in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Hating life right now



I’ve finally gone through the six different sheets and figured out what packets are left to me, after I take out everything with egg, milk, or wheat. It is not a pretty picture. Basically, I can have:

  • mixed berry or cinnamon brown sugar cereal (I don’t like them, especially dry, and with almond milk you add calories)
  • chili nacho or parmesan cheese puffs (they are OK)
  • BBQ bites (also OK)
  • Peach or raspberry iced tea (I like these but not very filling)
  • sloppy joe (this was a staple)
  • chicken and wild rice soup (I don’t hate it but the rice stays hard no matter how long I soak it)
  • Dutch chocolate, french vanilla, or mocha shakes (they are fine, they are just also liquid)



Really struggling today. I want to go eat a giant plate of cheesy eggs on toast and say screw it. Little Kitteh has gone from being a little joke to almost taking control of me completely. UGH.



I just wish I had someone to blame! 


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