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Guess who?

Howdy, folks! It’s been a minute!

I’m very happy to tell you (OK, me – this blog is for me!) that I am picking myself up, dusting myself off, and beginning again.

Why kitteh, you say. What prompts this? you say. Well, I’ll tell ya.

Kitteh haz a tired.


I can’t even tell you the story of why I reached this point – at least not yet. But I am here, and I took a vow of NO MORE. No more waiting, no more half-way trying. It is time to get serious and by this time next year, I will be BRAND NEW KITTEH. I have vowed it. So mote it be.

So by Divine Providence (no kidding) I found a program (or rather, the program found me, at exactly the right time). It’s called Weight Not, that is overtly ketogenic (remember how that works?) and works a lot like the Packet program that I became allergic to – but uses only real live food. I’ve signed up and I am in the waiting window to receive the supplements and full instructions, but in my head I have started.

Enough is enough.

E is for Efficiency

And efficiency refers to how efficiently the calories can be converted to body fat.


The easiest thing to convert to fat is… fat. No conversion necessary.

Second easiest? Sugar. Goes straight to blood glucose and thence to body fat.

Third easiest? Complex carbs. They turn to simple carbs and pick up the chain.

Hardest is protein. So that gets the best “efficiency” score.


And there you have it. SANE eating.

S is for Satiety

And satiety basically means feeling full.

It’s the first principle of SANE eating. You should eat calories that make you feel full.

My past reading/experience tells me that two things fill you up: FAT and FIBER. One of those is very calorie dense. Can you guess which one? Yup. Fat.

So you want to eat high fiber foods to fill you up without adding tons o’ calories.

Let’s rate the macronutrients – starchy carbs, veggie/fibery carbs, protein, fat – in terms of SATIETY. Remember, we do this on a PER CALORIE basis.

A gram of carbohydrates has 4 calories, a gram of protein has 4 calories, and a gram of fat has 9 calories. But grams of fiber and water (which are most of what you get in NSV) are basically zero calories, they pass straight through.

So surprising no one, nonstarchy vegetables, composed of 4 calorie carb + bulky zero calorie fiber + water, come out way ahead. They are hugely bulky and fill you up for nearly no calories. Consider the sheer volume of spinach you have to eat to get to 300 calories and you see what I mean.

After that, you get high SATIETY from, say, BEEF or CHICKEN or A SWEET POTATO, all for about the same level of calorie really.

And of course, BACON or AVOCADO — which are basically pure fats — are VERY high in the satiety department. VERY satisfying for the calories. But as you will see, it will not score so well on the other measures, which is why we have to look at ALLLLL the letters of SANE before we evaluate a given food.

January 7th and counting…

Still not started – reporting to keep myself honest.

Recall I wanted to wait until after I had traveled, which took me basically thru Sunday. Then this arctic nonsense kicked in and the schools are STILL out here (not that I blame them, I doubt there are ten children in this city who own clothes appropriate for single digit temps that aren’t also for snowskiing; and apparently our buses lack heaters. ;))

That alone might not have stalled me, but top that off with Monday being the BCS championship and us (unusually) actually caring and having plans with friends to watch it… and since it was on Left Coast time, it didn’t end until terribly late, but who cares, no school yet… you see where this is going? Or should I say, where it WENT? 🙂

Tomorrow is still up in the air–it’s warming up tomorrow some, but the morning will be just as cold as this morning, so we’ll see what the school system decides. Meanwhile, I feel about half ready to start anyway, so I guess this little bit of grace period has not been bad!

Also found out that Mr. Kitteh’s crossfit box is doing a “healthy eating challenge” that starts January 13–they are going to do everyone’s body fat composition before and after, so I am totally making him do that. 🙂  Since that’s next Monday, and the T-Tapp challenge starts the 27th, I think we are going to make the 13th the Whole30 start date.  Not that I am eating crap at the moment–I’m just not racheting down the carbs or worrying as much about legumes, etc.

Happy New Year!

Hello, Beloveds! Here is my first EVAR NYD post. Why this year? Several reasons:Most prosaically, mah babiez are with mah momma, so it is just me and Mr. Kitteh today. Mr. Kitteh is gorging himself on online gaming, and I can only take so much of that. 🙂  But more importantly, this year is special, and I am beginning as I mean to go on: carving out time for my Number One Goal. This is the year of Nourishing Kitteh health as a srs priority!


So today, I will tell youse guyes  (1) mah starting place; (2) mah goalz; and (3) my Jan Plan. Ready?

