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Goals? Help NEEDED!

Seeing as how I am really grooving with having a goal “date,” I really stopped to think about this goal thing. Because, you know, I don’t care that much about 125 lbs. Maybe I will, when I get lower, but that doesn’t really rock my world.

So I have decided to do a new goal, a “real” goal – a real, I know I can get there, it would be awesome goal– and then breaking THAT up into quarters. Because truth? I don’t need to get to 125 to feel like I am THERE, man. I may want to get there when I get to the first goal, but a lot of my goals would be accomplished before (dare I say “long before”?) 125.

I have NOT decided what that real number should be, though. This is your chance! Help me decide!

I’ve thought about 150.

I’ve thought about 199.

I’ve even thought about 226 (pre-baby) because this will almost certainly not be THE goal, regardless, so why not make it easier?

But I am open to suggestions.

What do you think?


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  1. I’m a fan of lots of different goals. Personally, I try not to think too hard about the end goal, especially when I’m at the beginning because it seems SO FAR. For instance, I tried that visual with the colored stones in the 2 jars of pounds to go and pounds lost. I first put all the stones “to go” to get to my goal and it was SO disheartening. I left it that way for maybe a week before I switched it up. I did have one stone per pound, but I changed it to a stone was .2lbs. That made what I’d lost look a lot bigger. Then I made the “to lose” jar only the stones needed for my next increment of 5lbs. I helps me to focus just on that number. I KNOW what the other numbers are, but I don’t think about them too much until I get close. I have my 10% numbers written at the top of my WW weigh in book, so I see it maybe once a week. The end goal, I know, but I don’t focus on too much. I’d go ahead and keep an end goal of what you want. Then, pick a mid goal that’s a challenge, but not crazy. Once you meat that one, you can do another mid goal until you get to the end. Then, focus on the short term goals. 5lbs is a whole lot easier to wrap your head around than 174 (if I did the math right and you pick the 125). Just my $.02. XD

    • Thanks for replying!

      I definitely agree that other short-term goals are a great idea. I have always had a lot of intermediate goals. I guess what I am debating here is whether the final goal is what I really need it to be — whether I want to change that in the goal from something like 125 to something like 150 – at least for now. If I got to 150 and saw that 125 would be better, it would obviously be a relatively short leap to decide to lose another 25 pounds.

      It is more pure psychology for me, wondering whether telling myself I am quarter of the way to where I know I will be able to be relatively active, etc., ( Versus halfway or a quarter of the way to some ideal number) would be helpful or not?

      I remember you talking about the stones, BTW, but I don’t think I realized you switch them to .2 pounds each. That is pretty clever! That way you can almost always move one over. How helpful do you think that visual was?

      Julie Keeton Bracker Bothwell Bracker PC

      • WP dropped the ball and didn’t let me know you’d replied to me, so I didn’t realize until your current post! 😛 I like the visual. I have it in my kitchen, near the stove, so I see it when I’m cooking dinner and when I putting away dishes. I can even see it when I’m sitting right here on the couch with my computer! I like that now the “gone” jar is super full. I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit the rest of the stones in it if I keep it at .2 for each one! I also totally make a big production of moving the stones every week and I make sure that Chris is around. It’s silly, especially since I text him after I get my results every Friday, but still. 😛

        For the end goal, I guess my point is just that I never paid all that much attention to it. I mean, sure I mentioned it from time to time, but it just hasn’t really been my focus so much. Though now that it’s getting closer, I’m thinking a bit more about it! Anyway, I really just took what the doctor said would be a good weight for me and went with that. I always figured that I’d get there and see how it felt and decide. My intermediate goals, I just took from WW and did 10% at a time of what I weighed when I started. So the mid goals never depended on the end goal. Ya know?

      • I like the jar idea. 🙂 Going to have to go review your write up about where purchased and so forth.

        Yes, it’s building the intermediate goals that is creating the issue. I wasn’t enthralled with 10%, I don’t know why. It was both too big (33 lbs almost when I started) and too small (“all that and only 10%!”).

        Did you see what I chose? Thoughts?

        Julie Keeton Bracker Bothwell Bracker PC

      • Ha, it’s easiest to just ask! I got them at either Michael’s or Joann’s.

        I think as far as goals go, you’ve just got to pick what feels right for you. My personal feeling is that if you’re calling it a final goal, it should be what you think you want to be at when you’re done. If it’s a weight that you’re going to get to and then choose another, lower goal, then it’s not your end goal, it’s a mid goal. You can have all types of mid goals…it doesn’t just have to be “all 10%s of your current,” or “all a quarter of your total” or whatever. It can be all of those. Celebrate every success! 🙂

      • Ha, I figured if I asked, you would (with good reason) say, I wrote it all out, dingbat! 🙂

        I am thinking of this as an intermediate-end goal. 🙂 As in, it will be the end of something (Phase I of 2, or 3, or what, I don’t know yet). I did that (sort of, unintentionally) last time-I started aiming for 50 lbs minimum for the year, then that became a “goal” and I stopped feeling the press to go more. Strange, yes, stupid, perhaps, but nevertheless truth. So I am going to harness that better this time: the “end” goal for now is 192.

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