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After a week and a half on the limited packets and no allergens, I’m really struggling. The packets I can still eat are almost all liquid. I hate drinking my breakfast. Today I ate the inside of a chicken biscuit for breakfast because i could not stand the idea of drinking my breakfast again. The only non liquid packets I can have are cereal and chili cheese puffs. Dry, the cereal has a terrible aftertaste. Can’t eat cereal and “milk” in the car. Chili cheese puffs are never my favorite, and in the morning I cannot stomach them.

I asked my TSFL leader person whether she had any breakfast suggestions that wouldn’t take a lot of prep, wouldn’t be high carb/off plan, can be eaten in the car, and do not include eggs, dairy or gluten.  I think if I could get the breakfast under control, I could deal with the limited choices the rest of the day and then eat my L&G at night.

Anyone have any thoughts on breakfast foods that meet the above criteria? I don’t mind doing prep work ahead of time, just not willing/able to get up super early and cook something.


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  1. With no eggs, dairy, or gluten all that is left is MEAT that I can come up with. What about pork loin slices or something? Good Luck! I think you should enjoy what you eat (positive foods though) or your just going to be miserable which is sounds like you are. 😦

  2. How about salmon. I sometimes will do salmon wrapped in a Nori or a lettuce leaf with other veggies. Not a traditional brekkie but for me it’s easy on the stomach 🙂

    • @Nikki – That’s intriguing – something you cook, or do you used the smoked salmon in packages?

      • Smoked salmon in packages usually if I can get them at a good price.
        Or the kind from the tin, but that can get a bit messy if I don’t mix with either some homemade mayo or some guacamole 🙂

  3. How about preparing a ground beef or turkey patty the evening before- just season meat, form a burger patty, and cook in a nonstick pan or on the foreman grill. You could mix up spices (curry one day, Italian the next,chili the next, or whatever spices you may eat), and they could be prepared ahead for the whole workweek- just freeze and take one out to thaw every night. Can be eaten cold and out of hand, don´t contain egg, gluten or carbohydrates. Just watch the portion size.

    As a sometimes lurker on your blog- if those Medifast meals almost all contain something you may not eat, would you consider changing methods, i.e. swap them for measured portions of real food instead? I know preparing real food can be a hassle when the caseload gets high (fellow lawperson speaking…) but being forced to rely on packets that you actively dislike is a recipe for a binge sooner or later. Besides, unless you want to spend the rest of your life on packets you hate, you will someday have to get reacquainted with real food anyway. There must be plenty of things around that you can eat, still lose weight on, and fit in with your lifestyle.
    Good luck finding them!


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