Part 1: Mah Starting Place

I have not stepped on the scales since November. Shocking, yes?  And I will not be stepping on them again until February 1 (or close to it, depending on what day that is–I’m out of town around then for a family birthday).  Today’s weight (in the middle of the day, after a Brazilian steak lunch, and fully dressed) is 301.6.  I am irritated to report that my cloth tape measure is MIA from where it belongs, likely related to inlaw visit, and so I edit to report on actual measurements later. Not a biggie, since today isn’t the official official start day–that’s Jan. 6–so I will get it taken care of sometime between now and then.

Part 2: Mah Goalz

This year, my most important GOAL is reclaiming my health. That’s the PRIMARY goal. I am reasonably certain that doing things to make me healthy will make me smaller as well–in fact, if they don’t, I will be seriously pissed. 🙂 But I am measuring success toward the behavior goals (below). Let’s see how that works. A one year experiment of n=1 kitteh, to see how much I can improve my health and decrease my various problems through really good nutrition, coupled with movement and sleep. Wish me luck!

That said, my first number goal is 290–ten lbs (and six-tenths, ha) down from today’s weight. Expecting to be below that number by the time I step on the scale again next month.

Part 3: Mah Jan Plan

My January plan is pretty straightforward. The one “tweak”, as noted above, is that even though I posting today, I am ramping up to it because I have to travel the next two days to collect mah babeh kittehs and I am going to just make good choices those days, without going full monty and packing all my food for two days, which is the only way to really be sure you are Whole30 compliant. So, without further ado, the plan:

  1. Whole30 – I did this rather halfassedly when I was first diagnosed with all the allergies – mostly because I didn’t read the instructions first (oops) and didn’t know about some of the things you are supposed to give up. 🙂  The instructions are pretty straightforward. I’ll be eating all the lean meats, froots and veggies I can handle. I will be leaving off the allergens (including eggs, which are otherwise allowed), alcohol, and even legumes, which includes peanut butter. Then February will be about reintroduction of the the few things I am not outright allergic to, in order to figure out how they affect me.
  2. T-Tapp – this is the single most effective thing I have found for building my muscles back. I am going to be doing T-Tapp four days a week, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and either Saturday or Sunday. I am going to do HALF the instructional MORE DVD every time.
  3. Walking – my UP band died, but is under warranty. Going to get it replaced and then make sure I am hitting 5K steps per day for the month. Will be adding 1K per month: 6K in February, 7K in March, 8K in April, 9K in May, 10K in June, 11K in July, 12K in August, 13K in September, 14K in October, 15K in November, and 16K by next December.  Hoping that by ramping it up this way, it will be sustainable.
  4. Sleep – this is the hardest one for me. 😦 But I KNOW full well that it is key to getting the rest under control. January sleep goal is at least 7 hours every night. Probably going to hold at that for another month, then go to 7.5 in March. Wish me luck!
  5. Vitamins – I’m taking Fish Oil, AEP Calcium, and Pantothene this month every day, and adding in a vitamin packet with lunch.
  6. Water – drink it. 🙂  Back to 100 oz per day. Very attainable, and I feel really good doing that.
  7. Writing – do it. OK, maybe this is a weird health goal, but they go together for me. I’m setting a goal for the year of doing at least 100 words per day for the first 100 days. We’ll see how that works out.

That’s it. No explicit LC or calorie goals. Just eat good foods, move, and sleep. We’ll see what that does for me in a month.

Strategery and Goals 101 or, why losing fast should not be my focus

Waaaay back when I got my Darth Vader Mask, I decided to start Medifast because my quality of life was just appalling. I had lost so much muscle and gained so much fat that doing much of anything was a terrible burden. I had the worst case of apnea that the sleep clinic had ever seen–stopped breathing 156 times per hour, which if you think about it means well over twice per minute. The sleep clinic referred me to Take Shape for Life. TSFL is the branding arm of Medifast. 

Medifast worked well, when I did it as per the program. So well, in fact, that I started getting more interested in FASTER than in healthy. My focus shifted to how fast I could look better/fit in better clothes and away from my starting point, which to put it bluntly was to RECLAIM MY HEALTH. But every tweak and variation chronicled on this blog has been a move in the direction of faster loss, not reclaiming health.

So I find myself unable to do Medifast anymore, and realizing that a lot of my frustration is that I won’t LOSE IT FAST ENOUGH.

