) 🙂

First: New In Shrinkin

1. Still doing the SANE approach to eating, and I just realized I still owe you a description of what that even means. I will get to it this week and next, I hope, but my March was Madness (and nothing to do with any sports).  As with Paleo, I have come to find equilibrium and realized that amongst the SANE choices available, some move me to losing weight and some keep me right at where I am. Am working on moving into more shrinky SANE choices. Right now, just doing that on a meal by meal basis. Coming next week, an actual plan.

2. During March, I had a serious working trip from Wed/Thurs through weekend. During the first, my right hip came out of socket, leading to literal bawling misery. Favoring hip made knees worse and hurt shoulder.  Toting luggage made it all terrible. Bad wet cold weather made it all worse and the month was so miserable that I broke down and went to the doctor. I was ready to get a handicapped sticker and a scooter, y’all. I was seriously feeling broken. Had all the bloodwork in the world and confirmed that while I DO have hypermobility syndrome and osteoarthritis, I do NOT have rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, or anything else super nasty. Best of all, was prescribed a six week course of physical therapy (that may become a 12 week course) twice a week at a PILATES BASED PT studio. So I just finished my fourth session today (out of 12) and I am ALREADY seeing a HUGE difference in my issues. SOOOO HAPPY!!!

Second: New at Work

1. Remember the CRAZY work stuff I have been doing the last two summers? Well, it paid off. Got a GREAT order from the judge (finally) and the case SHOULD be mediating and hopefully settling this spring/summer. That would be FANTASTIC.

2. Got invited to be trial counsel on a case with one of the people I spoke on a panel with in October. This is huge, because said person is quite famous in our field and I am so stinking flattered I can’t get over my bad self, and because it is right here in my home district, so I might get a chance to do a trial right in my own back yard for a change. Also comes with substantial financial upside, assuming we win.

Third: New in Miscellaneous

Deep in my kitteh heart of hearts, I want to write stories. I have made a LOT of headway on that this month. Not really a topic for this blog, but things feeling fresh and new and … possible. 🙂

In which kitteh smacks her head and refocuses

Quite a while back (like, before the holiday madness started) I realized that what I really wanted to do this year was just STOP the crazehs and the focus on food. Eat good, wholesome, healthy food and not count anything, including carbs, and see how my body behaved.  You may recall that I lost about 11 lbs doing that for about six weeks.

Then Holidaze Crazeh. Traveling to literally six parties a week, some on the same night, for work/church/kid things, for three weeks. For the party circuit, I decided to make the best choice available, not eat things I was allergic to, but not stress about “hidden” allergens (like whether the sauce on the chicken kebob had gluten). Then came Christmas and the flu, then came the New Year and all my “magic date” stuff got totally triggered by the Whole30 thing.

So today I realized that DESPITE the fact that I already KNOW I want to go into a non-rules-focused mode, I picked a very rulesy Thing to do, and set up a Magic Date to start it, and BOY has Lil Kitteh had fun thwarting me.

So, enough of this self sabotaging stuff. I’ve had three more or less OK days for Whole30, but W30 wants PERFECTION (trigger) from a BEGINNING TO END DATE (triggers) with a lot of RULES (trigger).

My 3 days of w30 failure would have been 3 days of great on my “what works for me” plan.

So that’s what I will be focusing on. Eating nothing I am allergic to, all whole foods, and NOT eating when I am not hungry. The only “rule” is going to be around evening eating – I want to not do much of that, so I can get my leptin sorted out and be ready for breakfast on time.


Kitteh Goal Report for Rocktober

Here’s what I said I was gonna do, as of mid-October:

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.
  2. Eat Paleo.
  3. ECC < 12.
  4. Take supps.
  5. Water > 100 oz
  6. No alcohol.
  7. Steps > 10K.
  8. Exercise 4 times per week.
  9. Bed = 10 pm
  10. Daily pages.

Here’s mah review of same:

(Hang on, let kitteh get smarticles):

smart kitteh

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.  Doing really good here–Paleo makes this shockingly easy. I don’t get hungry all the time. And I am not gonna lie: it is SO NICE to not live from hunger pain to hunger pain the way I did on Medifast. I have come to understand it has to do with FAT–really good quality, good for me FAT. Kitteh is fat burning machine now.
  2. Eat Paleo. Ditto. This is also easy, because all that other stuff makes me sick anyway. Talk about your insta-feedback.
  3. ECC < 12.  Honestly, have not counted. I know I have exceeded it sometimes (because I know carb counts in most things by heart) but I have found out that what really matters is that I have enough fat in the meal. Then the carbs don’t interfere. By that, I mean that 15 or even 20 at a time doesn’t affect me like it would if I had that many and protein and not enough fat. Will be modifying this one.
  4. Take supps.  Have not done as well on this one. Refocusing.
  5. Water > 100 oz Have been unfaithful to this goal on weekends or other “not at desk day” days. Refocusing.
  6. No alcohol. Did this for a week. Saw a nice whoosh on scale. Know full well must do this more strictly, still struggling with a plan. Trouble is, one drink helps my aches and pains SO MUCH MORE than taking a pill. But I know it is hurting my metabolism. This one will be tweaked.
  7. Steps > 10K. Was good with this one up to this week, when it has been cold, rainy and hurty outside. Also, way behind on rest. Been averaging more like 6-7K this week. But I walked this morning, so we are moving on. Keeping goal, refocusing.
  8. Exercise 4 times per week. Have worked out a tweak on this one that I think will be marvelous for me.
  9. Bed = 10 pm. Epic fail. Don’t think I have hit it once. Terribly busy right now, but it will get worse as we get into the holiday season, so I had better get a grip on this one right away.
  10. Daily pages. Did this two days. Liked it. Hate getting up for it (see No. 9). Going to work on a tweaked goal for it.

