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Monday Monitoring 012312

I’m switching things up a bit. Instead of copying over my calories in and out, and adding them up, etc. I am keeping up with that on the tsfl website, where it already resides. For Monday monitoring, I am going to report what my new App I lurve has to say about my stats. If you want the app, it’s called TargetWeight and I am just using the free version. There are two awesome things about it: first, you put in your weight and it does your stats, just like the Geek Diet guy sugggest, with a line and every thing. (It also shows BMI but beware, it is stupidly linked to the old insurance chart info on weights, so don’t be discouraged). The second awesome thing is that you put in a target weight and then it will either figure out when  you should get there if you lose .5 lb/week (called “healthy”), 1.0/week (called “typical”) and 2 lbs week (called “Agressive”) OR you can set your own target date. Either way, the main display gives you lbs to go and days to go to get to your target. I also think that it is really cool that the app icon shows the number of pounds to go in the corner, just like an app does when there is an update or a message to check, but nothing else (and it is all passworded, which I like). 

I can’t pasted in the cool graph it does of your weights, but you can touch the graph at the bottom of main screen and choose to review progress over the last 2 weeks or for the entire time.  That’s cool for me, because it lets me filter out the huge jump at the beginning that we all know wasn’t entirely “real.” 🙂 It also has a “stats” key that gives you facts. Here are my stats today:

  1. I’ve lost 13.5 lbs for an average rate of 5 lbs per week.
  2. As of today, I’m still 3.0 to the target weight of 299.0 (although I have been below that several times) and “at this rate you can reach your target weight on 1/27/12.”

Another way to see it is on the two week window:

  1. 1. In the last two weeks, I have lost 5.1 lbs, for an average weight of 2.5 lbs per week.
  2. 2. As of today, I am 3.0 lbs to the target weight and at this rate can reach it on 1/31/12.

(Of course, the second is a much more accurate picture of what has been going on, and frankly I am still happy with that result!) And ALL of which is great and interesting but basically immaterial since (regardless of results) I have 49 more weeks to go before I can even think about whether to change things up. 🙂

Oh! And for target, I decided to consider myself as “hitting” the target when I weigh at or under the target for a week in a row. My weight fluctuates too much to celebrate wildly the first time I hit a number – at least until I figure out what causes the big swings. (It may be as simple as my scales being unable to handle something in the 300+ range with reliable daily accuracy!)

Since that’s the new “rule” for celebrating, I decided to celebrate every TEN POUNDS (meaning every time I hit a new “decade” on the scale), starting with 299 (even though technically I started this journey at 315.5 and have lost more than 10 by anyone’s reckoning, having been below 305 for over a week).

I’m starting to get my brain wrapped around the fact that this is no simple push and done, this is for a year. But it is also not forEVER, just for a year. So suck it up, sunshine! 🙂