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De Plan! De Plan!

I finally haz one that seems to be workin! Sadly, it involves changing mah sleeps.


New schedule started Monday, requiring Baby Kitteh No. 1 to walk out door for bus stop at 7am and Baby Kitteh No. 2 to leave directly thereafter for PreK. Kitteh clearly had to roll back her get up time, since that means leaving a full hour before we did before, and before they would eat breakfast in the car (not so much now, wif bus!)

So I rolled it all the way back to 5:45 (GASP)


And now, I am getting up, working out, and showering before making rise the babehs:


And am at office by 8:15.


OK, getting up early is not my friend, BUT? I freaking LOOOOOOVE being done with about 4K steps by 8am!

The Plan is, to do the Leslie Sansone 5 day slim down (which has five one mile walks on it) for all five week days. If I have a day I can’t (like, flying out really early) I can make it up on Saturday or even Sunday. I’m really excited about this!!  Feels like something I can maintain.

I’ve also started going to bed (or at least heading that direction) at 9:45, without Mr. Kitteh (who is usually up until at least 11, despite being up at 5 himself for Crossfit) and for the last two nights have logged 4+ hours of deep sleep (per UP band) and 7+ hours of sleep total.

Kitteh friends, i cannot TELL You how much better I feelz wif da sleeps!

Oh and PS: down 8 lbs 🙂


Why no moanday post and Weekend Report

Yesterday, I got a new phone (yay) that is still not fully functional (boo) so even though I now have TargetWeight back on the new phone, I don’t have the weight history yet and can’t do my stats.

Weekend was really fun! Had a nice time getting dressed up on Friday, went to swanky dinner with sweetie and collected many compliments on purple dress from random strangers (possibly because EVERYONE wears BLACK, UGH) and then to the Event. Saw lots of people who complimented purple dress at Event, many of whom I have not seen since the start of school term, and confirmed that to most folks, I look “better” but have not really lost enough for it to be clear that the REASON is weight loss. 🙂 Left early to spend evening with sweetie at home playing video games (yes, really). Saturday was busy but uneventful, Sunday likewise – and Sunday night I played more video games and drank wine and had a great time – stayed in calorie limits, but unwound enough to be ready to be right back on the bandwagon.

Today I have literally been going in circles – check up appointment with the Vader Mask people (10% of body weight lost – yay! In fact, from the last visit with them, I am down 37 lbs, so excellent!) and a new mask to try in a smaller size. Yes, apparently I am now a “small” face instead of a “standard” female face. Much like my feet, this is not where I would have picked to lose weight, but I guess it is good. 🙂 Back to collect car from its overhaul, back and forth to Sweetie’s office (because I had to have his car, since mine was in shop…) circles all day. And I am tired.

I am still weighing at 293.4 or .6, with an occasional dip into 292 territory. I am staying on target. [TMI WARNING:] Last week I experienced the distinctive ouchie associated with ovulation, and this week I have the munchies (which I have not and am not giving in to) and so I am hoping this “steady on” is a function of hormones and I will get another whoosh. Of course, it could also be that I am not actually going to lose more, ever again. (gulp).  OK, that’s probably silly. But that’s how it feels. Mind you, I am not about to get off target (remember – 52 weeks of NO CHANGE UPS! and today ends Week TWELVE – so another 40 to go before I even get to THINK about giving up!) but I am scared that it won’t come off, or will come off s-o s-l-o-w-l-y that it might as well not be coming off. But then, if I just lose .5/week for the next 40, I would still be down another twenty pounds, to 272 – my first “magic number” – where I was before Baby 2. Is that where I WANT to be at the end of the year? Oh hell no. But it beats the snot out of anything higher, including 273. 😉 ANDANDAND, if I average just 1 lb/week, I am still down double that, forty pounds, which would be 252 – my SECOND magic number, where I was pre-Baby 1.

I really want to see some downward trending.


