in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Second week of Operation School Year, Part 1, first six weeks’ challenge – a success, despite billing more than 100 hours last week (with worse to come this week, as the Big Event is Thursday and I fly out Wednesday for it).

Let’s recap mah awesomeness, shall we?

  • I was on plan all week with mah Noms and mah dinners, except a couple days where (thanks to the magic of Medifast) I actually forgot to eat and didn’t eat enough packets. Working on that by setting a timer today. (LOVE when I get into ketosis enough that I have to set a timer for de Noms!!)
  • I was up every day at 6:00 – had to pause the “move back the get up time” plan for the crazeh werks, since I had no night where I was home before midnight and two when i was in bed after 3:00am.
  • I did the walk to the bus stop and back (small hill) was at work by 8:15.
  • I confirmed that this is a livable routine for me — even in crazeh werk.
  • I was over 10K steps a day, every day! In fact, per UP, I had an average of 13K steps per day, and covered over 38 miles!

This week, I have moved the alarm back to 5:40. Next week, 5:35–the idea is, by the time I get to week 6 of the 5-day slim down, I will be more than ready for a 2 mile, but by then I will be getting up at 5:15 and have plenty of time.

So… what is the result of all of this awesomeness?

  • Kitteh is 6 million dollar kitteh: better, stronger, faster. 🙂 By the end of this week, when I was walking mah loop with coworkers, I had to ask what lap we were on. It is getting much faster, much easier.
  • I haz musclez back in mah legs. Can feelz em.
  • I am smaller–still no time to measure but it is very obvious.
  • I went from 297 to 292- a loss for the week of 5 lbs!

Now, to keep it up for the next four weeks to end the six weeks CHALLENGE!

challenge accepted


Comments on: "Kitteh’s Six Week Challenge: Week 2 Report" (1)

  1. YEAH!!!! I love that feeling muscles in your legs that you forgot you had feeling!

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