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Pimp Mah Goalz

Ok, make that “tweak” my goals, but you get the picture. Tweakin’ needed:

tweaked meds kitteh

(FYI that different from “twerking,” See?)



OKOKOK. Without further ado, here are Goalz,  wif edits:

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.  This one stays.
  2. Eat Paleo. This one stays.
  3. ECC < 12. This one goes for now. I am losing without counting, and I love that sweet sweet freedom. If I start getting too complacent, I may add back in again.
  4. Take supps. This one stays and needs refocus.
  5. Water > 100 oz Ditto.
  6. No alcohol. This one…. this one has been very problematic for reasons already explained. I think I am going to make my rule this: Alcohol only on Wednesday (our TV night) and weekend nights (when we game together) for now. If I am hurting a lot on other nights (whcih is happening less and less as I get better) I can have it instead of pain meds, BUT I have to give it up on one of the other nights. Eventually I will tighten this up some more, but for now, that’s what I am going to do because I know I can live with that.
  7. Steps > 10K. Totally stays.
  8. Exercise 4 times per week. Again, this one I need to build up to (just for a feeling of success if nothing else). Going to revamp goal to “do T-Tapp at least one time per week.”  Can do more, can add other tapes, but one T-Tapp work out once a week will do me tremendous good. And it is totally doable.
  9. Bed = 10 pm This one sucks, but needs to stay. Right now I am going to bed between 11 and 12:30. Going to make my goal to be HEADED toward bed no later than 11:00 for now. Again, not where I want to be, but something I can actually do and feel successful at, that would do me a LOT of good. I’m also going to try to have at least one night a week where I head to bed at 10.
  10. Daily pages. I’m going to do these at least once per week.

Basically, all of my goals were “weight loss fast” goals. Now I am trying to make “total life changes” goals. And incremental is the way to go, I feel very sure.  So here are my NEW goals:

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.
  2. Eat Paleo.
  3. Take supps.
  4. Water > 100 oz
  5. Limit alcohol to Wednesdays and weekends for now.
  6. Steps > 10K per day.
  7. T-Tapp at least one time per week.
  8. Head to bed at or before 11 pm, and one night a week at 10 pm.
  9. Daily pages at least once per week.

These actually all feel doable without much effort at all. And I am determined to have a very successful November and see how that does for me.

And I have put away the scale until December!


Kitteh Goal Report for Rocktober

Here’s what I said I was gonna do, as of mid-October:

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.
  2. Eat Paleo.
  3. ECC < 12.
  4. Take supps.
  5. Water > 100 oz
  6. No alcohol.
  7. Steps > 10K.
  8. Exercise 4 times per week.
  9. Bed = 10 pm
  10. Daily pages.

Here’s mah review of same:

(Hang on, let kitteh get smarticles):

smart kitteh

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.  Doing really good here–Paleo makes this shockingly easy. I don’t get hungry all the time. And I am not gonna lie: it is SO NICE to not live from hunger pain to hunger pain the way I did on Medifast. I have come to understand it has to do with FAT–really good quality, good for me FAT. Kitteh is fat burning machine now.
  2. Eat Paleo. Ditto. This is also easy, because all that other stuff makes me sick anyway. Talk about your insta-feedback.
  3. ECC < 12.  Honestly, have not counted. I know I have exceeded it sometimes (because I know carb counts in most things by heart) but I have found out that what really matters is that I have enough fat in the meal. Then the carbs don’t interfere. By that, I mean that 15 or even 20 at a time doesn’t affect me like it would if I had that many and protein and not enough fat. Will be modifying this one.
  4. Take supps.  Have not done as well on this one. Refocusing.
  5. Water > 100 oz Have been unfaithful to this goal on weekends or other “not at desk day” days. Refocusing.
  6. No alcohol. Did this for a week. Saw a nice whoosh on scale. Know full well must do this more strictly, still struggling with a plan. Trouble is, one drink helps my aches and pains SO MUCH MORE than taking a pill. But I know it is hurting my metabolism. This one will be tweaked.
  7. Steps > 10K. Was good with this one up to this week, when it has been cold, rainy and hurty outside. Also, way behind on rest. Been averaging more like 6-7K this week. But I walked this morning, so we are moving on. Keeping goal, refocusing.
  8. Exercise 4 times per week. Have worked out a tweak on this one that I think will be marvelous for me.
  9. Bed = 10 pm. Epic fail. Don’t think I have hit it once. Terribly busy right now, but it will get worse as we get into the holiday season, so I had better get a grip on this one right away.
  10. Daily pages. Did this two days. Liked it. Hate getting up for it (see No. 9). Going to work on a tweaked goal for it.

