in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Quite a while back (like, before the holiday madness started) I realized that what I really wanted to do this year was just STOP the crazehs and the focus on food. Eat good, wholesome, healthy food and not count anything, including carbs, and see how my body behaved.  You may recall that I lost about 11 lbs doing that for about six weeks.

Then Holidaze Crazeh. Traveling to literally six parties a week, some on the same night, for work/church/kid things, for three weeks. For the party circuit, I decided to make the best choice available, not eat things I was allergic to, but not stress about “hidden” allergens (like whether the sauce on the chicken kebob had gluten). Then came Christmas and the flu, then came the New Year and all my “magic date” stuff got totally triggered by the Whole30 thing.

So today I realized that DESPITE the fact that I already KNOW I want to go into a non-rules-focused mode, I picked a very rulesy Thing to do, and set up a Magic Date to start it, and BOY has Lil Kitteh had fun thwarting me.

So, enough of this self sabotaging stuff. I’ve had three more or less OK days for Whole30, but W30 wants PERFECTION (trigger) from a BEGINNING TO END DATE (triggers) with a lot of RULES (trigger).

My 3 days of w30 failure would have been 3 days of great on my “what works for me” plan.

So that’s what I will be focusing on. Eating nothing I am allergic to, all whole foods, and NOT eating when I am not hungry. The only “rule” is going to be around evening eating – I want to not do much of that, so I can get my leptin sorted out and be ready for breakfast on time.



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