Well, bollocks. I guess it’s time to think back to what matters.

I need to be nourishing my broken metabolism until it works again. I need to be rebuilding the muscle mass I lost on bed rest. I need to be eating healthy, quality foods to accomplish all of that, and to stay away from things that are poison to my body (including alcohol). I need to adequately hydrate, and I need to STOP eating long enough for my body to repair and rebuild.


My goal is to get my balance back, so that I can run up and down stairs WITHOUT holding on to the rail. My goal is to be able to tie my shoes, put on my pants, and climb in and out of things without huffing. My goal is to feel good in my clothes, and not feel like my belly sticks out. My goal is to get strong, fit, and flexible.

So here’s my plan.


 It’s October 15. I am taking measurements tonight and even the dreaded before and afters. I am going with today’s weight, and I am going to spend the next six weeks as follows:

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full. 
  2. Eat Paleo: fill my plate with half protein/good fats and half crunchy veggies, no dairy, eggs, grains, or legumes. 
  3. Take my supps every day.
  4. Drink at least 100 oz water/day.
  5. Replacing cocktail at night with kombucha or tea.
  6. Walk 10K steps or more per day.
  7. Do one of either WAtP, T-Tapp, or Pilates Reformer at least 3 x week to build muscle.
  8. Start to bed by 10:00 every week night. (THAT WILL BE THE HARDEST OF ALL!)
  9. Unless actually, truly hungry, no food after dinner to give my body time to repair.
  10. Do my daily pages every day. 

Tomorrow, I will give you my starting numbers. Wish me luck!


Friday Fives: five things on mah brainz

All I seem to do these days are status posts. I think that’s because things are changing rapidly (in my head anyway) and I am trying to implement a lot of changes and monitor how “it” (the latest change) is working.


  1. Yesterday, I was a little troubled because I stepped on the scale for the first time since starting “Paleo” and it said 296.4–up two pounds from where I had been holding steady. DH pointed out I had eaten fairly salty chili (Paleo chili) the night before, and it was a late dinner for me, but basically told me to hush and keep at it–metabolism healing first, weight loss will follow. This morning, I got up and just FELT smaller. Does that ever happen to you?  I felt like my waist was nipping in more and my stomach wasn’t as pokey-outey. And so I stepped on the scale and was rewarded with 292.4–LOWER than I have been reading since going off packets. So yay.
  2. Yesterday was also my first successful day with an all day event. I chair a big work thing annually, and it is usually a hard day, even with packets. I was really wondering how it would go with no easy packet to fall back on. What I wound up doing was actually listening to my body (gasp). I wasn’t hungry AT ALL when I got up (probably that later than usual chili dinner I mentioned) so I had my bullet proof coffee on the drive down and just packed two leftover hamburger patties from our grilling on Tuesday, and some left over sweet potato fries (homemade, just thick chopped and roasted). Around 10:30 we had our first break, and I ate about half of one patty (it was a short break!) and then at the lunch break at 12:10, I had the rest of the meat and the sweet potatoes. Didn’t have to heat them up, they had warmed up enough in the bag to be good (I am fine with not-hot-food, even before I had kids and got used to totally cooled off noms!) By the time got home (about 5) I was hungry but not miserable. I ate some kale chips and made dinner. Worked really well.
  3. I tanked my blood sugar earlier this week by eating a salad in a restaurant and having them leave off the cheese, eggs and dressing. It was grilled chicken, so there was just nearly no fat in the thing at all. I felt AWFUL the rest of the day. I am not used to having to think about that anymore, but I need to be sure I am eating enough fat and protein (it was light on the chicken) or I am going to pay for it, apparently, at least right now.
  4. This whole thing got easier when I started to think of it as hunter-gatherer, only I hunt and gather from my own fridge. What I mean is, just because I am not eating out of a packet doesn’t mean i can’t eat fast. Make ahead things are a great plan. I am gathering up ideas from the message boards, like brown some ground meat and add it to (natural) salsa for an instant meal. Not gonna feed that to the family anytime soon, but I can surely keep some salsa at work and bring in ground beef occasionally! Also, I really LIKED my not-hot patties and leftover sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are very nourishing to me, they feel good and I feel good after eating them. I may wind up having to give them up to lose weight, but right now I am waiting to see how I do.
  5. I am not leaping into exercise (other than my walking/steps, which are hovering around the 8-10K per day mark as I do all this stupid out of office stuff) but I am getting excited to think about adding more muscles again!