in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Still not started – reporting to keep myself honest.

Recall I wanted to wait until after I had traveled, which took me basically thru Sunday. Then this arctic nonsense kicked in and the schools are STILL out here (not that I blame them, I doubt there are ten children in this city who own clothes appropriate for single digit temps that aren’t also for snowskiing; and apparently our buses lack heaters. ;))

That alone might not have stalled me, but top that off with Monday being the BCS championship and us (unusually) actually caring and having plans with friends to watch it… and since it was on Left Coast time, it didn’t end until terribly late, but who cares, no school yet… you see where this is going? Or should I say, where it WENT? 🙂

Tomorrow is still up in the air–it’s warming up tomorrow some, but the morning will be just as cold as this morning, so we’ll see what the school system decides. Meanwhile, I feel about half ready to start anyway, so I guess this little bit of grace period has not been bad!

Also found out that Mr. Kitteh’s crossfit box is doing a “healthy eating challenge” that starts January 13–they are going to do everyone’s body fat composition before and after, so I am totally making him do that. 🙂  Since that’s next Monday, and the T-Tapp challenge starts the 27th, I think we are going to make the 13th the Whole30 start date.  Not that I am eating crap at the moment–I’m just not racheting down the carbs or worrying as much about legumes, etc.


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