in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

De Plan! De Plan!

I finally haz one that seems to be workin! Sadly, it involves changing mah sleeps.


New schedule started Monday, requiring Baby Kitteh No. 1 to walk out door for bus stop at 7am and Baby Kitteh No. 2 to leave directly thereafter for PreK. Kitteh clearly had to roll back her get up time, since that means leaving a full hour before we did before, and before they would eat breakfast in the car (not so much now, wif bus!)

So I rolled it all the way back to 5:45 (GASP)


And now, I am getting up, working out, and showering before making rise the babehs:


And am at office by 8:15.


OK, getting up early is not my friend, BUT? I freaking LOOOOOOVE being done with about 4K steps by 8am!

The Plan is, to do the Leslie Sansone 5 day slim down (which has five one mile walks on it) for all five week days. If I have a day I can’t (like, flying out really early) I can make it up on Saturday or even Sunday. I’m really excited about this!!  Feels like something I can maintain.

I’ve also started going to bed (or at least heading that direction) at 9:45, without Mr. Kitteh (who is usually up until at least 11, despite being up at 5 himself for Crossfit) and for the last two nights have logged 4+ hours of deep sleep (per UP band) and 7+ hours of sleep total.

Kitteh friends, i cannot TELL You how much better I feelz wif da sleeps!

Oh and PS: down 8 lbs 🙂


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