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This time….

At work, getting ready for Cataclysmic Work Event at end of month, and waiting on someone else, so taking a moment to share with you how freaking pleased I am with what’s happening right now.

Back in 2004-05, I got in great shape. I lost weight I had been adding steadily since college and got very fit. I did it by low carb eating and by a faithful execution of an exercise program. It was very simple: I challenged myself to prove people wrong that “just” a mile a day, three or four days a week, would make any difference. I wrote myself out a contract (literally) outlining that I would work out on M, T, either W or Th, and Fri. I could only skip if I billed (not worked) more than 14 hours in a day. (In reality, when that happened, I needed the work out to wind down!) If I did skip, it had to be made up on Sat or Sun. The catch (or so I thought) was that i was just going to do the one mile walk from Leslie Sansonne’s Walk Away the Pounds. I could do MORE, but that was the minimum. Takes about 20 minutes or so, with warm up and cool down. I would come home from work, do my workout, then shower and put on lounging clothes. (These were the blissful–in that respect–pre-bebbeh days).

Result was, I dropped from a tight size 24 to a loose size 14/some 12s and was well on my way to getting to goal weight. Pretty much attribute that to eating WELL (carbs under 10 per meal or snack, lots of protein, water and fiber) and the workout program. Went to Disney with big family group, could handle anything it threw at me. Very happy with self.

Then, Bebbeh Kitteh No. 1. And so on.


As we know, I also had success with weight loss last year, January-July 2012, where I lost lots of pounds and went from size 26/28 to 20 and lost about 65 lbs or so. I did it THAT time by Medifast. No exercise to speak of. Srsly. And I kept thinking, how well would this be going if I could also bestir my chubbeh yet adorable frame to exercise? Perhaps with my old friend, Leslie Sansonne? But I never did it.

So THIS time, THIS TIME kitteh friends, I am doing… BOTH! I am on the Medifast plan very rigourously (and have passed the cravings stage). And in my new schedule, I am up early enough to do one mile of the slim down (which has 5 variants) every day BEFORE showering. And the UP band gets me going to add more steps after that–my current UP goal is listed at 6,000 steps/day but secretly it is 10K 🙂 and I will be adding 1K to the official goal each week until the unoffical and official match. 🙂 And I am hitting 10K+ with some regularity!! 🙂

Now, to see what that does to my weight loss!

For example, woke up this morning 2 lbs lighter…!



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  1. Werk it girl! You have more ummph than I LOL

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