in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Finally Friday

And BOY do I need it.

Unfortunately, it’s a craaaaazy busy weekend, birthday slumber party tonight for Oldest, three separate events on Saturday not counting groceries and misc chores (which are rampant since I was out of town last weekend), and church Sunday. But what I desperately need is some rest.

So a few updates:

I like this new goal very much. It feels both reachable but tough–keep at 2 lbs a week or more and I will hit it, don’t have to drop 4-5 per week (as I have sometimes done) but can’t afford to totally slack either. Don’t have to be utterly perfect, but can’t be sloppy either. And I really REALLY like the idea of 273 by June 9.

I did a sneak peak this morning: down to 295.8 (another 3 lbs) so I should have no problem hitting my “two more” goal for this week, come Tuesday. Rather than adjust my goal date (as I would have done in the past), I’m looking at anything over 2 lbs as “in the bank” for an inevitably slow week between now and goal.

I am going to take a look (this weekend if it isn’t too crazy, next week if it is) at getting the stones to move back and forth, as per wildflowerz plan. I thought it was cute but really didn’t think I could cope with waiting to move over when I had less than a five pound loss (which is the way I have seen it done)–wildflowerz mod (in case you missed the comments) is to make each stone you move equal to .2 of a lb. I like that a LOT!

I know I said this, but I need some rest. I am starting to really feel fried and sleepy all the time, and that does not make for good decisions OR for good weight loss.

Exercise: I am going to do the same thing with exercise that I have done with the weight loss goal. Create a reasonable, reachable, but tough goal. More on this after I ponder it this weekend.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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