in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

I am going to be honest here, because (a) that sometimes seems to help; and (b) I am pretty sure my IRL friends and family don’t wanna hear it. You may not want to hear it either, but you can always just skip this post. Heck, you can ignore it and tell me you read it, how will I know? ๐Ÿ™‚


So since finding out that I have these intolerances again, I went from “well, whatever” to “wait, what was that?” to being TOTALLY PISSED OFF. What exactly is worth eating if you can’t have cheese, eggs, milk or gluten?

I think I was doing OK until I realized that a LOT of my packets have milk, eggs, or wheat in them. I have to go through now the “OK” lists and combine them, figure out what I can eat that is OK under all three tests (and I KNOW it won’t include some of my beloveds, like the cappuccino) and then go through all the rigamarole of sending some back, reordering, etc. ARG!

So part of me wants to keep on, business as usual, until I get that sorted out and can really have what I need on packets. But why bother cutting it out of my L&G if I can’t cut it out of my packets yet? And part of me wants to say SCREW IT, I will start over when I get it all straightened out. And Evil Babeh Kitteh thinks that what I should do is the worst of both worlds: stop eating packets because they are poison anyway, but eat ANYTHING I WANT from the real food menu because I am going to go off them when I get back on packets anyway (not withstanding that the packets have a LOT less bad effect on me than eating a plate of, for instance, mac and cheese! ๐Ÿ™‚


So the best DIETY thing I should do is probably keep eating packets and not worry about that, figure out which ones are safe and resolve my supply issues with them as soon as possible, and stop eating dairy/gluten in the L&G — which basically means giving up cheese and so on. Which makes me sad. But that’s what I should do.ย 




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