in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Right after I wrote that last post, I was surfing for Paleo recipes for dinner and found Carrie Brown’s blog, which has some wonderful recipes that are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, etc.  I noticed her subtitle, life in the SANE lane, and read a bit about Jonathan Bailor and The Calorie Myth.  Not expecting much, but looking to find more inspiration, I googled around to see what Bailor’s “SANE” approach to eating was all about. In no particular order, here’s what I found out:

  1. JB is a program manager or something for Microsoft – works on Word. Kitteh DH has actually heard of him.  That’s probably why his presentation style is super Microsoft-y. Not complaining, just different. I like.
  2. JB’s big push is, all calories are not created equal, and calories in v. calories out just won’t work the way people think it will. I take THAT as such a given that frankly I was surprised to realize how many people find it shocking. But there you have it. But in the course of telling you the summary of research on various calorie quality issues, he actually synthesizes what I have been struggling to articulate.
  3. To expand on that, for months (years?) I have been struggling to eat according to several principles that all seem correct and have been borne out in my own experience as “true” but I feel like as soon as I focus on one, I lose my grip on the others. For example, most recently Paleo taught me about natural, unprocessed, gluten free, dairy free…. and I forgot to think about carbs. Get the leptin under control! Wait, forgot about fats…  Paleo did a great job of pulling together the WHAT to eat for HEALTH for me, but I was still foundering on how to capture it all in one systemic way and be able to reliably lose weight. Turns out, JB already did that!
  4. SANE stands for Satiety, Aggression, Nutrition, and Efficiency. More to follow on each of these and why they are, In Kitteh’s Humble Opinion (IKHO), the four corners of how I should be eating.
  5. As will be covered in depth in upcoming posts, the most SANE food you can imagine is a non-starchy vegetable – NSV for short – and as JB points out, NO ONE from ANY food philosophy, from Weight Watchers to Vegan to Atkins, will tell you that an NSV is bad for you.  It’s just utterly noncontroversial.
  6. So the SANE suggestion from JB? Eat five servings of NSV with every meal.
  7. That bears repeating: five servings, EVERY meal. Even breakfast. Even lunch.
  8. I was SHOCKED how little NSV I really eat.
  9. I am SHOCKED how FULL I feel all the time eating so much more vegetable.
  10. I am SHOCKED how GOOD I feel with this simple tweak!

For the past four weeks (which have included one week of being home bound due to ClusterFlake 2014 and one week of home bound due to Snowmaggedon and strep throat) I have added five veggie servings to my meals.  I am down about 5-7 lbs. I am feeling freaking awesome.

excited-kitteh happeh kitteh kitten-will-be-a-butterfly

I also started a T-Tapp schedule this week. Going easy to start with, to build the habit. It’s “no excuses” exercise – I’m doing one third of the Instructional work out on each day, MWF (about 7-10 min) and the MORE Chair work on T/Th/Sat, for the first six weeks. I’m pleasantly sore, but not terribly so. And it is waaaaaay too easy and fast to justify EVER skipping. And I am building habits.

Stay tuned for more on each of the letters in SANE!



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