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Struggling, Part 2

As many of my wise commentators (here and IRL) observed, limited packets you don’t even like is a recipe for frustration and eventual binging. It is also a recipe for my particular body to decide to become allergic to soy, the only thing left in the packets that I CAN eat.


So? I’m back to eating real food. Not the ultra low carb I am used to, because I am used to satsifying myself with eggs and cheese and Greek yogurt. Not the binging, either. I’m actually trying Paleo again–with a totally different attitude.

I’m trying to heal my metabolism and body FIRST, and find out what I can eat that I LIKE to eat. The only thing I am going to count is carbs, and I am not even doing that yet.

This is Day 4 of that. After three days of Paleo eating, my aches and pains are gone. I woke up hungry (which never happens, even on packets). And I am not even interested in food at night. Which is BIZARRE.

So I wouldn’t say I am over the hump. But me and real food are getting reacquainted. And since I can’t “cheat” by eating prepackaged food, I am going to have to once and for all deal with my issues about food. You know, the ones that say I am either strictly following some regime or I am EATINGALLTHETHINGS.

Ugh. Growth sucks.


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  1. I am glad that you are finding balance. I find that when I am being low carby I am either hungry or not hungry. There is no snacky or bingey. LOL For me what also helps is the whole out of site out of mind. Like these *#(@& candycorn in my house. As long as I cannot see them I can ignore them. I try and remember that food is my fuel not my soother.

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