in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Here’s what I said I was gonna do, as of mid-October:

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.
  2. Eat Paleo.
  3. ECC < 12.
  4. Take supps.
  5. Water > 100 oz
  6. No alcohol.
  7. Steps > 10K.
  8. Exercise 4 times per week.
  9. Bed = 10 pm
  10. Daily pages.

Here’s mah review of same:

(Hang on, let kitteh get smarticles):

smart kitteh

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full.  Doing really good here–Paleo makes this shockingly easy. I don’t get hungry all the time. And I am not gonna lie: it is SO NICE to not live from hunger pain to hunger pain the way I did on Medifast. I have come to understand it has to do with FAT–really good quality, good for me FAT. Kitteh is fat burning machine now.
  2. Eat Paleo. Ditto. This is also easy, because all that other stuff makes me sick anyway. Talk about your insta-feedback.
  3. ECC < 12.  Honestly, have not counted. I know I have exceeded it sometimes (because I know carb counts in most things by heart) but I have found out that what really matters is that I have enough fat in the meal. Then the carbs don’t interfere. By that, I mean that 15 or even 20 at a time doesn’t affect me like it would if I had that many and protein and not enough fat. Will be modifying this one.
  4. Take supps.  Have not done as well on this one. Refocusing.
  5. Water > 100 oz Have been unfaithful to this goal on weekends or other “not at desk day” days. Refocusing.
  6. No alcohol. Did this for a week. Saw a nice whoosh on scale. Know full well must do this more strictly, still struggling with a plan. Trouble is, one drink helps my aches and pains SO MUCH MORE than taking a pill. But I know it is hurting my metabolism. This one will be tweaked.
  7. Steps > 10K. Was good with this one up to this week, when it has been cold, rainy and hurty outside. Also, way behind on rest. Been averaging more like 6-7K this week. But I walked this morning, so we are moving on. Keeping goal, refocusing.
  8. Exercise 4 times per week. Have worked out a tweak on this one that I think will be marvelous for me.
  9. Bed = 10 pm. Epic fail. Don’t think I have hit it once. Terribly busy right now, but it will get worse as we get into the holiday season, so I had better get a grip on this one right away.
  10. Daily pages. Did this two days. Liked it. Hate getting up for it (see No. 9). Going to work on a tweaked goal for it.

Tune in tomorrow for “Kitteh’s Tweaked Goals.” 🙂


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