OH! Other news: my shorts from last year, which I tried on a few weeks ago to see if they still fit and they did and I was kinda sad but glad not to have to buy new? Well, I have to buy new. 🙂 I am wearing a pair today, nice walking shorts in butter yellow, only when I walk, they try to stay behind. They are literally falling off. So that’s good. And at my appointment, the pressure on my mask is down from 15 whatevers to 13.7, which means the machine is working less hard to keep my airway open. YaY!

sleep and obesity – not just for growed-ups

We all know lack of sleep is linked to obesity. Here’s an interesting study: sleeping in on weekends helps kids (and hopefully growed ups) avoid obesity. 🙂

Researchers at the University of Chicago analyzed the sleep patterns and BMI of 308 children between the ages of 4 to 10, dividing them into nine groups and using wrist actigraphs for one week to determine when they were asleep. The group of children with normal sleep patterns had the lowest risk of obesity and metabolic complications.

The study noted that on average, the kids slept about eight hours each night, less than what they should be getting. (Kids ages 5 to 8 should sleep 9 to 10 hours). The healthiest group was the one who slept regularly and “enough” meaning 9 to 10 hours per night. Second healthiest, however, was the group who “caught up” on their sleep on the weekends.

Now, to persuade my kidlets to sleep in…

Whyz workin now more bettur?

As I told you Friday, I have some theories on why my loss has been stable and steady in the right direction the last couple weeks. (By the way – 23 down in all now! Yay!)

First and most boringly, I am not currently full of teh PMS and bloating.  For 2 weeks of the month I can count on fairly “normal” body weight – and by normal, I mean predictable.  The other two weeks? things can be weird and crazy.

But I am utilizing my 2 normal weeks better this time than in the previous months!!  So here’s what I have learned that I think is helping.

First, I am getting regular sleep.  Not just with the DVM – I am actually trying to get to bed earlier.  That was actually implemented because I needed to get up earlier and mornings were the suck.  But I think in retrospect that extra hour or so in bed in the evening is helping me have more energy all day long.  That makes me want to keep doing it.

Second, as previously noted, I started counting teh caloriez.  Well, not literally.  But I cut out cream in the coffee, a more “open” approach to dinners, and any extra “bites” of things.  Tightening up the calories probably took me down a good 100-200 calories per day.  At least.

Third, relating to 1, I have been able to keep going much longer now.  Instead of collapsing at every opportunity in the evenings, I have been moving – again, partly because mornings were the suck and I wanted to have stuff done the night before, but also because I am just plain feeling better.  Which is probably a combination of having 20+ pounds off of my joints and having more sleep (and the DVM of course – as my body catches up on REM and S3 sleep that is having a truly profound affect – which is probably Fourth.)

Those are my thoughts. 

This weekend, Son REFUSED to sleep.  By Sunday it was so bad he wouldn’t even nap.  I am attributing it to 2 year molars.  Last night was better – I was up with him at 11:15 (well, I really hadn’t gone to sleep that time) and again at 2:00, but I was back in bed in 20 min or so.  But I was so tired from the weekend that I slept in this morning a bit and took Daughter to school late.  I guess now that I am getting sleep, I turning into one of those people who don’t compromise easily on getting their X hours.  In my case, that was always 4 or more hours per night (in a row).  Less than that, and I might as well not bother to go to bed.  (That is why I THOUGHT I was so tired, parenthood took that right out of me.)  But now that I see what 6-7 hours does for my overall health and weight loss?  I am wanting 8 hours a night to see what happens!!  🙂

Shrinkin Kitteh is Sleepin – YAYZ!

