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I already told you that I have Complete Proof that exercise is a key to success and maintenance based on Kitteh Observation. But I’ve been seeing several things that intrigue Kitteh lately about genes.

No, not these jeans.

No, not these jeans.

One is this article on “How Exercise Changes Fat and Muscle Cells.” You can read it here and that has links to actual sciencey stuff.

But let Science Kitteh sum up.

You might think of genes in the 1980s way, that stuff is “in your genes” meaning inherited and unchangeable. That’s what Kitteh thought too until recently, but NO.

There’s all this sciencey stuff over the last, oh, quarter century, human genome project and whatnot, and now we know that even when you have a particular gene, it can be expressed or not. As in,  “on” or “off.” At least, scientists know that. And now you do too.

And guess what factors turn good genes on (to burn fat, build muscle, etc.) and bad genes off (no cancer cells here, and BTW keep mah brainz fullly functional, kthanx)?

“Environmental factors.” Like… diet. And exercise.

science kitteh explode

The study linked above says if you exercise, even ONE session, you can actually start rearranging yourself at a cellular level.

And this study talks about the need for enough Omega-3s to stay in fat burning mode. (That is one of Kitteh’s new supps, by the way).

Very interesting, yes?

science kitteh


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