in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

No actual computer time yesterday, retrieved kiddos and worked on unpacking the basement (a September goal) but things are going very well.  

  • Despite being out of town for three days and downtown the other 2 with the DH for an annual get away, I was on plan all week with mah Noms and mah dinners, I did eat a piece of fried chicken one night, which was Nom and which seems to have had no ill effects.
  • Sleep schedule wildly off track, because Werkz. But working on reclaiming lost sleep now! This week is recovery mode, keeping alarm at 5:40 for now. 
  • I was over 10K steps a day, every day, and even went for voluntary walks on what would have been low days, just to keep it going. 

And, for results:

  • Kitteh is 6 million dollar kitteh: better, stronger, faster. 🙂 Tore up all that airport walking and cruising around downtowns in 2 separate cities. Wahoo! Werk partner actually commented that this was the fastest he’d ever seen me move.
  • I am smaller–still no time to measure but it is very obvious.
  • I went from 292 to 288- a loss for the week of 4 lbs!

So if you are keeping score at home, that was a loss of 6+5+4 (on a VERY hard week) for a total of 15 lbs down in three weeks. Go, go exerKitteh!



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