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Kitteh’s Plan, Draft the First

Here’s my daily plan that I want to try out for the “normal days” between now and the end of the year. That’ll give it over 30 days and see how things go. Caveats: I am traveling the week of Thanksgiving and will just go plain old “maintain” keto diet then and probably at some point during Christmas, although not sure yet when that will be.

6:30 – rise and shine. Do morning pages.

7:00 – Wake boy. Shower/get ready.

7:30 – wake girl, drive boy to school

7:45 – 8:45 – T-Tapp, get girl off to school (she walks)

Note that by 8:00 (and maybe sooner) I will reach 12 hours fasted)

8:45 – head to work. (It’s a five minute drive .) Have Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC) with kerrygold butter and coconut oil.

Approximately noon (after fast hits at least 16 hours) Lunch – green smoothie (greens, flax, walnuts, splash of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water), protein, and fat.

Between noon and dinner, Bullet Proof Tea or broth if desired.Lots of decaf green tea and water with ACV.

Between 6:00 and 8:00 – dinner with family (low carb, high fat), close eating period


Pimp Mah Goalz

Ok, make that “tweak” my goals, but you get the picture. Tweakin’ needed:

tweaked meds kitteh

(FYI that different from “twerking,” See?)



OKOKOK. Without further ado, here are Goalz,  wif edits:

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.  This one stays.
  2. Eat Paleo. This one stays.
  3. ECC < 12. This one goes for now. I am losing without counting, and I love that sweet sweet freedom. If I start getting too complacent, I may add back in again.
  4. Take supps. This one stays and needs refocus.
  5. Water > 100 oz Ditto.
  6. No alcohol. This one…. this one has been very problematic for reasons already explained. I think I am going to make my rule this: Alcohol only on Wednesday (our TV night) and weekend nights (when we game together) for now. If I am hurting a lot on other nights (whcih is happening less and less as I get better) I can have it instead of pain meds, BUT I have to give it up on one of the other nights. Eventually I will tighten this up some more, but for now, that’s what I am going to do because I know I can live with that.
  7. Steps > 10K. Totally stays.
  8. Exercise 4 times per week. Again, this one I need to build up to (just for a feeling of success if nothing else). Going to revamp goal to “do T-Tapp at least one time per week.”  Can do more, can add other tapes, but one T-Tapp work out once a week will do me tremendous good. And it is totally doable.
  9. Bed = 10 pm This one sucks, but needs to stay. Right now I am going to bed between 11 and 12:30. Going to make my goal to be HEADED toward bed no later than 11:00 for now. Again, not where I want to be, but something I can actually do and feel successful at, that would do me a LOT of good. I’m also going to try to have at least one night a week where I head to bed at 10.
  10. Daily pages. I’m going to do these at least once per week.

Basically, all of my goals were “weight loss fast” goals. Now I am trying to make “total life changes” goals. And incremental is the way to go, I feel very sure.  So here are my NEW goals:

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.
  2. Eat Paleo.
  3. Take supps.
  4. Water > 100 oz
  5. Limit alcohol to Wednesdays and weekends for now.
  6. Steps > 10K per day.
  7. T-Tapp at least one time per week.
  8. Head to bed at or before 11 pm, and one night a week at 10 pm.
  9. Daily pages at least once per week.

These actually all feel doable without much effort at all. And I am determined to have a very successful November and see how that does for me.

And I have put away the scale until December!

Kitteh Goal Report for Rocktober

Here’s what I said I was gonna do, as of mid-October:

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.
  2. Eat Paleo.
  3. ECC < 12.
  4. Take supps.
  5. Water > 100 oz
  6. No alcohol.
  7. Steps > 10K.
  8. Exercise 4 times per week.
  9. Bed = 10 pm
  10. Daily pages.

Here’s mah review of same:

(Hang on, let kitteh get smarticles):

smart kitteh

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.  Doing really good here–Paleo makes this shockingly easy. I don’t get hungry all the time. And I am not gonna lie: it is SO NICE to not live from hunger pain to hunger pain the way I did on Medifast. I have come to understand it has to do with FAT–really good quality, good for me FAT. Kitteh is fat burning machine now.
  2. Eat Paleo. Ditto. This is also easy, because all that other stuff makes me sick anyway. Talk about your insta-feedback.
  3. ECC < 12.  Honestly, have not counted. I know I have exceeded it sometimes (because I know carb counts in most things by heart) but I have found out that what really matters is that I have enough fat in the meal. Then the carbs don’t interfere. By that, I mean that 15 or even 20 at a time doesn’t affect me like it would if I had that many and protein and not enough fat. Will be modifying this one.
  4. Take supps.  Have not done as well on this one. Refocusing.
  5. Water > 100 oz Have been unfaithful to this goal on weekends or other “not at desk day” days. Refocusing.
  6. No alcohol. Did this for a week. Saw a nice whoosh on scale. Know full well must do this more strictly, still struggling with a plan. Trouble is, one drink helps my aches and pains SO MUCH MORE than taking a pill. But I know it is hurting my metabolism. This one will be tweaked.
  7. Steps > 10K. Was good with this one up to this week, when it has been cold, rainy and hurty outside. Also, way behind on rest. Been averaging more like 6-7K this week. But I walked this morning, so we are moving on. Keeping goal, refocusing.
  8. Exercise 4 times per week. Have worked out a tweak on this one that I think will be marvelous for me.
  9. Bed = 10 pm. Epic fail. Don’t think I have hit it once. Terribly busy right now, but it will get worse as we get into the holiday season, so I had better get a grip on this one right away.
  10. Daily pages. Did this two days. Liked it. Hate getting up for it (see No. 9). Going to work on a tweaked goal for it.

