in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Waaaay back when I got my Darth Vader Mask, I decided to start Medifast because my quality of life was just appalling. I had lost so much muscle and gained so much fat that doing much of anything was a terrible burden. I had the worst case of apnea that the sleep clinic had ever seen–stopped breathing 156 times per hour, which if you think about it means well over twice per minute. The sleep clinic referred me to Take Shape for Life. TSFL is the branding arm of Medifast. 

Medifast worked well, when I did it as per the program. So well, in fact, that I started getting more interested in FASTER than in healthy. My focus shifted to how fast I could look better/fit in better clothes and away from my starting point, which to put it bluntly was to RECLAIM MY HEALTH. But every tweak and variation chronicled on this blog has been a move in the direction of faster loss, not reclaiming health.

So I find myself unable to do Medifast anymore, and realizing that a lot of my frustration is that I won’t LOSE IT FAST ENOUGH.

Well, bollocks. I guess it’s time to think back to what matters.

I need to be nourishing my broken metabolism until it works again. I need to be rebuilding the muscle mass I lost on bed rest. I need to be eating healthy, quality foods to accomplish all of that, and to stay away from things that are poison to my body (including alcohol). I need to adequately hydrate, and I need to STOP eating long enough for my body to repair and rebuild.


My goal is to get my balance back, so that I can run up and down stairs WITHOUT holding on to the rail. My goal is to be able to tie my shoes, put on my pants, and climb in and out of things without huffing. My goal is to feel good in my clothes, and not feel like my belly sticks out. My goal is to get strong, fit, and flexible.

So here’s my plan.


 It’s October 15. I am taking measurements tonight and even the dreaded before and afters. I am going with today’s weight, and I am going to spend the next six weeks as follows:

  1. Eat when hungry and stop when full. 
  2. Eat Paleo: fill my plate with half protein/good fats and half crunchy veggies, no dairy, eggs, grains, or legumes. 
  3. Take my supps every day.
  4. Drink at least 100 oz water/day.
  5. Replacing cocktail at night with kombucha or tea.
  6. Walk 10K steps or more per day.
  7. Do one of either WAtP, T-Tapp, or Pilates Reformer at least 3 x week to build muscle.
  8. Start to bed by 10:00 every week night. (THAT WILL BE THE HARDEST OF ALL!)
  9. Unless actually, truly hungry, no food after dinner to give my body time to repair.
  10. Do my daily pages every day. 

Tomorrow, I will give you my starting numbers. Wish me luck!



Comments on: "Strategery and Goals 101 or, why losing fast should not be my focus" (1)

  1. Good luck! Those all sound like reasonable and healthy goals. Can I recommend that while you do all of them, really focus on one or two at a time, for a month or so at a time. One of the things that’s worked for me is WW’s new routines program. There’s one thing they focus on each month and you make that a priority. The goal is to do it enough to try and make it a habit. Anyway, just a thought. You can do it! 🙂

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