in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Makin Kitteh goals

Wednesday was an 18 hour+ work day (with the Plus referring to kid stuff in the morning, drive time, showering, etc.) as we get ready for Big Event at end of month.

I WAS on plan though (I know, you are relieved, right?) I am pleased to report that both days I resisted ordering piles of naughty food (even though we were ordering in and working through, and it smelled pretty good). It was actually a good use of the Limits Cycle: I didn’t feel a lot of “essential pain” but I tried 🙂 Focused on what do I WANT (to lose weight, and as fast as is healthy) and whether that Thai Special would move me toward or away from it, then put that in positive language–glad I love this nommy beef salad, I get to eat my L&G from the restaurant too but I am still on plan! I love how good it feels to stay on target!

Got in another 10K steps anyway, though not as good as the 13-15K I have been hitting at least I hit my minimum!

And about that minimum.

I started out with the UP band giving myself a 2K goal. I was actually averaging about 5K. I upped it to 5K, then last week to 6K on my band, planning to make it 7K yesterday. (I up the goal on Wednesdays, because that’s the day I got the band and it gives me a weekly report). And I forgot (too busy) and realized that my real, secret goal is 10K–but I don’t want to “tell” my UP band so it wont…. yell at me? Seriously, when I thought about it, I keep my goal low so that I can be “perfect” and hit my goal every day. Not because I want to brag about it, but because when I fail a goal, I am really hard on myself and prone to quitting. 

This is SUCH an example of what I want to change about myself–setting realistic goals is one thing. If I put down 20K steps in the middle of this litigation push, that would be madness. Not doable. But 7K is playing it safe. Playing it safe may be a good technique if you are doing project plans or making promises to other people that they need to rely on (or teaching a child with self esteem problems…) but it is NOT the way a healthy grown up challenges herself. Am I right?

So I am putting down 10K today. Throwing it down and ADMITTING that I want to walk 10K steps a day. And if I don’t want to make as many laps as that takes in the heat, well, then I gotta pony up to the fact that means I miss my goal. is it worth it? Doubtful. 

In other news, I am down this morning an entire .2 of a lb from my previous low.  This is only significant because (a) PMS has me swollen like a toady frog; and (b) as I mentioned, last night’s L&G was a beef salad from the Thai place, and while I felt really good eating my delicious light lime cilantro beef with lettuce and cabbage while my co-workers noshed Pad Thai and fried chicken, it was SALT-TY. So I figured I’d actually be up a pound between the two things.


Being down makes me think that when the bloat is gone, I will see a whoosh. I lurves me a whoosh. 🙂


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