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So I had my first hopeful feeling in months, yesterday. I sat down and read all the entries, chronologically, by certain people on a board devoted to Paleo/Primal who have had great success over the last year or so. (You could call that post-stalking, but lets not, shall we?) I read a lot of success stories from Mark’s Daily Apple.  And after reading all these journeys from beginning to end (or at least, to current). Here’s what I saw:

  1. None of them started off “perfect”–even though I wanted to. In fact, I keep regularly poisoning myself accidentally, while I learn about hidden dairy, glutens and eggs. So it doesn’t mean I permanently suck at this, just that I am still learning.
  2. All of them lost weight. Not necessarily in astounding rates (though there was some of that), but at surprisingly STEADY rates, when viewed over time by a dispassionate observer. In fact, it was kinda funny to see them lamenting a “plateau” when (with the 3,000 foot view) I could see that it seemed to be just a pattern–like, dump 20 lbs, then “stall” for three or four weeks.
  3. All of them felt FANTASTIC once they got rolling.
  4. The not-so-fantastic start was mostly (I think) about getting past the “carb flu” which I don’t even think I will suffer much from, having been LC so long.
  5. There were a lot of meal suggestions in there just based on their history (“last night I …” type posts). And they were just not that complicated. Irritating at first, yes, because I am going to HAVE to cook my lunch ahead of time, and the breezy day of packets are over, but it is just isn’t that hard.
  6. LOTS of them (especially on MDA) had, like me, been LC for a long time or had lost weight on LC in the past and still suffered from health issues like arthritis, digestive issues, etc. that CLEARED UP on Paleo. In other words, just going LC didn’t do it, but clearing out the grains seems to have had huge impact.

As a result of all of those observations, here’s where I am today.  For several weeks now, I have been doing about 80% of the work necessary to TOTALLY clean up my diet. That’s not a bad number–in fact, 80-20 is what the Primal folks say to shoot for. But because of my allergens, I am getting much less than 100 or even 80% of the benefits of all this work.

I am going to have to go 100% clean in order to see the benefits. But then, I should REALLY see some benefits!

mastodon kitteh

This morning, I had a leftover hamburger patty from last night’s dinner, bullet proof coffee, and about 10 macadamia nuts. I brought 2 more beef patties, some delicious sauteed onions, and some tomato slices for my lunch, and some more macadamia nuts to keep around in case I need them later. More significantly, I chose NOT to have one of the leftover grilled hotdogs, even though that was more appealing this morning for some reason, because I hadn’t read the label and don’t know for sure it is really gluten free. So better safe than sorry.

And the entire time I was eating breakfast, I kept telling my muscles to wake up and FEEL that delicious protein energy. 🙂

strong kitteh


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