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Happy New Year!

Hello, Beloveds! Here is my first EVAR NYD post. Why this year? Several reasons:Most prosaically, mah babiez are with mah momma, so it is just me and Mr. Kitteh today. Mr. Kitteh is gorging himself on online gaming, and I can only take so much of that. 🙂  But more importantly, this year is special, and I am beginning as I mean to go on: carving out time for my Number One Goal. This is the year of Nourishing Kitteh health as a srs priority!


So today, I will tell youse guyes  (1) mah starting place; (2) mah goalz; and (3) my Jan Plan. Ready?

Part 1: Mah Starting Place

I have not stepped on the scales since November. Shocking, yes?  And I will not be stepping on them again until February 1 (or close to it, depending on what day that is–I’m out of town around then for a family birthday).  Today’s weight (in the middle of the day, after a Brazilian steak lunch, and fully dressed) is 301.6.  I am irritated to report that my cloth tape measure is MIA from where it belongs, likely related to inlaw visit, and so I edit to report on actual measurements later. Not a biggie, since today isn’t the official official start day–that’s Jan. 6–so I will get it taken care of sometime between now and then.

Part 2: Mah Goalz

This year, my most important GOAL is reclaiming my health. That’s the PRIMARY goal. I am reasonably certain that doing things to make me healthy will make me smaller as well–in fact, if they don’t, I will be seriously pissed. 🙂 But I am measuring success toward the behavior goals (below). Let’s see how that works. A one year experiment of n=1 kitteh, to see how much I can improve my health and decrease my various problems through really good nutrition, coupled with movement and sleep. Wish me luck!

That said, my first number goal is 290–ten lbs (and six-tenths, ha) down from today’s weight. Expecting to be below that number by the time I step on the scale again next month.

Part 3: Mah Jan Plan

My January plan is pretty straightforward. The one “tweak”, as noted above, is that even though I posting today, I am ramping up to it because I have to travel the next two days to collect mah babeh kittehs and I am going to just make good choices those days, without going full monty and packing all my food for two days, which is the only way to really be sure you are Whole30 compliant. So, without further ado, the plan:

  1. Whole30 – I did this rather halfassedly when I was first diagnosed with all the allergies – mostly because I didn’t read the instructions first (oops) and didn’t know about some of the things you are supposed to give up. 🙂  The instructions are pretty straightforward. I’ll be eating all the lean meats, froots and veggies I can handle. I will be leaving off the allergens (including eggs, which are otherwise allowed), alcohol, and even legumes, which includes peanut butter. Then February will be about reintroduction of the the few things I am not outright allergic to, in order to figure out how they affect me.
  2. T-Tapp – this is the single most effective thing I have found for building my muscles back. I am going to be doing T-Tapp four days a week, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and either Saturday or Sunday. I am going to do HALF the instructional MORE DVD every time.
  3. Walking – my UP band died, but is under warranty. Going to get it replaced and then make sure I am hitting 5K steps per day for the month. Will be adding 1K per month: 6K in February, 7K in March, 8K in April, 9K in May, 10K in June, 11K in July, 12K in August, 13K in September, 14K in October, 15K in November, and 16K by next December.  Hoping that by ramping it up this way, it will be sustainable.
  4. Sleep – this is the hardest one for me. 😦 But I KNOW full well that it is key to getting the rest under control. January sleep goal is at least 7 hours every night. Probably going to hold at that for another month, then go to 7.5 in March. Wish me luck!
  5. Vitamins – I’m taking Fish Oil, AEP Calcium, and Pantothene this month every day, and adding in a vitamin packet with lunch.
  6. Water – drink it. 🙂  Back to 100 oz per day. Very attainable, and I feel really good doing that.
  7. Writing – do it. OK, maybe this is a weird health goal, but they go together for me. I’m setting a goal for the year of doing at least 100 words per day for the first 100 days. We’ll see how that works out.

That’s it. No explicit LC or calorie goals. Just eat good foods, move, and sleep. We’ll see what that does for me in a month.


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  1. Sounds good! You can do it! 🙂

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