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Food allergies are back

So purely to sum up, I will tell you that before Baby No. 1, I had a terrible terrible problem with an egg allergy–had to totally avoid them, because my stomach troubles were so bad that they were worried I had cancer, and it turns out just to be egg allergy. But while I was pregnant, you get all these fun hormones (not) and one side effect is that a lot times food sensitivities go away due to all the natural histimines you produce. And that happened to me. About three years after Baby No. 1, I started having troubles again, was tested, and had a sensitivity to chicken and beef. Nothing like the egg one, but a warning that it was getting worse, so dutifully started rotating my meat choices, but about six months after that I was pregnant with Baby No. 2 and everything kind of re-set again.

SO… I haven’t been having the troubles this time like before, but I have noticed some tummy issues and I was HOPING it was not soy, which is where a lot of the protein in the Noms comes from. But I had the test again about a month ago and just got the results yesterday.

I meant to bring them in today to share with you, but I forgot the paper. So I can’t tell you all the fun, but I can tell you that I am back to being severely allergic to eggs again, nice news after I had a big plate of them yesterday for lunch, and I am also severely allergic to casein and whey, which means no dairy. Bleck.

So today, I had my coffee sans creamer. And I guess my “quick and easy” go to of eggs for dinner protein is a bust from now on, at least for a while, because, well, another pregnancy is NOT an option, HA.

And that probably explains the weird scale stuff. I know that when I eat cheese it goes up, I thought maybe the salt but it is probably the casein and whey. And this morning, I was back up to 293 (even though my clothes are looser, not tighter) so I think my giant plate of eggs for lunch did me no favors.

Will be very curious to see what happens next as I get off the allergen foods completely.



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