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Kitteh’s Plan, Draft the First

Here’s my daily plan that I want to try out for the “normal days” between now and the end of the year. That’ll give it over 30 days and see how things go. Caveats: I am traveling the week of Thanksgiving and will just go plain old “maintain” keto diet then and probably at some point during Christmas, although not sure yet when that will be.

6:30 – rise and shine. Do morning pages.

7:00 – Wake boy. Shower/get ready.

7:30 – wake girl, drive boy to school

7:45 – 8:45 – T-Tapp, get girl off to school (she walks)

Note that by 8:00 (and maybe sooner) I will reach 12 hours fasted)

8:45 – head to work. (It’s a five minute drive .) Have Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC) with kerrygold butter and coconut oil.

Approximately noon (after fast hits at least 16 hours) Lunch – green smoothie (greens, flax, walnuts, splash of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water), protein, and fat.

Between noon and dinner, Bullet Proof Tea or broth if desired.Lots of decaf green tea and water with ACV.

Between 6:00 and 8:00 – dinner with family (low carb, high fat), close eating period


In Which Kitteh Finds SANE-ity

Right after I wrote that last post, I was surfing for Paleo recipes for dinner and found Carrie Brown’s blog, which has some wonderful recipes that are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, etc.  I noticed her subtitle, life in the SANE lane, and read a bit about Jonathan Bailor and The Calorie Myth.  Not expecting much, but looking to find more inspiration, I googled around to see what Bailor’s “SANE” approach to eating was all about. In no particular order, here’s what I found out:

  1. JB is a program manager or something for Microsoft – works on Word. Kitteh DH has actually heard of him.  That’s probably why his presentation style is super Microsoft-y. Not complaining, just different. I like.
  2. JB’s big push is, all calories are not created equal, and calories in v. calories out just won’t work the way people think it will. I take THAT as such a given that frankly I was surprised to realize how many people find it shocking. But there you have it. But in the course of telling you the summary of research on various calorie quality issues, he actually synthesizes what I have been struggling to articulate.
  3. To expand on that, for months (years?) I have been struggling to eat according to several principles that all seem correct and have been borne out in my own experience as “true” but I feel like as soon as I focus on one, I lose my grip on the others. For example, most recently Paleo taught me about natural, unprocessed, gluten free, dairy free…. and I forgot to think about carbs. Get the leptin under control! Wait, forgot about fats…  Paleo did a great job of pulling together the WHAT to eat for HEALTH for me, but I was still foundering on how to capture it all in one systemic way and be able to reliably lose weight. Turns out, JB already did that!
  4. SANE stands for Satiety, Aggression, Nutrition, and Efficiency. More to follow on each of these and why they are, In Kitteh’s Humble Opinion (IKHO), the four corners of how I should be eating.
  5. As will be covered in depth in upcoming posts, the most SANE food you can imagine is a non-starchy vegetable – NSV for short – and as JB points out, NO ONE from ANY food philosophy, from Weight Watchers to Vegan to Atkins, will tell you that an NSV is bad for you.  It’s just utterly noncontroversial.
  6. So the SANE suggestion from JB? Eat five servings of NSV with every meal.
  7. That bears repeating: five servings, EVERY meal. Even breakfast. Even lunch.
  8. I was SHOCKED how little NSV I really eat.
  9. I am SHOCKED how FULL I feel all the time eating so much more vegetable.
  10. I am SHOCKED how GOOD I feel with this simple tweak!

For the past four weeks (which have included one week of being home bound due to ClusterFlake 2014 and one week of home bound due to Snowmaggedon and strep throat) I have added five veggie servings to my meals.  I am down about 5-7 lbs. I am feeling freaking awesome.

excited-kitteh happeh kitteh kitten-will-be-a-butterfly

I also started a T-Tapp schedule this week. Going easy to start with, to build the habit. It’s “no excuses” exercise – I’m doing one third of the Instructional work out on each day, MWF (about 7-10 min) and the MORE Chair work on T/Th/Sat, for the first six weeks. I’m pleasantly sore, but not terribly so. And it is waaaaaay too easy and fast to justify EVER skipping. And I am building habits.

Stay tuned for more on each of the letters in SANE!


Planning to Succeed

Next week, I will be away with the family on a GEN-YOU-WINE vacation. As in, my little family of four off on its own at a vacation spot, relaxing.

The last thing I want to do is fall victim to the old “failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Here’s my plan:

1. Stick to packets for 5 meals and enjoy dinner. That means you gotta think through what you need and pack up both the food and the containers/mixers. We will have a kitchen, so that makes things much simpler!

2. Do NOT enjoy carbs with your dinner, even if everyone else is having some. It will not be worth it.

3. Save all your extra calories for a glass of wine at night. And if you don’t save them up? NO WINE.

4.  The fact that the kiddos and DH will be eating two meals a day that you are not going to touch can work to your advantage: I’m going to share this plan with DH and ask him to let me stay out (or in, as the case may be) while he and our other co-vacationers handle their food.