Tune in tomorrow for “Kitteh’s Tweaked Goals.” 🙂


Long overdue!

After one month with the emphasis more on Paleo, less on LC, I was really terrified I would be up a lot in my weight and out of control in my eating.

In fact, I lost 7lbs (and was NEVER hungry) and started building muscles. Best of all, when I went to pack my bags for the Annual Work Convention, I found that I could wear the clothes from last winter–even though I am still about 10-15 lbs heavier. Only possible explanation is that muscles are coming back. For which I am PROFOUNDLY grateful.  I also got a LOT of compliments at conference–about how great I was looking, which is totally ironic considering the gain since last year.

Naturally, I did not let this go to my head.

pretty kitteh ballet pretty kitteh

Look for more posts this week about how traveling with all these food allergies went, how I am doing on my original goals and how they are being tweaked this month!


70,000 steps = 35 miles or so….

Yes, another Saturday post. Why? Because I am back at work. Last Saturday for it, since the Big Event is next Thursday and I fly up for it on Wednesday. Tomorrow I am taking off to to go church (that’s very restful and healing for me), do laundry, rest a bit if I can, and remind my children what I look like (and that I love them very much). Kitteh Bebes are amazing, as is Mr. Kitteh, all very supportive of massive work effort to Fight! The! BadGuys! But it is wearing after 2+ weeks and counting.

This week, I admitted out loud, to my blog friends and even to my UP band, that my goal is 10,000 steps a day. I haven’t left the office before midnight (last “night” I left at 3:30am) and I haven’t had more than 5 hours sleep at a whack (and that only once), BUT!!!  I have hit AT LEAST my 10,000 every day. When I was tired, knowing I had admitted it meant that I got up and did it. So that felt good. And at 2K steps per mile, if I am doing that math right (a BIG IF after no sleep! ha!) I wanted at least 35 miles this week. More actually because I had several 12, 13, 14 and even one 15K day. If I can do that in the middle of THIS, and while it is hotter ‘n blue blazes, I can do it all year.

challenge accepted

Today I found out WordPress lets me see how people got to my blog, and found out I am on some people’s page as a blog they follow… AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW THEM IRL.  Wowza. That’s scary AND cool. And honestly, motivating! So if you are reading this and you dont know me IRL, HI!

oh hai 1

And please leave a comment so I can find your blog and follow you, too!!!

oh hai 2



OH! And it’s not Moanday Monitoring, and Iam hoping for more (or rather, less!) by Monday, but today scale said 295.2! Five lbs to go to next minigoal (the 280s)!

Kitteh’s Six Weeks Challenge! Week 1 Report

So I did it: I got through the first week of Operation School Year, Part 1, first six weeks’ challenge.

Let’s recap mah awesomeness, shall we?

  • I was on plan all week with mah Noms and mah dinners,
  • I was up every day at 5:45.
  • I did the walk to the bus stop and back (small hill) and a Leslie Sansone 1 miler from 5 day slim down every day, for Tuesday-Saturday (Monday was new schedule and I had to test the traffic patterns) all before coming to work, and I was at work by 8:15.  That gives me a 3K or so boost to my daily step count before I ever get to work!
  • I figured out a livable routine for me — I feel like I can repeat this pretty much forever. Certainly for the school year!
  • I was over 10K steps a day, every day!

This week, I have moved the alarm back to 5:40. Next week, 5:35–the idea is, by the time I get to week 6 of the 5-day slim down, I will be more than ready for a 2 mile, but by then I will be getting up at 5:15 and have plenty of time.

I also love the fact that (as I tell myself), I only have to do each of the 5 miles on the video six times each and i will be 6 weeks into the program and be a LOT more fit (and hopefully a lot smaller as well!) 🙂

So… what is the result of all of this awesomeness?

  • I already feel stronger–I am not leaning nearly so hard on the rail to go up our big stairs. Can’t wait for when I can dash up them without touching the rail!
  • I already feel fitter–it’s weird, but it seems like I get USED TO the feeling of being slightly out of breath and sweaty and I stop minding it so much. It also helps because since being so sick, I dread new physical activity–wondering just how bad it is going to get–and since I have now done all of it once (only 5 to go!) I am not worrying. Which makes it INFINITELY more pleasant! 🙂
  • I am smaller–I can tell from looking (although I reallllly need to take my measurements!) and my face has slimmed down so that I look normal again.
  • I went from 303 last Tuesday to 297 – a loss for the week of 6 lbs! Now THAT is motivating! If I managed THAT feat all six weeks, I’d be down to 266 on September 23! 🙂

Now, to keep it up for the next five weeks to end the six weeks CHALLENGE!

challenge accepted