in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

What to do…

..when you KNOW what to do, but don’t LIKE the answer you know is true?

I know full well what I need to do. Give up food. Get back on packets. Get my eating under control. Again.

This time, I am armed with the supps suggested by the Leptin diet (for inflammation), the knowledge to be more mindful about timing of food (and specifically getting in that 11-12 hour window at night, and a much deeper understanding of what cardio can do for the pain/inflammation I experience.

Need to pick a start date and… well… START.

I keep thinking August 1 would be cool – it appeals to my organized self. and it will be the first day AFTER the big DH events at end of month (and the start of a new chapter here). But I don’t really want to wait. I feel bleck now. I am tired of feeling bleck.

Read the Medifast site again, looking for inspiration. Found it in this quote from a woman who lost many many pounds, slightly paraphrased: I became a whole new person, one packet at a time.


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