in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Pimp Mah Goalz

Ok, make that “tweak” my goals, but you get the picture. Tweakin’ needed:

tweaked meds kitteh

(FYI that different from “twerking,” See?)



OKOKOK. Without further ado, here are Goalz,  wif edits:

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.  This one stays.
  2. Eat Paleo. This one stays.
  3. ECC < 12. This one goes for now. I am losing without counting, and I love that sweet sweet freedom. If I start getting too complacent, I may add back in again.
  4. Take supps. This one stays and needs refocus.
  5. Water > 100 oz Ditto.
  6. No alcohol. This one…. this one has been very problematic for reasons already explained. I think I am going to make my rule this: Alcohol only on Wednesday (our TV night) and weekend nights (when we game together) for now. If I am hurting a lot on other nights (whcih is happening less and less as I get better) I can have it instead of pain meds, BUT I have to give it up on one of the other nights. Eventually I will tighten this up some more, but for now, that’s what I am going to do because I know I can live with that.
  7. Steps > 10K. Totally stays.
  8. Exercise 4 times per week. Again, this one I need to build up to (just for a feeling of success if nothing else). Going to revamp goal to “do T-Tapp at least one time per week.”  Can do more, can add other tapes, but one T-Tapp work out once a week will do me tremendous good. And it is totally doable.
  9. Bed = 10 pm This one sucks, but needs to stay. Right now I am going to bed between 11 and 12:30. Going to make my goal to be HEADED toward bed no later than 11:00 for now. Again, not where I want to be, but something I can actually do and feel successful at, that would do me a LOT of good. I’m also going to try to have at least one night a week where I head to bed at 10.
  10. Daily pages. I’m going to do these at least once per week.

Basically, all of my goals were “weight loss fast” goals. Now I am trying to make “total life changes” goals. And incremental is the way to go, I feel very sure.  So here are my NEW goals:

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.
  2. Eat Paleo.
  3. Take supps.
  4. Water > 100 oz
  5. Limit alcohol to Wednesdays and weekends for now.
  6. Steps > 10K per day.
  7. T-Tapp at least one time per week.
  8. Head to bed at or before 11 pm, and one night a week at 10 pm.
  9. Daily pages at least once per week.

These actually all feel doable without much effort at all. And I am determined to have a very successful November and see how that does for me.

And I have put away the scale until December!


Comments on: "Pimp Mah Goalz" (2)

  1. Hmmm my feed showed you had not blogged in 3 weeks so I came to nudge you now that I am not MIA myself. I see my feed must be shot since you are blogging. I like what I read about your conference. Yeh!! ::pets kitteh::

  2. Way to go with some great goals, Kitteh Kat. Hope November is a good month for you.

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