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August 2013 Goalz

For August, my goal/plan/intent/aim is to turn in 31 “perfect” Medifast days. What does that mean?

  1. 5 Packets, on time, each day.
  2. 1 lean and green meal, on plan, each day – including getting ENOUGH green and not too much lean (protein).
  3. Water, water, water.

When I get back to 299, I am adding in WAtP. (I don’t want to do on my knees until then.)

I’m going to take my supps, weigh every day, and keep away from alcohol with one exception for the month (already chosen).

Hoping that by the time I get through 31 days, I will be through the worst of the re-adjustment and back into the 290s.


skinny kitteh


Comments on: "August 2013 Goalz" (2)

  1. I cannot figure out if the last picture is funny or gross. Haha Good Luck with your version of the “Perfect 31” instead of the Whole 30 LOL I make myself laugh.

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