5. This is a great opportunity to exercise in fun ways, with the kiddos–USE IT!


What other vacation tips do you have for me?

Deciding iz stressful stuff

So I did it. I made the decision. I then could not sleep from the stress of it, which means (I hope) that my Lil Kitteh understands that her carefree controlling days are ova.

So it didn’t work out for actual SLEEP, but I did go to bed at 11, as planned. And I hauled my cookies out of bed at 6:00 (even though DH was so sleepy he slept right through the alarm and I COULD HAVE reset it for 6:30…) and we did kettle bell swings today.

I also exchanged emails with my “health coach” (TSFL assigns you one), gave her my eating schedule, and asked if I should try and collapse my eating times to make more fasting overnight. She said no–in fact, she wants me to start eating sooner, to get my metabolism going. And, because she comes with a whole team of Johns Hopkins experts, that’s what I am going to do.

My new schedule (starting tomorrow, because I got the email too late today) is:

6:00       up and exercise

6:30        Meal 1 (usually a bar)

9:30         Meal 2 (usually a cappuccino)

12:30       Meal 3 (open)

3:30         Meal 4 (usually a shake or other drink)

6:30         Lean and Green meal

8:30          Meal 5 (usually a brownie or soft bake cookie)

I will also get back to religiously drinking a 34-oz bottle of water and a 30-oz mug of herbal tea between meal 2 and 3 and again between Meal 3 and leaving for the day. That gets most of my water in soon enough that I am not up all night, and I do another 34-oz with the 8:30 meal and stop.

Today I am in good spirits. I know if I get through the conversion back to mild ketosis, it will all be (relatively) easy. And I am making exercise a part of the routine from the get-go this time.

While we were stretching, I said “I’m 100% committed, which is why I am so stressed. The part of me who does not want to do this, my inner brat, knows she lost.”  He had the audacity to laugh and said, how can you be 100% committed and have a part of you resisting?  I told him, the ME who controls this body is committed to taking control of it. That’s what requires the discipline–and some stress– but only for a few weeks. After that, it takes less discipline and more the ability to remember how bad it is when you are off plan, and how hard it is to get back on.

2 perfect days, and more brutal honesty

I’ve been thinking a lot about when “this” program works and when it does not–although what I REALLY should say is, what variations I make will change it so much that it will stop working. Here are my conclusions:

1A. When I approach the diet as “eat five packets and one reasonably healthy meal and that’s all.” I maintain.

2A. When I approach the diet as “eat five packets and one DIET meal, very low carb and low cal, to stay in ketosis and take in few calories,” I lose. Perhaps not as fast as some, but I DO lose, and lose fairly steadily.

I kind of knew that, right? But it is something I have had to learn OVER AND OVER apparently. “Lean and green” meal is not code for “eat one healthy meal.” It is code for “abide by strict dieting principles for one dose of protein and fiber.”

But what I have confronted over the last two days is that I have not REALLY been maintaining since July, as I decided to do. I FELT like I was. I even went into a smaller size jean. But the truth is, over that six months or so that i was not doing 1 or 2 (more below on what I really WAS doing, especially on vacation days), I was actually gaining a tiny bit at a time. Not much–less than 8 lbs over the six months, so less than 2 lbs a month. BUT PEOPLE!! That would be the equivalent of gaining SIXTEEN POUNDS  A YEAR!! And no sign that it would stop.

So what was I doing, while I was inching up, itty bitty bit at a time?

Well, first, I was not weighing every day. Why? Because I didn’t expect to see a loss so why bother. LESSON: need to monitor CLOSELY, all the TIME.

I was NOT doing No. 1, above, for part of that time. I was doing it for some, which is why I think my rate of gain was as slow as it was. Instead, on vacation (on purpose) and later on, all the time, I fell into approaching food as either:

1B.  “eat five packets and one whatever I want meal, including dessert, I will maintain” (Not true, I will steadily gain. Not much at a time, but steady.)

2B. “eat regular but healthy meals and watch calories and I will maintain.” (Ditto)

3B. “eat five packets and a reasonable healthy meal (so far so good) but add alcohol in at night and I will maintain” (Not true. NOT TRUE!!!)

So there you have it.

I honestly have NO IDEA what happens when I am ready to maintain for real–hoping by then my activity level will be up enough (and my muscle mass back up enough) that it will be easier to maintain. But I can see it is going to require constant vigilance.

Meanwhile… I guess it is not surprising that coming back from one of these B’s to No. 1A did nothing except let me maintain.


No matter, I am back to No. 2A: “eat five packets and one DIET meal, very low carb and low cal, to stay in ketosis and take in few calories,” and I fully expect to keep losing.

