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I have to file a brief today. I am annoyed by (a) the case; (b) the defendant; (c) my co-counsel; (d) the brief itself; and (e) co-counsel’s failure to do what he promised (I still have no comments from him, due no later than last night, and it is 10:50 on the filing day, which means *I* am the one who will be stuck doing the job, and a sucky job it is).

That whole “annoyed” business colors my whole outlook. I don’t want to go overeat (yet) but I feel unoptimistic and prone to looking at negatives.

This weekend was good in that we had my parents around, did fun things, and I stuck with packets and a meal all weekend. It was also good in that I got to talk to my parents about the whole attitude makes it work or not thing and I am hoping that they will follow through. I worry about them a lot. It was bad, at least, it was NOT as good as it could have been in that I don’t think I made much progress because I (deliberately) had more at meals than usual because I wanted to show myself I could do it and be right back on the wagon. “IT” meaning I had a few bites of dessert at a big fancy dinner out on Friday (but otherwise on plan, and left off the bread, and only a few bites); Saturday night I had steak, salad and veggies, but then added a spoonful of Ranch potatoes (more ranch and cheese than potatoes) and a small roll, and then had a half cup of the homemade ice cream (without any of the toppings); Sunday at lunch I had the three taco combo (three flour tortillas, the small size, with otherwise acceptable food) and a few bites of the corn.

On the bright side:

  1. I’m POSITIVE my calories didn’t go over the 1200 mark (and probably not up to the 1K mark) any of the three days.
  2. I kept to packets for every thing but the one meal (dinner Fri and Sat, lunch Sun)
  3. I am not craving carbs today so I didn’t apparently cross that “too many carbs” threshhold into crazytown.
  4. I’m five pounds down from this time last Monday (and really I have lost more because I weighed in an hour and half later today).
  5. I did a LOT of extra walking/chasing/playing this weekend.

On the GRUMPY side:

  1. I’m not at the lowest weight I have registered last week.
  2. I think I might have been without my weekend indulgences.
  3. My face is smaller already but I have eye wrinkles. WTH?
  4. My body aches from all this running around I am doing.

Now that I force myself to type this out, I realized this: the real problem with my attitude is probably related to the fact that after quite a while with no wine, I had three glasses last night while DH and I played computer games. Ugh. It was not worth it.