in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

OK, long time no post. There are about fifty reasons for that, but I am going to skip them for now and plunge into “where am I” and “what am I doing” territory.

Concluded that I need a break from packets. I’ve been eating them for about 2.5 years, even when I wasn’t faithfully following the diet, because they are such an easy go-to meal substitution. I’m tired of them.

Found an interesting diet that I am trying, the Carb Nite Solution. The gist is a lot like carb cycling–ultra low carb for a week (actually 9 days the first time, to get into ketosis) then a “Carb Nite” in which you eat a proscribed carb meal (including desserts). The idea is, you don’t get out of ketosis but you pump back up the “burnallthecalories” hormones. A much more eloquent description to be found in the book, or on anything written by the physicist turned trainer/nutritionist responsible for the system. He seems like a very interesting fellow, maybe just because I can identify with the three career trajectory thing. 🙂

So I started CNS on April 25, making this Saturday my first Carb Nite. I lost 8.2 lbs just going ultra low carb (no surprise there). Saturday night I ate part of a calzone (all I wanted, after a bit of time on ULC you fill up faaast on any kind of starch; waited until after a showing of Iron Man 3 to have dessert (I’m classy – forgot all about it until time to actually eat the dessert and wound up having a left over cream filled donut from that morning that a friend had brought to the kids) and a glass of Zinfindel port (yum). Saturday night, slept like a rock –one of the explicit side effects of getting carbs in occasionally. Sunday morning, up 3 lbs, which was expected–in fact, I expected it to be worse. Sunday, NO carb cravings–most definitely NOT expected. Sat through a spaghetti, garlic bread dinner unfazed and ate a salad. No big hunger pains–it was like Carb Nite hadn’t happened. In fact, I UNDER ate all day and wound up hungry at 10:30 and (having skipped groceries this weekend, another long story) had nothing to eat but microwave-ready bacon and cheese. So I had some of that, which might as well have been sodium tablets, and today I am up FOUR pounds–but I know that’s temporary. And I feel smaller.

So, so far, I’d say:

ULC portion rocks – 8.2 lbs is good by any standard.

CN rocks – it was fun to have that to look forward to all week, and know it is coming again this weekend.

Day After CN rocked (at least this time) – no cravings, no unusual hunger.

Weight loss after CN? Verdict still out. Stay tuned!




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