in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

To recap, The Solution has six “cures” to the underlying causes of your weight problem. The first was the NURTURING cure– in which you ask How do I feel? What do I need? Do I need help?

The Limits Cycle goes hand in hand with nurturing. The three parts are:

  • Reasonable expectations
  • Positive, Powerful Thoughts

It turns out I am great at the middle one, have used the first one to great effect and need to remember to do it more often, and the last one is hard for me.

For Reasonable Expectations, you ask–what are my expectations? (to lose weight without exercising) Is that reasonable? (no, most people have to get moving if they want to see permanent results). What would be reasonable? (To expect to have to add at least some exercise into my day if I really want to lose weight.)

For Positive/Powerful thoughts: what am I telling myself? (That it isn’t fair that I have to start over with exercise, when I used to be really fit and I got UNfit because of health issues, not because of being lazy.) Is that helpful/positive/powerful? (Nope.) What can I tell myself that would be positive/powerful? (Hey, lucky you–you know how good it feels to be fit, and your body has always responded really well to exercise. Push through the misery at the outset and you will be ft in no time–more fit every day!)

What is the essential pain (basically, what is the unavoidable underlying painful fact/emotion driving the cycle)? (I don’t want to start over, it feels unfair.) Is it passing? (Yes.) can  you move on now? (Yes, I can let that go and focus on the positive thought I just created.

Hopefully you get the basic gist.  Like I said, I do a lot of reframing (the middle bit, think about it differently) and have OCCASIONAL (accidental) flashes of “what are you really expecting? and what are you SMOKIN’ to expect that?!” but hardly ever do I work through the pain part of that first thought. Hmm, goes back to the nurturing, kinda: emotions are just TEMPORARY, and if you let them flow through you, they will go away.  How very… Zen. 🙂

zen kitteh


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