in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Numbers numbers numbers

I’m tracking a lot of them right now. Numbers, that is.

First, in the “results” column–my weight. Random bump up back to 291, which is frustrating even though it is (a) likely b/c of a combination of too little water and too much salt; and (b) completely temporary.

Second, my steps. Trying to hit 10K/day. So far only one day below that (the day I was trapped in court for 9+ hours) and that one was still 8K and I made up for it. But it is MISERABLY hot right now and I am grumped about that.

Third, my sleep. I am realizing I have to go to bed BY TEN, not by 11, not start to bed at 10:30, etc etc. if I want to hit 8 hours. And I might get away with less than 8 if I was well rested, but I am so far in the sleep hole right now that it isn’t even funny. Averaged less than 5 hours for two weeks’ straight. This is a serious bummer. But I am willing to do it, especially until I catch back up. That week and a half when I went to bed, went to sleep, and got up at 5:45 with NO PAIN were just AWESOME. I want that feeling back. Both the “up with no pain” and the thrill of getting in a morning workout. Right now I am still hitting my daily numbers for steps, but have not gotten up to do my WAtP. Which is irritating me.

So on the whole, I am… irritated. Grumpeh even. 



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