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Update on CNS


Week 1, I lost 8.4 lbs.

After Carb Nite, up 3 lbs (Sunday) and a day later (after bacon and cheese), up 4 lbs (Monday).

On Thursday, dropped half a pound below the pre-carb nite weight.

Today, same, although the scale did that weird flickery thing that means I am really a little below that, or about to be.



Candidly, I am a little frustrated.  I feel like CN recovery meant I “wasted” this week. BUT I already said I was giving this a six month try – the max you are supposed to do the program for–unless I got sick with blood glucose issues or were to be steadily gaining. So I am not quitting. I also realized when I thought about it that this is The Week Of Retaining Water for me, cycle-wise, and I am still down half a pound, so that’s good. And I also had port on Carb Nite, and I have seen mixed comments on having any alcohol at all from the CNS dude.

AND of course, the whole point of  CN is that over time, you would slow down a LOT on just ultra LC (and I know this to be true), and this programkeeps you from slowing. So would I be happy with a carb nite every week AND a half pound or more off every week?

Hard to say, but I think yes.

If nothing else, I am looking forward to sushi tonight and a dessert later this evening!


patient bubble-kitteh


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  1. wherz did u go? Come out and play little kitteh!

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