in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

I always forget that starting isn’t an “instant” thing. 


Pretty much any time I have done well on Plan of some sort, it does NOT start off with an instant bang of perfection. Rather, i get parts of it down, mastered, and move to the next. Some parts take longer to master than others, and some are harder to keep going.

At the end of this week, I’m at 303.6 (down about five pounds) with the hope of seeing more loss after the weekend, if I lay off the salt I have been having at dinner in wild abundance. (That’s one of the things I haven’t gotten down yet.)

I’m back to MOVING. Haven’t been this movin’ and groovin’ since, well…. I dunno, pre-Baby No. 1?  I think the UP band is helping with that–it’s nice to have it all COUNT! as is the new schedule (downtime after bus before leaving with Kid No. 2 means time to squeeze in a workout). And the fact that three other people in my office (including my partner) are UP band wearers has made the whole office more “moving” focused.

Today I realized I am not dreading moving any more. 

I’m actually looking forward to movement in the “zone” (flow?) where I lope along, thinking or chatting. 

Feels really good! And I am taking comfort that whatever else, starting is the hardest part.




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