in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Short update

Since I am back to the grind for Big Work Event Part II (leaving tomorrow for out of town for two days), I only have a minute. But I am pleased to report (and more importantly, to record for my own learning) that after Sunday and Monday without eating allergens, my aches and pains were mostly gone. Today I am standing and walking pain free again so far. 

I managed to get in my 10K steps since Sunday also–last week my average was down to about 7,800 or so, and I only hit 10K one day (Sunday). This week I ground out 10K on Sunday and Monday, and yesterday was relatively easy. Today I feel like I could go do it all at once, which is nice.

Weight at 293.4, which is two-tenths of a pound DOWN from where I was when I went out of town for BWE Part I, which is interesting because then I felt skinny and today I feel pudgy. But I am also [TMI warning] spotting and hopefully will be past the hormonal things when I get back. I think that’s what’s making me feel so puffy.

In between, I was down and up, mostly up, with one reading at 288-something (the day I got back) and going as high on one of my major pain days as 297.3 (Sunday of this week). So inflammation carries weight with it (probably water weight?) and I am SO thankful to know what was causing the flare ups.

That said, this new world of non poisoned packets is a SERIOUS DRAG. There are 9 packets I can eat, but really it boils down to a shake (3 flavors), a tea (2 flavors), a soup (one nasty flavor), a puff (like a cheetoh, kind of, one flavor) or a cereal (2 flavors). So there are really 2 things I can actually chew, a puff or a cereal, both of which have the same texture and the same basic aftertaste. The drinks are not as filling. In short, BORING.


I do not know for sure how long I can do this. On the one hand. I’d like to set a date to do ALL packets for x weeks. On the other, I’m afraid if I ever give myself permission to go off of these I will NEVER go back because just UGH. 

My tentative plan at the moment is to get through the BWE Part II and the do more research on the food allergies. I seem to recall that there is a time period for which you go completely OFF the allergen thing, and then you can try adding it once or twice a month. I THINK that complete elimination period is 3 months. So I am THINKING (but not yet sure) that I can go three months (sept 15-dec 15) this way and then start adding in one packet from each allergen maybe once a week and see how my body reactions. Dunno. Right now, it’s just get through the travel and be done with this chapter of my work life.



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