Tune in tomorrow for “Kitteh’s Tweaked Goals.” 🙂

One at a time? Choices, choices

Wildflowerz commented on yesterday’s post with something rather thought provoking. Basically, she suggested she finds it helpful to focus on one or two things at a time rather than the entire list. Is that true for other folks?

choices skinney

Here’s what I have found. The first time I had weight to lose (and lost it quite successfully) I realized I was falling into all or nothing perfectionism mentality and giving Babeh kitteh ammunition: “you already messed up by not getting enough sleep, so you might as well blow off today and start tomorrow.”

I figured, if I pick 10 healthy habits and track them, then even if I only hit 8 out of 10, I am still at 80% and eventually, I should still lose. I counted my daily points and gave myself one point for each thing I did and I liked watching the points mount up so much that I never did figure out any kind of extra reward (as I had planned to do) – and sure enough, the weight came off. And it came off as it felt like it–I would sometimes lose more on a week with a lot of 7 and 8s (busy at work) than I did on several perfect 10s in a row. It taught me that (1) I can control my behavior and ONLY my behavior–not my results; and (2) it is well worth doing the other 8 things, even if you blew it at breakfast and didn’t get enough rest.  (Actually, rest was NEVER on my list before, but as much muscle as I am missing, I think it is IMPERATIVE at this point!)

So that was not really even in my mind when I listed out my behavior goals yesterday. Instead, I was just focused on “what can I control” and tracking to see if it actually works.

But now? Hey, it seems like a really good idea!


I think it definitely takes more focus to try to hold all of them in mind, and I think it is a great idea, as Wildflowerz suggested, to FOCUS on a few at at time. In my case, I am most likely to choke at the finish line and either have a drink or stay up too late, at least right now, so that is going to be my first focus. But I am going to list my goals for All.The.Things–just as (I assume?) WW can focus on breakfast or exercise but still expect you stay within your points all day?

I have also revised my daily goals slightly and am putting them on a page. I will be holding myself accountable here for Daily Reports (at least on weekdays!) so wishes me teh lucks!

Cattitude? Adjusted.

OK, after several lengthy whinging episodes, I seem to be getting my head on straight.

detrmination 2

Here’s what I have done:

  1. Ordered new Noms, all allergen free. Processed this morning so should have by weekend I think.
  2. initiated return on recently ordered Poisoned Noms, have to drop box at Post this pm but that’s easy. Did all the hard parts already.
  3. Came up with a plan for getting rid of the Poisoned Noms I already own: namely, any that are double (or more) allergen filled (like have milk AND wheat or eggs AND milk) are being given away. The ones that are just ONE allergen are what I am eating until the new Noms come in. After I have new noms, I will eat ONE packet of the single allergen packs per day until they are gone. That way they are not wasted, and I am getting cleaner.
  4. I’m solidly on plan, and walking my 10K steps, and drinking mah water.
  5. Talked to my health coach. She says if I get bored with the limited selection I can go to 2 L&G+4 packets, or even 3 and 3. I will of course lose slower, but I will lose. Don’t know if I believe her–I’m not the fastest loser at the best of times–but it is good to have a back up plan.

I’m thankful that I didn’t let this totally derail me. The last few days were not fun or strictly OP–on Saturday, I came down stairs and stared at the pantry and realized there was NOTHING I COULD EAT. No un-poisoned Noms, and I couldnt have the eggs that the rest of the family was eating or even cream in my coffee. And it was grocery day, so I literally had nothing. I was so mad and so hungry!! And I let that stress me out for a couple days.

But now I am back on track mentally.


And I am trying to treat this as ALL THE MORE REASON to be strict with the plan and get FINISHED with the loss part as soon as possible!

determination kitteh

Makin Kitteh goals

Wednesday was an 18 hour+ work day (with the Plus referring to kid stuff in the morning, drive time, showering, etc.) as we get ready for Big Event at end of month.

I WAS on plan though (I know, you are relieved, right?) I am pleased to report that both days I resisted ordering piles of naughty food (even though we were ordering in and working through, and it smelled pretty good). It was actually a good use of the Limits Cycle: I didn’t feel a lot of “essential pain” but I tried 🙂 Focused on what do I WANT (to lose weight, and as fast as is healthy) and whether that Thai Special would move me toward or away from it, then put that in positive language–glad I love this nommy beef salad, I get to eat my L&G from the restaurant too but I am still on plan! I love how good it feels to stay on target!

Got in another 10K steps anyway, though not as good as the 13-15K I have been hitting at least I hit my minimum!

And about that minimum.

I started out with the UP band giving myself a 2K goal. I was actually averaging about 5K. I upped it to 5K, then last week to 6K on my band, planning to make it 7K yesterday. (I up the goal on Wednesdays, because that’s the day I got the band and it gives me a weekly report). And I forgot (too busy) and realized that my real, secret goal is 10K–but I don’t want to “tell” my UP band so it wont…. yell at me? Seriously, when I thought about it, I keep my goal low so that I can be “perfect” and hit my goal every day. Not because I want to brag about it, but because when I fail a goal, I am really hard on myself and prone to quitting. 

