in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

This should be Day 3. Only instead, yesterday evening, I ate pimento cheese after bedtime – at midnight, in fact, after resisting it immediately after (a perfectly on plan) dinner and resisting it AGAIN at 10:00. In hindsight, I should have gone down at 10 and had the last packet and my big glass of herbal tea – but I didn’t want to eat that late, and so instead I wound up committing the worse sin of eating even LATER, and eating off plan. For the record, it was about 3/4 cup of homemade pimento cheese, containing cream cheese, actual shredded cheese, and pimentos, so still low carb but not low cal and clearly NOT a packet NOR “lean” nor “green.”


So that would make today third day, only first perfect day, only I ate lunch out (that was planned) and instead of my usual at this totally SFP (Safe For Packet) place, I ordered their daily special, which is a “Driving Miss Daisy Benny” – like eggs benedict only the stack is of a Southern BISCUIT, a FRIED green tomato, and… PIMENTO CHEESE.

What do we learn here?

1. I cannot be trusted with Pimento Cheese. That stuff’s gotta go. And not down my gullet, Little Kitteh – yeah, I knows what you thinkin.


2. It’s still Day Three – I just have room for improvement. Enough wif the “all or no-sings” thinking, Lil Kitteh – I sees what you did, and one mistake does not justify OR excuse another – no gives up! 



3. The scale is the same, which is nice, but not down, which is not nice after behaving all day and then blowing it at the end. Which means…

4. I gotta WANT this again, bad enough to turn down even nommy LC treats, or I will not lose. Gots to find my mojo. 




Comments on: "About that Day Three stuff…" (2)

  1. Just catching up here. You suffer from inflammation? With this packet eating does it cut out wheat and or gluten? It seems that wheat causes inflammation in lots of people so that is the first thing that pops into my head. I am sure you know what is going on with your body but I figured I would pop that out there real quick. I know you have done LC i the past so I am curious if your inflammation felt better then. I am one of those weird fat girls. I am hefty but (knock on wood) I do not have any pain or discomfort at my weigh. I would get boils in certain areas if I had to much sugar but those have gone away this year pretty much with my cutting out the naughties (sugar most unhealthy carbs) Of course I am not perfect and have had several days where I said F and did what I want but 93% of this year has been good.

    • Thanks, Mrs. Swan! 🙂 My inflammation is just arthritis (diagnosed when I was 17, long before I was fat) and possibly fibromyalgia, but I am in denial about that. And YES, wheat will totally affect it in quantity. MediFast has some meals that are gluten free, but not all. The amount in the packets does not ever seem to bother me, probably because I am not sensitive to gluten, I am sensitive to gliaden (a different wheat protein mostly found in “whole wheat” products).

      I was always remarkably healthy, even after I gained all this weight, until my pregnancies – they really kicked off issues with joint hypermobility syndrome and things got complicated. I still don’t have any kind of blood pressure/blood sugar/etc complications (knock wood) and although the weight exacerbates the joint issues, it doesn’t cause them.

      Isn’t it cool how much better you feel when you improve your diet? Very cool that the boils went away!!

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