Down 2 more today, in fact–and (TMI warning) I have changed my get up time by more than 1.5 hours, and my digestion hasn’t caught up yet 🙂 so I am not weighing empty, as it were. (Hey! You were warned!!) Oh, and (more TMI), I am already sore and spotting, so hormones are definitely at work. Kind of hoping to end this cycle back where I started at the beginning of July, but we’ll see. Either way, I’m on the 2A train!

Back to it

Yesterday wound up being really weird. My tummy was upset all day, and I couldn’t eat when I was supposed to (meaning, was too sick) and then I felt better later last night and had egg salad on low carb bread (like 2 carbs per slice bread from Julian’s Bakery) for my “lean” and some cauliflower for my “green.” Overall, I am sure I was under 1500 calories, but all but 200 of that was consumed after 7:30.

Today, tummy STILL not 100% happy but I am going back on plan regardless, and it is better “enough” to tolerate food. So breakfast was a bit late (didn’t eat until I got to work, because I was worried about having to stop the car during car pools, etc. for bathroom emergency) at 9, then at noon I had eggs and very mild turkey sausage at a local place with a friend, at 3 I had scrambled Medifast eggs, and I have already put water in the fridge to be nice and cold for a shake at 5 or so before I head home. Tonight will be Medifast pancakes for dinner and then a brownie after bedtime, and I will be done.

The friend I met for lunch is a friend I meet every month. She went bonkers when I came in the door about how much I have lost, how much better I look, etc. Which was both nice and interesting – interesting because I guess it really is true that 40 is kind of the point at which people can really SEE the difference.

Oh! And the suit lady came by today for a final fitting, only it may not be final at all. We’ll see. The skirt fit nicely (surprising really because that’s usually where things go awry for me), but the jacket was too tight in the arms – she is taking it to the local tailor tomorrow to see what can be done. I am moderately put out, but what can you do? (Other than hate your arms, which I already had covered.) I am so far NOT impressed with this new suit company. I am going to get this suit (I hope, or else a refund) and then I am going to go back to my old suit company for my next sized down suit. So there.

Other than that, I got nothin. This tummy thing has me feeling listless and tired. Hoping it is much better tomorrow.

Perhaps I *can* be taught…

Well, it’s Thursday – been out of office the last two days and terribly busy the day before getting ready to be out of office, trying to settle one of our cases. A lot of hard work later, and we wound up adjourning, so I will be doing it again in 30 days or so. On the bright side, should bring in more money then. At least, I hope so.

Meanwhile, on the discliple front, I have progress to report, although not 100% compliance. On the first day out of office, even though I had plenty of bars with me, after our morning session (which caused me to miss my 10:00 packet), by the time lunch was there at almost 1:00 I was starving and I “wanted” to eat what was offered. I ate the innards of a turkey wrap (none of the wrap) and a bag of baked BBQ Lays chips and a cookie. Then I ate the innards of a roast beef half sandwich. So then three hours later, when I was getting hungry again, I had a choice. The facililty we were mediating at had TONS of food out to eat – everything from salted almonds to bags of chips and bars. But I remembered something I read recently (wish I remembered where and the exact language, but it goes something like this):

Just because you dropped an egg doesn’t mean you throw the whole basket down and stomp on it.

(Don’t you LOVE that visual?)

So I got my decaf coffee and ignored the snacks, and went back to our break out room and ate a regular old (packet) bar. Then I went home and had a regular old dinner (lean and green – turkey burger, burger only, and raw jicama) and had my nighttime brownie and tea, and refused again to throw the basket down by eating a big dinner, having some of the kids’ rice, or having any wine after bedtime (even though I was reallly tired and felt that I deserved it, lol!) And, the next day was better. I had my 10:00 bar, and we were headed somewhere else before my 1:00 bar was due, then that meeting lasted until almost 2:00 but because I wasn’t starving (and have learned a lesson, or at least have started to) I ordered plain old chicken soup (no noodles or anything) and ignored all the crackers while everyone else at the meeting had Chinese food. I would say that A+ behavior for me for that meal would have been to say no to even the soup, but in the social context, I decided to take the slight calorie hit, have a simple bowl of soup, and it would be OK calorie-wise. And I am going to say that decision was a solid B+ if not A- for me.

This weekend will be challenging a great opportunity to practice these “say no skills” (and possibly the “no stomping the eggs” skill as well) because I am going home. My family’s social life revolves around food, and there is a big event (a delayed family Christmas get together) that will be full of food. Fortunately, I am high on having lost 9 lbs last week and being so close to ducking under the 300’s for good, and (to paraphrase another well known expression, “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels,”) I would much rather have the feeling of being south of 300 for good than I would have the feeling of eating and regretting the food that will be offered. 🙂 I plan to take packets and eat them. Wish me luck!

Oh, and my Friday/Monday posts will be the best they can be in light of Life Happens stuff like away from desk for three days, but I am going to do them, nevertheless. 🙂