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Yeah, that “Friday Feedback” thing is not working for me

I am really irritated trying to do Feedback Friday when I haven’t had Saturday and Sunday yet, and then repeating a lot of it on Monitoring Monday, so I am going to drop Feedback Friday. Sorry (she said, to both readers).

Today my weight was up ANOTHER pound to 304 – after ANOTHER dairy meal last night. (I plan my meals for the week all at once and shop once, so there is a lag between deciding to change something and changing it.) I’m pretty sure it is water weight (or whatever it is that whey/dairy/cheese causes in my body) but I admit, I do not like seeing the number go the wrong way.

So (purely to remind myself), I will say this:

1. Don’t care whether you get results or not, you committed to this plan for one year, so you have 49 weeks and 2 days to go before you are changing your eating plan.

2. Since you think it is dairy related, let’s do nondairy meals next week (check – already planned out) and see what happens.

3. If what happens is not a big dump of this water weight, thenĀ  you are going to have to stop weighing yourself daily and go back to once a week like we first planned, because you are turning into Crazeh Kitteh.

4. These aberrant numbers going up are not for realz because your official weigh in day is Monday. Let’s see what it looks like then. And for goodness sake, let’s be reallllly strict this weekend and avoid cheese/dairy!!

With that “talking to,” I think I have my equilibrium back.