Tune in tomorrow for “Kitteh’s Tweaked Goals.” 🙂

One at a time? Choices, choices

Wildflowerz commented on yesterday’s post with something rather thought provoking. Basically, she suggested she finds it helpful to focus on one or two things at a time rather than the entire list. Is that true for other folks?

choices skinney

Here’s what I have found. The first time I had weight to lose (and lost it quite successfully) I realized I was falling into all or nothing perfectionism mentality and giving Babeh kitteh ammunition: “you already messed up by not getting enough sleep, so you might as well blow off today and start tomorrow.”

I figured, if I pick 10 healthy habits and track them, then even if I only hit 8 out of 10, I am still at 80% and eventually, I should still lose. I counted my daily points and gave myself one point for each thing I did and I liked watching the points mount up so much that I never did figure out any kind of extra reward (as I had planned to do) – and sure enough, the weight came off. And it came off as it felt like it–I would sometimes lose more on a week with a lot of 7 and 8s (busy at work) than I did on several perfect 10s in a row. It taught me that (1) I can control my behavior and ONLY my behavior–not my results; and (2) it is well worth doing the other 8 things, even if you blew it at breakfast and didn’t get enough rest.  (Actually, rest was NEVER on my list before, but as much muscle as I am missing, I think it is IMPERATIVE at this point!)

So that was not really even in my mind when I listed out my behavior goals yesterday. Instead, I was just focused on “what can I control” and tracking to see if it actually works.

But now? Hey, it seems like a really good idea!


I think it definitely takes more focus to try to hold all of them in mind, and I think it is a great idea, as Wildflowerz suggested, to FOCUS on a few at at time. In my case, I am most likely to choke at the finish line and either have a drink or stay up too late, at least right now, so that is going to be my first focus. But I am going to list my goals for All.The.Things–just as (I assume?) WW can focus on breakfast or exercise but still expect you stay within your points all day?

I have also revised my daily goals slightly and am putting them on a page. I will be holding myself accountable here for Daily Reports (at least on weekdays!) so wishes me teh lucks!

On Telling Yourself The Truth

On a blog I follow, Rachael Herron had a great post called”The Only Two Things You Must Do To Be A Writer.” Looking over it again today, I was struck by this part – and the fact that it also applies to weight loss, and pretty much ANY goal we set ourselves.

You don’t have to be published to call yourself a writer.

You do have to write.

As John Scalzi so succinctly said, 

So: Do you want to write or don’t you? If your answer is “yes, but,” then here’s a small editing tip: what you’re doing is using six letters and two words to say “no.” And that’s fine. Just don’t kid yourself as to what “yes, but” means.

“What you are doing is using six letters and two words to say ‘NO'” – how true is THAT?

So when I say “I want to eat well, but…” or “I want to lose weight, but…” or “I will TRY to work out, but…”

Yeah. Deep, right?


August 2013 Goalz

For August, my goal/plan/intent/aim is to turn in 31 “perfect” Medifast days. What does that mean?

  1. 5 Packets, on time, each day.
  2. 1 lean and green meal, on plan, each day – including getting ENOUGH green and not too much lean (protein).
  3. Water, water, water.

When I get back to 299, I am adding in WAtP. (I don’t want to do on my knees until then.)

I’m going to take my supps, weigh every day, and keep away from alcohol with one exception for the month (already chosen).

Hoping that by the time I get through 31 days, I will be through the worst of the re-adjustment and back into the 290s.


skinny kitteh

Keeping the Faith

Here’s how my implementation of wildflowerz “shift the marbles” thingie looks:



It’s hard to read in the photo, but that’s “Going…” and “Gone!” written on there. Right now, they reside on my bookshelf next to my bed so I see them first and last thing–but I may have to move them to my cupboard at work, or downstairs to a place where I would see them when I am at a more high risk time — I never eat/drink in my room! 🙂 I picked orange because I like it, and metaphysically, it is the color for change!

I went ahead and set it up as if I weighed 295.8, which was what I saw when I peeked late last week. But this morning, I was at 297.2–a loss (I think?) from last Tuesday (official weigh in day) but I am not really sure–and NOT two pounds down.

I AM exercising, and I DID have a LOT of walking/working out/etc this weekend. I also had another TERRIBLE “on plan” weekend, in which I didn’t eat OFF plan, but I didn’t eat everything I should have eaten ON plan–low on water, vegetables and even packets, because I was running around. I know full well that if I don’t work the plan, the plan doesn’t work as well. So…

Guess what? Fast or slow, I am going to keep going. And if I have to shift some marbles back the wrong way on Tuesday, so be it. It IS temporary, after all.