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Well, a little one, anyway.

Last night, my DH came home after nearly a week away. We cuddled, caught up on things, and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing a glass of port with him.

Today, despite that abberation (really about 150 extra calories, I’m guessing?) I was at…. 293.0!

So that’s 1.4 lbs “overnight” (actually more than a week in the making, but there you go.

Today, I settled the case I was mediating and got a really good deal for my client. Tomorrow, back to mediation on another case – another wear a suit day. I wants my new monkeh suit! 🙂

Now I am just hoping that the whoosh isn’t over (or at least sticks) and I will be down below 293 tomorrow – I REALLLLLY want to see 289!!

Oh! And by the way! I ordered this beautiful dress from Eliza Parker for a formal event DH and I have in mid-April. I ordered one 22/24 (in burgundy, which I am hoping is more crimson than true burgundy) and one 18/20 in purple because I had a coupon for 20% – and I told DH that if the crimson one is too big by formal event time, it goes back (/crosses fingers) and if not, he will just have to take me to ANOTHER formal event when purple does fit. 🙂  It’s hard to tell about size – size chart gives a hip size that would require a 22/24 for me, BUT… the skirt is full and my middle (not counting the girls)is a 16, so…. Hoping that the 18/20 is perfect – at least by April 13!