in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

All I seem to do these days are status posts. I think that’s because things are changing rapidly (in my head anyway) and I am trying to implement a lot of changes and monitor how “it” (the latest change) is working.


  1. Yesterday, I was a little troubled because I stepped on the scale for the first time since starting “Paleo” and it said 296.4–up two pounds from where I had been holding steady. DH pointed out I had eaten fairly salty chili (Paleo chili) the night before, and it was a late dinner for me, but basically told me to hush and keep at it–metabolism healing first, weight loss will follow. This morning, I got up and just FELT smaller. Does that ever happen to you?  I felt like my waist was nipping in more and my stomach wasn’t as pokey-outey. And so I stepped on the scale and was rewarded with 292.4–LOWER than I have been reading since going off packets. So yay.
  2. Yesterday was also my first successful day with an all day event. I chair a big work thing annually, and it is usually a hard day, even with packets. I was really wondering how it would go with no easy packet to fall back on. What I wound up doing was actually listening to my body (gasp). I wasn’t hungry AT ALL when I got up (probably that later than usual chili dinner I mentioned) so I had my bullet proof coffee on the drive down and just packed two leftover hamburger patties from our grilling on Tuesday, and some left over sweet potato fries (homemade, just thick chopped and roasted). Around 10:30 we had our first break, and I ate about half of one patty (it was a short break!) and then at the lunch break at 12:10, I had the rest of the meat and the sweet potatoes. Didn’t have to heat them up, they had warmed up enough in the bag to be good (I am fine with not-hot-food, even before I had kids and got used to totally cooled off noms!) By the time got home (about 5) I was hungry but not miserable. I ate some kale chips and made dinner. Worked really well.
  3. I tanked my blood sugar earlier this week by eating a salad in a restaurant and having them leave off the cheese, eggs and dressing. It was grilled chicken, so there was just nearly no fat in the thing at all. I felt AWFUL the rest of the day. I am not used to having to think about that anymore, but I need to be sure I am eating enough fat and protein (it was light on the chicken) or I am going to pay for it, apparently, at least right now.
  4. This whole thing got easier when I started to think of it as hunter-gatherer, only I hunt and gather from my own fridge. What I mean is, just because I am not eating out of a packet doesn’t mean i can’t eat fast. Make ahead things are a great plan. I am gathering up ideas from the message boards, like brown some ground meat and add it to (natural) salsa for an instant meal. Not gonna feed that to the family anytime soon, but I can surely keep some salsa at work and bring in ground beef occasionally! Also, I really LIKED my not-hot patties and leftover sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are very nourishing to me, they feel good and I feel good after eating them. I may wind up having to give them up to lose weight, but right now I am waiting to see how I do.
  5. I am not leaping into exercise (other than my walking/steps, which are hovering around the 8-10K per day mark as I do all this stupid out of office stuff) but I am getting excited to think about adding more muscles again!






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