This is SUCH an example of what I want to change about myself–setting realistic goals is one thing. If I put down 20K steps in the middle of this litigation push, that would be madness. Not doable. But 7K is playing it safe. Playing it safe may be a good technique if you are doing project plans or making promises to other people that they need to rely on (or teaching a child with self esteem problems…) but it is NOT the way a healthy grown up challenges herself. Am I right?

So I am putting down 10K today. Throwing it down and ADMITTING that I want to walk 10K steps a day. And if I don’t want to make as many laps as that takes in the heat, well, then I gotta pony up to the fact that means I miss my goal. is it worth it? Doubtful. 

In other news, I am down this morning an entire .2 of a lb from my previous low.  This is only significant because (a) PMS has me swollen like a toady frog; and (b) as I mentioned, last night’s L&G was a beef salad from the Thai place, and while I felt really good eating my delicious light lime cilantro beef with lettuce and cabbage while my co-workers noshed Pad Thai and fried chicken, it was SALT-TY. So I figured I’d actually be up a pound between the two things.


Being down makes me think that when the bloat is gone, I will see a whoosh. I lurves me a whoosh. 🙂

This time….

At work, getting ready for Cataclysmic Work Event at end of month, and waiting on someone else, so taking a moment to share with you how freaking pleased I am with what’s happening right now.

Back in 2004-05, I got in great shape. I lost weight I had been adding steadily since college and got very fit. I did it by low carb eating and by a faithful execution of an exercise program. It was very simple: I challenged myself to prove people wrong that “just” a mile a day, three or four days a week, would make any difference. I wrote myself out a contract (literally) outlining that I would work out on M, T, either W or Th, and Fri. I could only skip if I billed (not worked) more than 14 hours in a day. (In reality, when that happened, I needed the work out to wind down!) If I did skip, it had to be made up on Sat or Sun. The catch (or so I thought) was that i was just going to do the one mile walk from Leslie Sansonne’s Walk Away the Pounds. I could do MORE, but that was the minimum. Takes about 20 minutes or so, with warm up and cool down. I would come home from work, do my workout, then shower and put on lounging clothes. (These were the blissful–in that respect–pre-bebbeh days).

Result was, I dropped from a tight size 24 to a loose size 14/some 12s and was well on my way to getting to goal weight. Pretty much attribute that to eating WELL (carbs under 10 per meal or snack, lots of protein, water and fiber) and the workout program. Went to Disney with big family group, could handle anything it threw at me. Very happy with self.

Then, Bebbeh Kitteh No. 1. And so on.


As we know, I also had success with weight loss last year, January-July 2012, where I lost lots of pounds and went from size 26/28 to 20 and lost about 65 lbs or so. I did it THAT time by Medifast. No exercise to speak of. Srsly. And I kept thinking, how well would this be going if I could also bestir my chubbeh yet adorable frame to exercise? Perhaps with my old friend, Leslie Sansonne? But I never did it.

So THIS time, THIS TIME kitteh friends, I am doing… BOTH! I am on the Medifast plan very rigourously (and have passed the cravings stage). And in my new schedule, I am up early enough to do one mile of the slim down (which has 5 variants) every day BEFORE showering. And the UP band gets me going to add more steps after that–my current UP goal is listed at 6,000 steps/day but secretly it is 10K 🙂 and I will be adding 1K to the official goal each week until the unoffical and official match. 🙂 And I am hitting 10K+ with some regularity!! 🙂

Now, to see what that does to my weight loss!

For example, woke up this morning 2 lbs lighter…!


De Plan! De Plan!

I finally haz one that seems to be workin! Sadly, it involves changing mah sleeps.


New schedule started Monday, requiring Baby Kitteh No. 1 to walk out door for bus stop at 7am and Baby Kitteh No. 2 to leave directly thereafter for PreK. Kitteh clearly had to roll back her get up time, since that means leaving a full hour before we did before, and before they would eat breakfast in the car (not so much now, wif bus!)

So I rolled it all the way back to 5:45 (GASP)


And now, I am getting up, working out, and showering before making rise the babehs:


And am at office by 8:15.


OK, getting up early is not my friend, BUT? I freaking LOOOOOOVE being done with about 4K steps by 8am!

The Plan is, to do the Leslie Sansone 5 day slim down (which has five one mile walks on it) for all five week days. If I have a day I can’t (like, flying out really early) I can make it up on Saturday or even Sunday. I’m really excited about this!!  Feels like something I can maintain.

I’ve also started going to bed (or at least heading that direction) at 9:45, without Mr. Kitteh (who is usually up until at least 11, despite being up at 5 himself for Crossfit) and for the last two nights have logged 4+ hours of deep sleep (per UP band) and 7+ hours of sleep total.

Kitteh friends, i cannot TELL You how much better I feelz wif da sleeps!

Oh and PS: down 8 lbs 🙂