After my wonderous visit with the sleep doc, and the subsequent Ordering Of the Noms, I wound up going one week after that first appointment for my first sleep study. It was, as expected, horrific. I don’t sleep well anyway these days, even without being strapped to a billion electrodes and having a canula in my nose. Adding to the fun, I seriously twisted my knee just before I had to head over there, and it was swollen and throbbing and I was temporarily on crutches. To add insult to injury (literally), I asked if there were any feathers in the suspiciously fluffy looking bed, and was assured that there were not. This was a lie. One pillow and the big duvet were both feathery little time bombs. Within a little while of being in bed, my nose was so stuffed that canula or not, I was breathin totally through my mouth.

I gritted my teeth and semi-dozed my way through the night, figuring at least I would show up as “needing” intervention, yes?

When I got home, I had my new Noms and I got started on the Food Plan and waited for the results. I had them a week later (now two weeks from that first visit).

So it turns out that 0-5 episodes of apnea per hour per night (where you stop breathing for some period of time) is normal. (I know, right?!) 5-10 per hour is mild to moderate, and by 20 or so you are “severe.” As the respiratory therapist told me later, I score in an all new category she calls “holy cow get her in here.” I stopped breathing, on average, about 154 times per hour. That’s only more than twice per minute, huh? So yeah. No wonder (a) I am so stinkin tired all the time; (b) I am in a haze where I feel about to fall asleep at first opportunity; and (c) I am having so much trouble getting this weight off. I apparently was spending the vast majority of the night pumping cortisol into my bloodstream and diligently turning any stored glucose from my liver into body fat. Lovely.

Needless to say, I also was not getting ANY REM sleep – my brain was literally deprived of rest – and NO “stage 3” slow wave sleep. I spent the entire night at S1 and S2 and awake. Bleh. To say “not healthy” is an understatement. It also puts a huge strain on your heart.

So they made me an appointment for the NEXT sleep study, in which they hook you up to everything but the canula again, and let you wear a CPAP Vader Mask, and see how you “tolerate” the machine. They also figure out what pressure of airflow you need to keep your airway unobstructed. Took ANOTHER week to get in for that study, so we were at 3 weeks from the first appointment and 2 since I started the NomPlan. I was down about 12.5 lbs already.

Given that this time I knew to avoid the feathers, and managed not to start the night by crunching my knee, I was already doing better. I had high hopes of at least dozing my usual level of dozing for the second study. To my astonishment, they hooked that sucker up, turned it on, and WHAM I was asleep in just a few minutes and stayed that way pretty much for six hours or so. Gentle Reader, you have NO IDEA how amazing that was. I actually WOKE UP ON MY OWN six hours later, and while I was still physically tired, I was more alertaliveawakeenthusiastic than I have been in… years?

My follow up appointment was to be one week later. Then, because it was so busy at the RT, I was going to have to wait another TWO WEEKS to get my own device. This made me teh angrehs and the sadface. I called literally twice a day every day and gradually got it moved closer and closer, so that by the day of my follow up (the 18th), I had moved it up to one week later.

When I went to my follow up, I got to see my two studies. Brain waves iz intrestin. And on the Vader Mask, I was suddenly experiencing REM AND S3 sleep – no wonder I felt better. 🙂 Best of all, the clinician was horrified to hear that they hadn’t made my appointment for the device already, and called over to RT. RT was likewise horrified and got me in RIGHT THEN! So instead of waiting another week, I had my own Vader Mask (VM) THAT VERY NIGHT and have been Rockin the Z’s for the last two.

Don’t want to sound craziness, but I think that having two nights of sleep COULD BE that excitement about getting sleep is related to my having managed to finally start this blog. 😛 I KNOW it is related to my ability to actually post coherently the last couple days.

So to review: Shrinkin Kitteh is short and doomed to sleep badly, at least until weight is gone, unless +VM. Acquired VM. HAPPY KITTEH!!

Today is Friday, and as anyone who knows me IRL can tell you, I don’t doez computerz on weekends if I can avoidz it. 😛 So on Monday, I will tell you all about Shrinkin Kitteh’s Plan To Conquer All Excess Fluff and solicit feedback on same. 🙂

Hugs and happy weekend to all!!