in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

So I did it: I got through the first week of Operation School Year, Part 1, first six weeks’ challenge.

Let’s recap mah awesomeness, shall we?

  • I was on plan all week with mah Noms and mah dinners,
  • I was up every day at 5:45.
  • I did the walk to the bus stop and back (small hill) and a Leslie Sansone 1 miler from 5 day slim down every day, for Tuesday-Saturday (Monday was new schedule and I had to test the traffic patterns) all before coming to work, and I was at work by 8:15. ย That gives me a 3K or so boost to my daily step count before I ever get to work!
  • I figured out a livable routine for me — I feel like I can repeat this pretty much forever. Certainly for the school year!
  • I was over 10K steps a day, every day!

This week, I have moved the alarm back to 5:40. Next week, 5:35–the idea is, by the time I get to week 6 of the 5-day slim down, I will be more than ready for a 2 mile, but by then I will be getting up at 5:15 and have plenty of time.

I also love the fact that (as I tell myself), I only have to do each of the 5 miles on the video six times each and i will be 6 weeks into the program and be a LOT more fit (and hopefully a lot smaller as well!) ๐Ÿ™‚

So… what is the result of all of this awesomeness?

  • I already feel stronger–I am not leaning nearly so hard on the rail to go up our big stairs. Can’t wait for when I can dash up them without touching the rail!
  • I already feel fitter–it’s weird, but it seems like I get USED TO the feeling of being slightly out of breath and sweaty and I stop minding it so much. It also helps because since being so sick, I dread new physical activity–wondering just how bad it is going to get–and since I have now done all of it once (only 5 to go!) I am not worrying. Which makes it INFINITELY more pleasant! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I am smaller–I can tell from looking (although I reallllly need to take my measurements!) and my face has slimmed down so that I look normal again.
  • I went from 303 last Tuesday to 297 – a loss for the week of 6 lbs! Now THAT is motivating! If I managed THAT feat all six weeks, I’d be down to 266 on September 23! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, to keep it up for the next five weeks to end the six weeks CHALLENGE!

challenge accepted


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