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Goalz, Part Deux

Thanks for the feedback, on and off blog.

To amplify what I said in my comment back to wildflowerz, I am really trying to figure out whether I want to make 125 my “big” goal or change it.

Why does it matter, you may ask?

Well, because I am giving myself goal dates for the first time EVAR, and to do that, I have to have a GOAL, then divide into fourths, and viola, a goal date based on 1 or 2 lbs per week. Make sense?

So I started with the somewhat arbitrary goal of 125 – my smallest, at which I was extremely tiny (even though I am only 5’1 or so) and wore a 4 dress (or a 6-8 jean, thank you hips).

But I got to thinking: I honestly don’t care about 125. Why not set a different goal as my (temporary) end goal, then choose another end goal?

Here’s what I am thinking: to move from “severely obese” to “obese” on the BMI chart, I have to go to 192. That’s a non-arbitrary number for me, below 200 (which is important) and far enough away to feel like an end goal.

That would mean a loss (from starting at 300) of 108 lbs. Divided into 4ths, that’s 27 lbs each. That also seems nonrandom and doable.

That would be 25% to goal at 273.

That would be 50% to goal at 246.

That would be 75% to goal at 219.

And goal at 192.


If I put that into TargetWeight, I get the following dates (at 2 lbs per week):

That would be 25% to goal at 273, on or before June 17, 2013.

That would be 50% to goal at 246, on or before September 20, 2013.

That would be 75% to goal at 219, on or before December 23, 2013.

And goal at 192, on or before March 25, 2014.


Things I like about the timing/numbers:

I’d get to 273 before my big summer trip in July, and 273 is lower than I have been.

I’d get to 246, which is below the 250 mark, around my birthday. (In fact, I am hoping that I hit the first goal fast enough that I can readjust and make the 50% mark “due” on my birthday.)

I’d get to the 219 goal, which by coincidence is just below weight pre-pregnancy with Thing 1, right at the end of the year – Christmas Eve, almost!

I’d get to the next phase by this time next year.


So I think, for now, that’s it! Plugging in that first 25% goal into my TargetWeight and going all out for it.


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